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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Feb 3, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas comment on the push to "block out the sun" to counterbalance so called global warming that has been in the news this past week? Is this another attempt to mask the Planet X complex once it becomes visible to all? I understand that the Zetas cannot give specific information out so as not to arm debunkers, but how in the world does the establishment hope to explain the Earth leaning to the left and lying on its side and the sun rise in the wrong cardinal direction once this actually begins to occur? Do they honestly think that people will not notice? I know the Zetas cannot comment but I personally am fairly certain there will be somewhat of an extended period of significant Earth Changes signs that will be obvious to all and any excuses for the very obvious signs will not be credible. [and from another] Warming 'Likely' Man-Made, Unstoppable [Feb 1] The observed widespread warming of the atmosphere and ocean, together with ice-mass loss, support the conclusion that it is extremely unlikely that global climate change of the past 50 years can be explained without external forcing, and very likely that is not due to known natural causes alone. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - a group of hundreds of scientists and representatives of 113 governments.

We have mentioned that contrails lately have been to create a fog, to block out visibility of any anomolies around the Sun. They also continue to test wind direction, as there are still those planning to poison the populace to keep it from migrating, but the fog is the main push lately. The press to blame Global Warming, with scientists coming out en mass stating in a UN report that this is unquestionably the cause of the rising seas and erratic weather, shows the concern with keeping the public dumb. This was the primary cover excuse dreamed up decades ago, when the current times were envisioned. Other than increase the fog from planes, they cannot, obviously block out the Sun! Nor will any such push cover every view. Once again, the cover-up desperate, and losing!

Since here on Zetatalk many extremely important topics are discussed, can the Zetas comment on why there are not hundreds, if not thousands of questions posed each week? I assume that many government organizations, individuals, etc read ZT and I would expect many more questions to be posed as this is the most important forum for mankind just now it seems.

Nancy is aware of the extent of interest in new ZetaTalk by the various government agencies, who are often blocked from directly browsing her website. Private individuals make contact, often not concealing their identity or job. As long as the burning questions are being asked, most prefer to read, as most in the general public prefer to read at their leisure. This is the case for all forums, where the opportunity to ask is presented. Few ask, many listen.

Orange Snow with Rotten Smell in Omsk Region [Feb 2] It snowed orange in five districts of the Omsk Region Wednesday. The snow ranged from light yellow to orange shades. Moreover, the snow was covered with oil slicks and smelled rotten. The snow was sent to Omsk chemical laboratory. Experts have flown across the polluted districts and taken a few snow samples for tests. [and from another] [Feb 3] An official with the civil defence ministry in Omsk, said the snow had four times the normal levels of iron in it. Coloured snow had fallen in the neighbouring regions of Tomsk and Tyumen.

We have recently described the effects of the tail of Planet X as causing electro-magnetic changes in grid systems wafted by the tail, as the tail is composed of charged iron oxide dust particles, and causing illness in people having to inhale the gasses in the tail, causing symptoms such as vertigo and nausea and ringing ears and more frequent menstral periods. Of course, the effect is also having red dust land on patio furniture and cars, or causing blood red sunsets or a blood red Moon visible from Earth, or increased meteor and fireball activity, but the effect on Earth from tail wafting depends on what part of the tail is striking the Earth. We have mentioned that the oil found in underground chambers on Earth did not form, in the main, from rotting organic matter, but was dropped on the ground during prior passages. Oil is formed when the tail passes over open volcanoes. If cracking under high heat breaks oil molecules, heat also forms them, as heat makes the molecules fluid. The tail holds petrochemical elements, gathered from the many life bearing planets in the Asteroid Belt that were pelted to pieces during prior passages of Planet X. An oily mist sprayed into the air will coat anything it comes in contact with, and this same simple fact affected the organic molecules floating in space as the tail swept through. Thus the oily film on the Russian snow, and likewise the musty smell. When this organic matter drops to the ground, along with the dust particles it has been coating, it is open to oxygen and exposed to bacteria which then cause decomposition. Thus, the smell of rot!

I will show that in the event of a "halted orbit" the days would automatically be shorter (by 4 minutes).

