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Human Manure

I can highly recommend The Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins as a guide to composting human manure. It can be summarised by the bio-regenerative cycle:

Grow Food --> Eat Food --> Excrete --> Compost --> Grow Food --> . . .etc. 

The heat of the bioreaction in the compost kills any pathogens and "is the missing link in the human nutrient recycling process", according to Jenkins. So our shite is not something we will be flushing down the toilet to pollute our drinking water in the future and will be fundamental in maintaining the health and productivity of our gardens. To be sure, water will be a commodity that we won't be wanting to waste so easily. Wondering about the sort of composting toilet you'll need? Well the simplest system is a two bucket system. One bucket has sawdust in it, the other contains your "business". After doing the business, pick up the sawdust bucket and cover your excrement with sawdust. Apparently it is a one to one ratio of sawdust to poop. Obviously, when the poop bucket is full, put it on the compost heap.

Offered by Gino.