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You can get organic Powdered Habanero about $20/lb from Pacific Botanicals phone 541-479-7777 or Organic Cayenne Pepper from Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop 800-453-1406.

For those who want a small cheap defense against a potential attacker. The following would work before or after the pole shift. Consider carrying a closed container of Habanero powder. Closed so as to not absorb water. If this powder is successfully thrown in the eyes of an attacker, you could have time to get away. This powder was used by ancient martial artist. If you plan to use this don't miss - you get only one chance. Takes up less room than pepper spray.

By the way pepper spray is just concentrated water tincture (or tea) of habanero. This can easily be made by soaking some powder in water and straining it. One could dedicate a cheap $10-$15 small Hudson bug sprayer to having some of this in it at all times around the house. “Just doing some gardening”, if anyone asks why you carried it to the door when the stranger knocked. Before the pole shift one would need to be aware of and follow the local laws with respect to it's use.

Offered by Mike.