This was explained but apparently you didn't understand. Yes, the day is normally short but high noon arrives because the Earth is traveling in her orbit. If not in her orbit, without an adjustment to the rate or rotation, Earth would find herself facing outward into the dark at high noon in 6 months. As we stated last week and other times before, this 4 minutes is not being shorted now that the Earth is halted in her orbit. The Earth is moving a tad faster each day, to sync her noon positions to be facing the Sun. She is clicking to things in the Sun which attract things in the Earth, which is why her daily rotation has been so very very steady. It is not Newton's theory about motion, once started not degrading, a silly notion when one thinks about it.

If Earth's rotation were altered by some 4 minutes a day, the placement of the stars in the sky would be off by an equal amount each day. The Moon's rise and set times would be altered by the same amount. Within 6 months these events would be off by some 12 hours!

What makes the Moon orbit every 28 days, around the Earth, making almost precisely 13 such turns in an Earth year? The Moon does not have a liquid core, as does Earth, so its rotation is driving by fixed points on or within the frozen Moon. We have presented the reasons for the Earth's rotation as a dog chasing its tail, the motion of liquid magma, uneven in its nature, chasing places in the Universe while finding it cannot stop once it has come as close to these attractants as possible, as the motion drives it on. The Moon has no such variable. We have described the rotation of the Earth, so precisely to the second each day, as driven in the main by an attraction to points in the Sun, so those parts of the Earth are trying to face the Sun each day, only forced to part, eager lovers that they are, because of the motion of the Earth and the Sun itself. The Moon likewise is very regular, despite the erratic orbit which has the Moon swinging too far to the North between New and Full Moon and then too far to the South, lately, in response to the press from Planet X, particles flowing from Planet X that the Moon wishes to avoid. The Moon obviously has a lopsided composition, as the Face of the Moon is glued to the Earth, staring at it constantly, so those on Earth never see the drk sde of the Moon. This is interpreted by some as a rotation of the Moon, but it is not the Moon that is revolving, it is the Earth that revolves. The Moon is merely following along, glued as it is to particulars in the Earth. Were the Moon stationary, and not orbiting the Earth, it would not have a rotation. But just as the Sun has sweeping arms that propel all the planets in a counterclockwise direction around the Sun, just so the Earth has sweeping arms that propel the Moon in its direction around the Earth. Where this the only influence on the Moon, the Moon would indeed be on the wrong side of the Earth from its predicted orbit, and within 6 months time. But this is not the only influence. 13 times a year the Moon's dark side is facing outward into the Universe, in the same direction. 13 times a year the Moon is impelled from this position by the sweeping arms of the Earth, which push it along to go round the Earth until it can come back to face that same point in the Universe once again. In a stalled Earth orbit or a moving Earth orbit, these 13 times a year are clicking along, like clockwork. Where the Earth is sped up slightly, 4 minutes a day, so that at high noon it is facing the Sun, which it synchronizes to, the Moon does the opposite, slowing down slightly so it can synchronize to those points in the Universe it is attracted to. Orbits, and rotation, as we have often stated, are not controlled by Newton's laws, some motion remaining constant over the eons, they are dynamic and controlled by attraction and repulsion among the moving bodies and points beyond!

What can you tell me about the Upstate NY regions (we have been inundated with chemtrails and there have been numerous UFO sightings). I have had several sightings, one at very close range. Are these legit or are they built by our own gov't ? [and from another] UFO's seen over South Shore sky [Jan 27] The National Weather Service says nothing showed up on their radar at the time of the sighting and the Federal Aviation Administration didn't report anything unusual. The U.S. military conducted a missile defense test off of Kauai Friday evening but the test didn't begin until 7:20 pm. [and from another] I've just noticed that since last year, a lot of activity has died down in the UFO sightings in Wisconsin. I work at an airport at night so have a lot of time to just kind of gaze. Last year it was almost on a nightly basis, now there's not a thing.

Where UFO sightings in general are in response to the readiness of the populace for a more conscious Awakening, at times they are a signal. We have stated that these UFO blitzes are often accompanied by telepathic information, flooded to the populace. This concept, presented in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, does occur and has occurred in the past, in the knowledge of man. It is no secret that the St Lawrence Seaway is spreading, rumpling land all the way inland to the Black Hills. The Niagra substation has more than once been implicated in blackouts affecting vast areas, NYC and all the way back to Detroit. Ohio experiences tremors. All of these are indications that these areas would experience the jumble that stretch zones experience. You are being blitzed and informed, to prepare!

