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Steady and Sturdy

The subject of how to reliably obtain the electrical energy to power enough lights to grow enough hydroponic food to sustain a small community has haunted me for over a year. The requirements for such a energy system is formidable; first, it has to be able to provide enough continuous energy under various and changing conditions. Second, it has to be able to survive the pole shift without damage.

The only system that I know of that meets both of these requirements is a steam engine. The engine's construction alone could withstand unimaginable jolting - it's practically solid steal! The boiler is almost as sturdy. The interconnections between boiler, engine, and condenser (return steam to water for recycling), however, would be the weak link.

If the components were cached away until after the pole shift violent shocks subsided, the system could be readily assembled and immediately put to use, regardless of the violent winds and smaller quakes. I'm not thinking here of a turbine type engine with superheated steam; but the old piston type of engine used by such things as the old steam driven train engine. Fuel would come from downed trees and/or coal deposits if they are in the area. Such a device would be serviceable anywhere there is enough fuel of this type and would remain operational for scores of years with minimum maintenance - mainly just keeping the moving parts greased or oiled.

Jade Mountain has several boilers listed.

The 10 HP Independence$5,700
Horizontal Underfired Boiler$4,850

Quite an expense, but at just over $10,000, would probably be a best bet.

Offered by Ron.