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According to an article I read, Kudzu vine would be an excellent source of organic material for a methane gas disgester. It grows at a rate of 1 1/2 feet a day in the summer and produces 5 cubic feet of gas for each cubic foot of kudzu according to B.C. Wolverton, retired NASA biochemist. I read the article in a 1980 issue of Entrepreneur magazine I saved. The idea was to produce methane for a small scale commercial venture. B.C. Wolverton was mentioned in the article and Wolverton Environmental Services and can be found on the net. I am interested in alternative energy sources for personal use and would probably grow a "patch of kudzu" and batch load three or four tanks with the trimmings. I would use a staggered loading schedule to produce a continuous supply of methane. If you are interested in an easy to use building material that withstands some seismic loading, you might want to look at "PWF" (permanent wood foundation). Information about PWF is plentiful on the net.

Offered by Gerry.