Can the Zeta's comment on the current angle of lean of Planet X away from the Sun? Why the much publicized warning of a major earthquake for the West Coast from the Canadian Geo-Physcial Survey?

The Earth is in an increasingly violent wobble, but it not yet in the lean to the left we have described as leading into the 3 days of darkness. The wobble was well documented in 2004 and into mid 2005 by Nancy and friends, and this general Figure 8 configuration still stands as the pattern. However, the switch points when the wobble changes direction are more violant. Another point of violence is the tugging on the Atlantic Rift and the tugging on the S Pole and the push against the N Pole. These points are pulled and pushed daily and as Planet X, the bully magnet, comes closer, the push and pull are stronger, more foreceful. All this means the plates of the world are jerked, more forcefully, and as the edges of these plates have been worn smooth over the preceeding months, they are free to move. Geologists nervously watching over the past few years, and told to keep their mouths shut and not alarm the public, are following their conscience instead!

What month has earth currently been pushed back in it's orbit to?

Earth is still in the October position, but edging close to the September position, in her orbit. This process slows as Planet X looms closer as Earth cannot escape the pincer, is not free to zip about as much as before. The pincer is tightening!

I'm also wondering if Planet X has moved closer to the 270 degree mark from 135 degree.

We reported recently that Planet X was at the 135 degree point, and it has not progressed past a degree or two beyond that. This is not a lineal process, as is it also lifting up to encounter the Ecliptic backwash, and fights at times in a virtual plateau. This does not mean it will not move rapidly at times, forcing an adjustment in Earth at the same time. These are matters we will not detail at present, as the establishment is to stay off kilter, true karma for the lack of knowledge they give the common man about what is coming.

On Monday it was reported the Hubble Telescope lost 2/3rds of its observation ability on the telescope's main camera due to power supply problems. Can the Zeta's expand upon this? [and from another] Hubble's main camera badly crippled [Jan 29] The Hubble Space Telescope's primary camera is offline, with some science capabilities likely lost for good, NASA officials said Monday. An electrical short in the backup system for Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys, or ACS, pushed the orbiting telescope into a protective "safe mode" over the weekend and prompted the formation of an Anomaly Investigation Board on Monday. Hubble's other instruments - the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, the Near Infrared Camera

NASA has been attempting to take the Hubble away from the public from the start. The public never did get a direct feed from the Hubble, though the taxpayer pays for it. All manner of manipulation was done to exclude information from the general public. Of course, this was done to avoid proof that alien space ships exist and Planet X was inbound, so the few images that were released were carefully scrutinized. Months ago, the Hubble was threatened by budget cuts, but an uproar arose and this tact was abandoned. Of course, with all the funds going to Iraq and private contractors and the oil industry, there was money for the Hubble. Now they have invented another excuse, a breakdown. The Hubble will be used exclusively to look not toward the Sun, where the corpus of Planet X is in line of sight, but to the side where the Moon swirls waft. The establishment is worried about serious debris incoming, and the safety of the ISS.

On Monday the San Francisco Chronicle reported that after visiting Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Nancy Pelosi is more certain that pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq is the answer to bringing stability to the region, while on the same day, the New York Times reported that President Bush signed an executive order "that each agency must have a regulatory policy office run by a political appointee." That sounds much like the former Soviet Union's political officer but with more power. I sense intense anxiety in the White House as it seems their actions are becoming more drastic and overt. This is an extremely naked display of power grabbing. It is obvious we are watching a showdown. Is this a ramp up to an attempt at marshal law?

We have mentioned, in the Iran Boondoggle writeup, that we anticipated Bush to attempt to invade and attack Iran, with the military declining his orders, and we also anticipated Bush to attempt to declare Martial Law, with the agencies ignoring him. He has ordered an attack on Iran dozens of times over the past few months, and such orders were deflected and thus ineffectual. Martial law is another such order he has attempted to execute, writing numerous executive orders to facilitate this. One such occasion was after the Congress turned Democratic, a plan evidenced by his stubborn refusal to even acknowledge that he would have to compromise where before he just ruled. How is it that an agency can simply refuse to follow and order? Just that, the order is not enacted. If he thinks that putting a layer of yes men into place will change anything, he is mistaken. But then, this President has not been known for his acumen.

