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Home Made

To build a sturdy rotating drum rock crusher, put some ribs inside the pipe parallel to the direction of the rotating shaft. Weld them on like a small version of a clothes dryer tub ribs. The size of the drum could be bigger if a pipe or cylindrical steel air tank is available. Actually the rotating drum could just as well be square or some other symmetrical shape. Add steel balls that fall and break up the rock. I think any
chunk of iron would work. Big nuts and bolts or whatever. The idea is to cause the stuff to fall a distance every so often. Actually a old clothes dryer would work for a while. The drum might get beat up and worn out much more quickly than making your own before hand, however. An electric cement mixer would work better than a clothes dryer if one is available.

This type of rock crusher I believe to be a less efficient use of power than the professionally built ones as described by Pennsylvania Crusher Co. However, in a pinch would work. We must not forget the simplest rock crusher of all is the hammer or sledge hammer or the dropped heavy weight (rope over pulley). Screen the results and break up what is still too big to go through the screen.

Offered by Mike.