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The late herbalist and author John Christopher always carried a pocketful of cayenne pepper capsules and saved the lives of many people who had a sudden heart attack in his presence. Just open the capsules and dump the cayenne under the tongue. Author Dick Quinn, having failed to recover from a Quadruple Bypass operation and told by his doctors that nothing could save him, managed to prolong his life 17 years by the regular ingestion of cayenne pepper. I carry cayenne capsules with me all the time. Never know when you might be able to save a life.

Offered by Ed

Carry a tincture of cayenne pepper and give yourself a bunch of squirts into the mouth. Dr. Schulze has saved many from heart damage by this technology, as this story taken from Herbal Therapy for Serious Illness Issue#1 (1997) A Health Newsletter by Sam Biser, relates.

Offered by Mike.

Schulze: I was once waiting for a patient, a man in his 50's who had a previous heart attack, and who was just beginning my programs. He was late, so I asked my secretary to see if he had arrived. His car was parked in the driveway and it looked as if he was sleeping in it. When she went out to wake him up and bring him in, she became hysterical. She came running in and told me he was dead. I ran out to the car and he was beyond blue, he was slate-grey, cold, and did look dead. I saw no breathing and felt no pulse. I put 12 whole dropperfulls of cayenne tincture into the mouth of this literally dead man.

Biser: Isn't that way too much? Couldn't that hurt him?

Schulze: Who Cares if the man has a sore throat for a week afterward? If you don't do something in seconds, then he's definitely dead.

Biser: So what happened?

Schulze: His face began to turn red - before I even started CPR, and we revived him in seconds. The paramedics took him to the hospital, and later I talked with the emergency room physician. He said that he had rarely seen a person who was so far gone, survive. And, he had never seen a person that bad, who had literally no heart damage. I think this can also be attributed to the fact that this man had been taking hawthorn berry concentrates, for months before he ever came to see me. Hawthorn is a known heart protectant.

Here's my point on this whole case: I gave this man 360 drops (30-40 drops per dropperful) of cayenne tincture. This is a dose no one would dream of. Everyone else wimps around with a couple of dropperfuls - and to tell you the truth, they wouldn't even know to use it at all in this situation. Secondly, this wasn't ordinary cayenne tincture. This was tincture so powerful it makes the stuff you can buy at healthfood stores and herbs suppliers look like colored water.

Mexican Habaneros between 250,000 and 300,000 Scoville Units. Compare that to the 40,000 Heat units that herbal companies sell you. Add enough 40%-alcohol vodka to just cover these chopped and powdered peppers by about 1 inch. Use a blender to assist. Start on the new moon. Let it sit until the Full moon (minimum time), about 14 days, shaking it many times each day. On the Full moon, strain it off through a clean old tee shirt, pressing and straining real tight. Wash your hands well. The cayenne stays on your hand, so wash your hands three times. I let almost all of my tinctures sit for three full months before I strain them.