There is a rumor that we invaded Iraq with a backup plan to start their new currency and make sure that it was almost worthless. Then the US buys the currency at the low rate then Iraq reveals their currency and we pay for the war and possibly the national debt too. This gives us control of most of the oil and a strong dollar (backed by Iraqi dinar). Is any of this true? And does our government have trillions of Iraqi dinar? [and from another] Abdullah Says Malaysia Has Shifted Reserves Away From Dollar [Jan 27] Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said his country has shifted some of its $82 billion of currency reserves away from the dollar and that potential foreign-exchange volatility may hurt exporters. Concern that lopsided trade flows between the U.S. and the rest of the world will weaken the dollar. The U.S. currency has dropped 6 percent against the euro in the past year. Kuwaiti Finance Minister Bader al-Humaidhi said on Jan. 24 that the third-largest Arab oil producer may abandon the dinar's peg against the dollar in favor of a basket.

Indeed, Iraq had switched to using something other than the dollar before the invasion, but this was not the primary reason for the invasion in 2003. It was oil greed, and wanting to be well placed in the oil fields going into what the Bush White House anticipated would be the time of passage, the pole shift. Immense wealth was stolen, but in Iraq and from US funds allocated to Iraq, the extent of this hardly known to the American public. The dollar is dropping because Bush is a poor manager, and has a reputation of driving anything he manages into the ground. The US economy has not been an exception. The dollar is dropping, which at first blush helps with the national debt, but as countries divest of the dollar and have no need to hold it in order to buy oil, the dollar will plummet. Oil producing countries such as Venezuela and Iran and Kuwait are turning away from the dollar, and thus will not have dollars they need to invest in bonds to shore up the US debt. It is then that inflation will run rampant, the US becomming a banana repulic, and panic set in.

It seems like there may have been some progress in the Libby Case this week. "Here at last is a smoking gun that shows Vice President Cheney together with some able helpers was the author, architect and instrument of the smear campaign designed to obscure the truth regarding the alleged imminent WMD threat." "Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the national security adviser in the Carter administration, delivered a scathing critique of the war in Iraq and warned that the Bush administration's policy was leading inevitably to a war with Iran, with incalculable consequences for US imperialism in the Middle East and internationally." Who knows how far this will go.

It has always been known that Cheney was behind the big push to out Plame, but what was lacking was witnesses to he being the architect of the plan. These witnesses are still missing. Libby himself is one who could implicate Cheney, but he is hoping to squeak out of the prosecution's grip so has held silent. All this may change if Libby sees himself going to jail!

Can the Zeta's tell us what is going on with Texas Gov 'ordering' the public to get daughters vaccinated? How can the public fight back and not give in to such demands?

The public is right to be alarmed over mandated vacinations. Is this the highest priority item this Governor is faced with? Certainly, it would seem prudent to allow parents to have their children vacinated when they anticipate the girls will become sexually active. This cancer producing virus is not contagious among children, and requires intercourse to be spread! Wouldn't a condom campaign cover more ground, eliminating unwanted pregnancies as well? So what's behind this move? Where the current vacines are not poisoned or dangerous, it is the trend that is alarming. Texas is seen as a migratory route for many unwanteds after the pole shift. It has a long border, already a wild place and difficult to police, and is anticipated to become an open land after the pole shift, with hordes pouring into the US from Central America. Such lawlessness involves sexual activity, rape, and forced prostitution of little girls and young women. Thus, this route of vacination is intended to spread disease, when the time comes. Such campaigns always require the cooperation of doctors who have conscience, and thus will hit roadblocks. Nevertheless, standing up to these attempts to use the public for the comfort of the elite should be done, as certainly such a revolt will not hurt.

The estimated age of the Earth is around 4-5 billion years old. Is this young, middle aged or old?

Planets do not have a life span like humans or animals do. How long does rock live? Even planets which at one time has molten cores continue to support life if their Sun is active. Thus, this is a nonsensical question.

Why are people born with certain birth defects, is it a pre-life acceptance into what disability you want to face or what abnormality you want to accept in the current incarnation?

