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I don't have natural gas now. I use LP Gas. You can store LP Gas for a long time without deterioration, unlike Diesel or Gasoline, you know. But, there is methane, homemade natural gas. Some manure and water, bacteria (anaerobic) in a tank, and stabile warm temperature and it grows. Put a propane regulator on it and a propane carburetor on your engine. Think about it. If you are building a large group type shelter then it would be feasible and probably necessary to do something like that. I believe the Gas pipeline will be down shortly after the grid, if not before, during the pole shift.

Offered by Darrell.

How to add manure and water to the tank occasionally, on a continuing basis, without letting in oxygen? If oxygen gets into the tank, then one back fire through the carburetor back to the tank and boom no more methane production facility. My thoughts are, possibly a low pressure compressor with pop-off valve on the carburetor side. A one way valve between the compressor and the methane production tank. One could also build the top of the manure holding tank as a big pop-off valve with spring loaded lid so that if it exploded, the force would be safely vented upward and the lid would then close.

Offered by Mike.

In a homemade Methane gas producer tank you can use a large plastic tank (500 gals.+) of the type sold at farm supply stores. Use a trash pump to add stuff at the bottom port. You would drain off X number of gallons, then pump X number of gallons back in through the bottom port with the trash pump. You also need to pump the air out of the top of the tank (I imagine you would only fill it 2/3 full or 3/4 full). Where the gas comes out of the tank where it is produced you need a flashback safety trap. Construct one using a gallon glass bottle (or something similar like an ammo can would work) filling the bottle about 1/2 to 2/3 full of water with anti-freeze mixed in perhaps, then put in a sealed cork with 2 pipes coming in. The pipe from the tank will exit under water and the pipe going to the storage tank will be above the water so the gas bubbles up and then leaves. Any ignition will stop at the water.

Offered by Darrell.