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Collection Cost

Do not rely upon the production of human methane to heat your entire house, water, power, etc. It should be only a back-up system. You must install a valve and gauge to monitor the pressure in the sewage collection tank. If at any time it gets too high you'll have to burn it off, so make a big dinner that evening or jump start that wood stove on a cool autumn night. Use standard gas lines as you might for natural gas throughout the home, use smaller lines to connect to fixtures and appliances, etc. (The one thing for which I only have an estimate is the amount of gas the average piece of poop will generate. Based on the number of times and duration of each "gaseous exchange" I have emitted on those days of intense activity - usually after baked beans or a varied diet the day before - I estimate about 3 cu. ft. per 4 oz. piece in about an hour.

Offered by Steven.