Incarnations are planned based around the family setting and cultural setting, and do not include planning for an accident of birth. It is also a true statement that many incarnations are cut short due to infectious disease or a lightning bolt from the heavens or simply being run over by a car. It is an accident.

I see that they passed a law for Bush to be able to sexually torture individuals like putting their nuts in a vice or something in the name of terror, seen this on Prison Planet websight, so when do you see US troops pulling out of Iraq because some time ago you said the real Saddam will come back to power and this will shock the world, isn't this an impeachable offence to lie about someone's execution like that?

There is of course no lack of impeachable offenses, but the issue is what the Congress is trying to achieve, vs simply attacking Bush. They also do not want Cheney in power in this event, so would rather have both Bush and Cheney on the ropes, at once, so that Pelosi can sit in the Oval Office. Matters in this regard may seem to be moving slowly, but can happen suddenly, as much evidence has been gathered and the parties lining up on either side of the argument. This is a silent war, only aluded to now and then in the rumor mill, but is very real. Were we to answer the question about Iraq returning to the real Saddam, who is in Russia, we would be alerting the Bush administration, which would only increase heartache for those living in the US. Earth changes will be the determining factor, forcing troops to return home, before the situation in Iraq forces them to leave, but this will also come about soon enough and be the final blow. A sudden and universal evacuation from Iraq and its environs will occur! Trust us on this!

In 1994, John Smith headed the British Labour Party as they won a record-breaking, local election result, reinvigorating the Labour Party and the Labour movement in Britain. After the victory, Smith was widely expected to become a British Prime Minister. The morning following the Labour Party's victory, Smith died of a massive heart attack and Tony Blair assumed the Labour Party reigns. In the same year, the Republican "Contract With America" allegedly swept Republicans into control of the 104th Congress, setting the stage for passage of the Anti-Terrorist Act after the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995. All curious coincidences. Was John Smith's heart attack natural or artificially induced?

Absolutely induced. There are more assassinations than the public suspects. Heart attack is one of the easiest means, as a needle in the armpit is not obvious, lost in the folds, and the drugs used temporary. If Cheney were to be a target of assassination, this would certainly be the avenue. And Bush is not excempt either. He is known to be taking lipid medications, so the public would be told this was not unexpected, the Presidency being a stressful job. Are we saying that Bush and Cheney may be assassinated? This is certainly one the plans being plotted by those who want to set the government right. Public trials and detailing the many crimes that have been committed all avoided then!

I saw UFO film footage from Charlotte, NC on MSNBC this week. What is really going on here?

As we replied earlier in this chat, people are being warned. Those areas where there are UFO blitzes should listen to their subconscious, to see if a message was delivered. Florida and lands abutting are being dragged down. For some lands, there is a cracking point, where the rock is snapped so land to the South can drop, land to the North stay at it's level. This is often devastating to the surroundings, breaking roadways and bridges and water and gas mains and causing factories to explode. Be warned!

The media is really on about Bush invading Iran, especially CNN. They seem a little late as the Z's said he has already ordered attacks and was ignored. Any change in this situation or further update on the 'Iran Boondoggle'?

One way to prevent such an illegal attack is to publicize it. Bush denies, but everyone is looking closely. This helps those ignoring his orders to do the right thing, as they see the issue in discussion and called illegal.

Some time ago the Zetas gave a minor description of the Middle East's geology, stating there was a reason the oil had pooled in that region and then they said the Bushes were in for a surprise. Last Saturday, in describing river basins and fault lines, they said the Red Sea will widen. Looking at Google Earth, it appears the Sinai Peninsula could potentially become an island with the Gulf of Suez opening to the Mediterranean and the northern rift opening along the Gulf of Aquaba, through the Dead Sea, along the Jordan River valley, up into Lebanon and the Mediterranean. Perhaps twenty or thirty years ago scientists reported they discovered evidence that massive water fountains violently erupted from below the earth's surface at some time in its past. With all the fracturing that will occur and the enormous pressures brought to bear on aquifers and oil fields, it seems logical water will erupt like geysers in places and oil follow suit or drain through fractures into the rift. Can the Zetas comment on this?

