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Moving North
on July 13
GLP Message Board

After June 21 the Sun was supposed to slowly start rising and setting a litle towards the South each day. Why is it still moving North?

I noticed on my drive to work this morning, it does seem further North.

The Sunrise is still moving North now, very odd.

Where I live in Kingston, Ontario the sun has moved a few degrees North as well. I get up and measure the sun every single clear day.

This is important and needs to be watched. The Sun is not receeding to the South after June 21 as expected.

Hey just an observation but the Sun is moving to the North still. How in the hell can this be explained away?

I live in England and I too noticed the sun is not moving South yet. It appears to be moving North by a bit more.

I live in the middle of NH on the east coast of the good ol USA. I have a window on my second floor of my house that faces NNE and it has never had the Sun shine into it before this year. I´ve never had to pull down the shade on that particular window to keep the upstairs cooler before this year.

Why does the sun set so far North that I have evening shade on my deck for the first time in 4 years? No, the house/deck has not moved. No, the trees are very large and old and have not moved. It is a dramatic difference. We grill out nearly every night. Either the Sun or the Earth has entered a new position.

And moving more North every day. There was a telephone pole lined up with the rising Sun last week from my front porch, standing on the corner of it. Now the Sun is to the left of the pole by about 5 pole distances. The sun has moved North more from just last week.

The sun is moving North in Michigan. I am at a camp here and all the councellors were commenting on this around our night fire. Even the office staff here are looking and getting concerned.