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icon Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is the leaking of blood from blood vessels into spaces in the body. In fact, bruises are the result of capillary bleeding. Bruises occur in the skin and are not serious. However, deeper bleeding which involve arteries and veins can result in severe blood loss which can result in shock. Internal bleeding are caused by injuries cause by a violent blunt force such as being thrown against an object. They are also caused by a sharp objects (i.e., broken bone fragments) damaging internal organs and blood vessels. Rule of thumb: in any serious injury always suspect internal bleeding. Signs and symptoms of internal bleeding are less obvious than that of external bleeding. In fact, an injured person may appear "normal" at first. However, the following will help you recognize internal bleeding:

Care for internal bleeding depends on the severity and site of the bleeding. In the absence of medical care, there is little you can do little to control serious internal bleeding. The best you can do is to help the victim be as comfortable as possible such as putting him/her in the most comfortable position. Keep him/her from getting chilled or overheated. Provide reassurance.

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