If you examine the plate structure, the Arabian plate comes to a point in Iraq. As Africa rips open, doing a torque to it is turning clockwise somewhat, the Red Sea widens from the lower part to the upper. This allows the Arabian plate to likewise torque, the bottom turning clockwise to fill in the gap formed in the Red Sea. What happens to that point at the top? It grinds through the rock in central Iraq, pushing West to East. What do you suppose happens to the oil fields in its way? They are exposed, rupture. Oil fields are always afire, burning off excess gas, for safety sake. Such fires are not an assist when oil fields are rupturing and exploding into the air. It is a monstrous holocaust!

Could the Zetas comment on Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's orientation - is it STO or STS? How much does she know about Planet X?

Hillary is not a bad egg, but she is not a warrior for the truth either. She is a cooperative, deal making, and could not be counted upon to made decisions in the general welfare, thus.

China's Anti-Satellite Test: Worrisome Debris Cloud Circles Earth. [Feb 2] "The intentional destruction on Jan. 11 of China's Fengyun-1C weather satellite via an anti-satellite (ASAT) device launched by the Chinese has created a mess of fragments fluttering through space. The satellite's destruction is now being viewed as the most prolific and severe fragmentation in the course of five decades of space operations. Lobbed into space atop a ballistic missile, the ASAT destroyed the weather-watching satellite that had been orbiting Earth since May 10, 1999 [image]. The result was littering Earth orbit with hundreds upon hundreds of various sizes of shrapnel." Are they blowing this out of proportion? Is this being used as an excuse to hide the incoming Tail Debris?

Where the US and Russia have been littering space with debris for decades, for China to ask for equal billing brings an uproar. Where most of this bad PR is to try to limit China's entry into this realm, some of it is at attempt to confuse the issue of the increasing meteor or fireballs incidence. If Global Warming was the excuse for weather irregularities caused by the Earth wobble, space junk was the excuse to be used for increased meteor and fireballs.

On the skywatch forum, what is all this hype of comet McNaught, has Planet X pushed this comet closer to Earth for our viewing?

Comet McNaught is nothing but an ordinary comet, albeit a bright one. Recall that the Sun has seemed inordinately bright, white rather than yellow, since the arrival of Planet X and its vast dust tail in the inner solar system. This comet McNaught is traveling through and behind some of this dust, and thus adds to the scattered sunlight. Just more light in the sky.

Dick Cheney last week was interviewed and mentioned the possibility of nuclear attack in the US and how then it would wake up the American people to terroism. Is this a ploy to put it into the minds of the American public to instill fear and feed their agenda?

This has been their approach all along, just terror terror terror. They have no alternate plan, so keep singing the same song. But they have not been allowed to nuke cities, to create fake terrorism, as this has been blocked. But nonetheless, they keep singing the same song.

I'd like to ask about Russia. What's going on there? There is a new confrontation between Russia and the West, which seems to be a beginning of the new Cold War. What plans does Russian government have for the future? Many Russians and internet media tell about new war in Russia, war between Russia and NATO, which may soon take place. Is it true?

We have mentioned that the general tac that countries would take as the end times approached would be to look inward, as each would be overwhelmed with internal problems. The economic effect that erratic weather and the devastation that earthquakes and crop shortages have take their toll, and the citizenry becomes restless, demanding, and does not cooperate with the government. It is only in the US, where a grand plan to invade and control the oil fields of the Middle East was long ago set in motion, that plans to invade another are a factor. Even here, this plan is falling apart due to domestic restlessness and lack of economic stability, and will soon falter entirely. Russia has had an uneasy truce with Europe and the US, with much closer bonds with China, an old Communist ally. Russia has also had business interests in the Middle East, trading partners with Iraq and Iran, and is not happy that the US has parked itself in Iraq, obviously eyeing not only the oil fields of Iran and Saudi Arabia but the oil fields in Russia as well. They know the plan, laid long ago, was to conquer all oil fields of the world, just ahead of the pole shift, so Russia has guarded her borders by alliances with Iran and China and a firm grip on satellite countries being wooed by the US. But none of this is new, nor will any of the uneasy truces break into warfare, as each country is already dealing with unrest and economic woe among its citizenry. There may be posturing, warnings cast out to one another, but these countries are not planning war!