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Blood and Bone

Blood and bone meal work very well, but they do not supply potash. Add wood ashes to your mix or gypsum pellets. I posted my fertilizer mix previously, but in case anyone missed it here it is again:

This is to be spread over 100 square feet and mixed into the top one or two inches of dirt. This mix is organic and will not burn plants so it could conceivably be spread around existing plants without fear of over saturating the soil.

Offered by Roger.

How to get calcium and phosphate from bones. Take bones. Put them in bubbling vats of hydrochloric acid. Let the bone percolate for a week to remove calcium an phosphate minerals which can be used as feed and fertilizer. Soak in a murky lime solution for about 8 weeks, where it liquefies. Put the liquid through water tanks and filters transforming it into a syrupy state before it is cooled like Jello in the refrigerator. Male bones are better than female. Young is better than old. Long is better than short. Dry is better than wet. The above information is courtesy of Kodak of all people. This is an essential component for good film.

Offered by John.