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One of natures best remedies for cuts (even deep punctures) is believe it or not Cayenne Pepper. This wonderful plant can be grown and therefore no "factory" will be necessary. To use - apply liberally on wound. The wound will form a scab and heal much quicker than with even sutures and with no scarring. Please check out the book A Layman's Guide: Curing with Cayenne by Sam Biser. You might have to call the following number to order 818-503-5980 (not sure it is readily available) I highly recommended for natural healing (and a renewable resource). From the book: Cayenne Pepper medicinal uses: Major benefit - Stops Bleeding (internal or external), Heart attack, stroke, or Shock, Dissolves clots. Minor Benefits - Reviving, Fainting, Dizziness, Weakness, Confusion. Here is an excerpt from the book for an internal use:

Once a child was shot in the abdomen; a bullet hit the spine, ricocheted, and made a second wound leaving the body. One of Dr. Christopher's herbal students living next door heard the shot and raced over. She knew that the parents were not home and that the children, ages eight and four, should not be shooting guns. When she arrived, the eight-year-old was gushing blood out of both his sides. They had been playing cops and robbers with their father's gun which she found under a pillow. She ran to the cabinet and mixed a tablespoonful of cayenne in a glass of water. She then poured it down the boy's throat and called the ambulance which was 18 miles away. By the time you could count to ten, cayenne will stop the bleeding. The emergency room attendant said that the boy would probably bleed to death, being that the distance was so great. The ambulance arrived and rushed the child to the Primary Children's Hospital, 18 miles away. When the child arrived at the hospital, he was the center of attention, not because his condition was so serious, but because he was chatting a mile a minute- and there was no bleeding.

You can experiment on your neighbors, but if I get shot, punctured, or am bleeding to death I hope someone nearby me has the sense to use this wondrous herb. Here is an excerpt from the book for an external use:

Dr. Christopher even used cayenne tincture directly on open wounds. It way sting, but the bleeding stops. Even if the wound is a deep cut exposing bone, that wound may still be filled with cayenne pepper. Many people, when they see the skin ruddied by cayenne, believe that the skin is irritated. But cayenne is a counter-irritant. Cayenne brings the blood to the surface to take away any toxic poisons and start the healing. The redness comes to the skin from the blood that has rushed to the surface to assist carrying off wastes.

Dr. Christopher was probably one of the greatest and most successful herbalist of our time. You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to study. There aren't going to be any 911 or doctors available. You need to be able to save yourself and your loved ones.

Offered by Carol.

There are two ways of using cayenne - externally and internally. I have personally used cayenne on a cut to stop it from bleeding. It sounds strange, but it doesn't sting at all. You would think that a spicy condiment would burn like hell if you put in on a cut, but it doesn't. And it does stop the bleeding fast.

Offered by Michael.