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From: Selecting A Generator

Common Portable Generator Features

Feature: Circuit breaker protected.
Benefit: Protects generator, tools and appliances from damaging overloads.

Feature: AC/DC simultaneous power.
Benefit: Run load and charge DC battery at the same time.

Feature: Panel mounted outlets.
Benefit: Allows easy access to receptacles.

Feature: Full capacity outlet.
Benefit: Capable of takig full load from one outlet.

Feature: Full protective cradle.
Benefit: Heavy-duty steel cradle protects engine and generator for safe and trouble-free transport.

Feature: Anti-vibration system.
Benefit: Generator runs smoother.

Feature: Battery charging.
Benefit: Convenient to charge batteries.

Feature: Spark arrest mufflers.
Benefit: Meets U.S.D.A. forest standards for safe operation in parks and campgrounds. Quiet operation.

Feature: Large gas tanks.
Benefit: Allows long periods of use without stopping to refuel.

Feature: Low oil shutdown.
Benefit: Prevents engine damage by shutting down engine if oil drops below safety level.

Feature: Idle control.
Benefit: Cuts engine RPM's in half when generator is not running a load. Reduces noise level and Gasoline consumption; extends engine life.

Feature: Electronic ignition.
Benefit: Eliminates troublesome breaker points and reduces maintenance.

Feature: Electric start.
Benefit: One touch on/off control.

Feature: Industrial/commercial engines.
Benefit: Tough cast-iron sleeve for longer life.

Feature: Wheel Kit.
Benefit: Assembly attaches to generator for easy transport.

Feature: Lifting eye.
Benefit: Provides strength and stability for lifting unit.

Words of Wisdom: In the nearly twenty years I have been selling generators, I have never seen anyone on their own purchase a generator correctly! Without exception, everyone wants to pay the least and get the most. This is one tool category where six months after the purchase is made the customer invariably wishes they would have bought a larger unit. The rule of thumb to become a happy generator owner is to spend it now, not later! Follow the Generator Selector Guide above and you'll be thankful.