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Wind or Water

I am thinking one could create one’s own power grid by hooking a number of these type of units together, powered by wind and water.

Offered by Mike.

I have done it for hydro turbines, which is easier. There is a very good book by Nigel Smith available from Pico Trubine which explains how to use induction motors for pelton turbines. It works well for me. I do not find that induction generators work quite so well when feeding rectifiers for some reason, so they have been disappointing for battery charging. But they do work and they are cheap. I have not used them for windpower because I do not like gearing up for speed, and because windpower varies so much.

I agree that hydropower is a better fit for induction motors as AC generators.

Offered by Mike.

Connect AC-capacitors between the phases and the motor (induction generator) acts like a generator. It starts generating at about half the rpm at which it is rated as a motor. The more capacity you add, the sooner it starts. You will discover that when operated as a wind turbine generator, you will have to reduce capacity as wind increases to get the most out of it. So, you either go for an average setting or make a controller that can switch between capacitors.
Claus, Denmark