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A violent pole shift there would also be violent electromagnetic storms and pulses, which we know as these are a well known components of nuclear explosions. It is known that these pulses destroy transistor based devices (i.e. chips in radios and computers ) but not valve based devices. Electromagnetic pulses create surges that would overload and short out chips. Valves by comparison react very slowly to pulses and are much less likely to be affected if at all. A simple transmitter built from valves should be a must. I built a one valve 60 meter transmitter for about $20 in 1986. It would not cost anymore today and virtually any one could build one. A frequency in the VHF range would be best. Being of a valve type will ensure it will survive serious electromagnetic spikes. These spikes would also affect computers, which certainly would have to be off line during that time to protect them.

Authored by Darryl.