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ZetaTalk: Photon Belt
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding the issue of avoiding the cataclysms. This is often brought up in channeled work. Change your ways, repent, and the future will be different. Catastrophe will be avoided. It's up to you. Is this incorrect? Yes and no. Let us explain.

The Earth, at close to 5 billion people, is approximately 25% Service-to-Other orientation, 7% Service-to- Self orientation, and 68% undecided. These percentages move about a bit. For the Earth to move into 4th Density, the greater part of the populace must be Service-to-Other. We are not talking 51% here, but closer to 89%. During a gradual transformation, this is accomplished by replacement during natural death and birth. The entities incarnating are Service-to-Other, and at a certain point, the planet is ready. Because the Earth undergoes cataclysms, pole shifts, this is taken into consideration by the administrators of your section of the Universe. The Transformation will occur more rapidly.

So why would it be said that the cataclysm can be avoided by behavior changes among humans? If the Earth were to achieve approximately 89% Service-to-Other orientation, prior to the cataclysm, the Earth would move into 4th Density prior to the reappearance of the giant red comet, the 12th Planet. In 4th Density, the giant comet does not have the magnetic pull that it does in 3rd Density. The effects are lessened, though the general occurrences are the same. Where traumatic, the earthquakes are no greater than experienced today, and the tidal waves no greater than what would be experienced during a hurricane. The reason for the lessened effect is the lighter density. Greater mass has greater gravitational pull.

Some of our brothers, the Pleiadeans and Sirians, have stated that the Earth will enter a Photon Belt soon, at an indeterminate time in the future. Why would this time be indeterminate? Do they not know the location of the Photon Belt, the rate of movement? This time is given as indeterminate because entry into the Photon Belt is not determined by the measurable movements of the planets and the motions of the galaxies. The entry into the Photon Belt is determined by the indeterminate behavior and decisions of humanity. Should the orientation of the Earth progress fast enough, so that the Earth would enter 4th Density, then the Photon Belt would be experienced. As it is, the entry into 4th Density is not expected for some years after the cataclysms, and the Photon Belt effects will be taken into consideration at that time.

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