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Subject: Re: Vehicle Propane
From: Craig Severson <>
Date: 1998/04/03
Message-ID: <6g337m$268$> wrote:
> In a large survival farm setting where methane is produced from manure
> is the farmer not putting the manure on his fields. Or is there so much
> manure produced the farmer can both fertilize his fields and produce
> methane. I would think this system would work well for dairy farmers
> who have high electricity demands and tons of manure. Has anyone done a
> study to find out how much manure it actually takes to produce one lb.
> of liquidfied methane.
> It wasn't a pig farm was it Dave. Oh no. If it was I think I'll
> just look for dried cow plops and burn them like the Indians did. What
> were they called buffalo chips.

There is a very large dairy farm in Michigan which runs all the cattle waste through a methane digestor and this is used to power a couple of large generators. Methane is used to generate all of their electricity plus there is electricity being sold to the power company.

After the bacterial action is completed the waste is still used for fertilizer.


There is a resource on the web on methane generation from livestock waste.

Offered by Mike.