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There has been a lot of effort to use methane in the third world. There was a documentery I saw about its use once. One way to store the gas and under pressure too is to use a large inner tube. get a barral, fill it 2/3 full of muck, cover with water and seal with barral lid. Put a big rock on the lid to stop it from being forced off. Put a hole in the lid that has a hose affixed to it. have the hoze go to a tire valve that can screw into the inner tube. Do not over fill the inner tube. Fire is very bad if it is near something like a full inner tube of methane. A farmer told me about the following but I have not tried it:

"You can forgo the storage and use a pressured methane digestor and just run the gas out of it for lighting and cooking, but just keep replacing the muck as it gets digested. the digested muck is excelent firtilizer as it is not going to burn your crops like 'green' manure would."

Try an excite search on "methane digestor" and say "India" that might bring up something on a human scale.

Offered by Gus.

I've seen a couple of systems actually in use by the "self sufficient crowd" that use both animal, human, and vegetable waste in a system to capture methane gas for use with a regular kitchen stove (the jets need to have smaller holes).

Offered by Ron.

I understand that Asian countries have developed the technology of capturing composting waste gasses and using them for cooking, etc. This looks like one of the most useful ideas, yet, for acquiring energy by natural means after the pole shift. I think China has a standardized method of running a gas line from the "latrine site" to the house, where it's hooked up to the cooking stove.

Offered by Granville.