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I think the best idea so far is to plan to compost all the plant waste and plan for a means to utilize human waste. If we acquire the needed minerals via multi-vitamins then any excess minerals we consume will be present in our waste material. Returning this to the soil will allow for rebuilding of lost minerals in that soil and when the vitamins run out, we won't need them anymore.

All life is dependent on these minerals, etc. and they are used throughout the entire organism. If you only consume a portion of the organism, then put the rest of it back into your soil. The minerals and such that are present in this remaining portion will then be decomposed and available for the next organism you grow from this soil.

Except for those areas where certain minerals and trace elements are not in natural occurence, minerals and trace elements will naturally replenish themselves. This is done by erosion and breakdown of rock in the subsoil.

Offered by Roger.