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ZetaTalk: Executive Orders
written July 21, 2007

Bush now declares that per his latest executive order, he can deprive individuals of their property in an unconstitutional manner if they are found to "be supporting terrorist activities" of the enemy in Iraq. This is obviously one more desperate, pathetic measure on his part to destroy the constitution and the county, which I assume will be ignored, hopefully? [and from another] President Bush signed an executive order on July 17, 2007, basically stating that if he determines that you might pose a risk to the government, the government can seize your house, car, bank account etc. This is the mark, not only of his insanity and ego, but it is the fundamental stance of a dictator. How does a person fight this sort of thing other than contacting your Congress persons who are doing nothing? What do the Zetas say about this executive order? How much longer are we going to have to tolerate Bush's insanity? The Democrats are not doing anything. Will Bush be impeached soon? It is obvious that he and his people are planning another terror attack. You have said they will not get away with it and I believe you. I believe that we are approaching the point of no return with Bush and his policies. If we do not stand up now, he will be dictator for life. [and from another] Old-line Republican Warns 'Something's in the Works' to Trigger a Police State [Jul 19] A new Executive Order allows the government to seize the assets of anyone who interferes with its Iraq policies. Unless Congress immediately impeaches Bush and Cheney, a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran. In the absence of a massive popular outcry, the only constraints on what's going to happen will come from the federal bureaucracy and perhaps the military. They may have had enough. They may not go along with it.

We have warned, almost on a weekly basis on the GLP live chats, that there is a confrontation building between the Bush White House and those in the government who know the White House to be a criminal enterprise, one that is also illicit due to voter fraud in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Fitzgerald has massive amounts of documented evidence that has already been presented to the Judicial system. There is a growing contingent in the Judicial system, the US military, the Congress, and the FBI who are of the opinion that the entire White House should be arrested. What holds them back? As we have repeatedly mentioned, they fear the reaction by the American public. They fear shock, dismay, debate and argument, rebellion, confusion, and a halted economy. Not having been prepared for such an announcement, the public is expected to be confused as to which leader to follow, and thus the entire nation put at odds with itself. Recent attempts at establishing martial law include the June 26, 2007 Emergency Action Notification attempt and the Rayburn Building shootout the year before. These are only a couple of examples known to the public, but hundreds have occurred behind the scenes. Bush has ordered the military to bomb and invade Iran, but his orders have been blocked and ignored. He has likewise ordered martial law many times and likewise been blocked and ignored.

Bush sees time running out on his administration, all the while the noose tightening. He is desperate to declare himself President for Life, via declaring martial law such that elections can be canceled. It's not for lack of attempts on his part that this has not been put before the American public. There are blocks on what the media can transmit during press conferences, delayed responses, so if he were to publicly announce martial law during a press conference there would be "technical difficulties", with the transmission stopped. Where it is assumed that the White House can dictate to the media what they print, in fact this is a one-sided road where they can only dictate what cannot be printed by claiming the material a national security issue. Any discussion of Planet X viewed in the skies is, for instance, considered a national security issue and forbidden. But they cannot dictate what the media is to print. They can only request. When the media gets contradictory statements from official sources on what not to print, they go on the safe side and print nothing. This stops Bush and Cheney from sending little notes to the media telling them to give front page coverage to a martial law announcement. This would be questioned. What kind of stature does a president have if he must use this route? A press conference where Bush might attempt an announcement would have the president's microphone go dead halfway into such a sentence, with some announcement about "electrical problems and the need to sweep the area for bombs" ending the press conference, with Bush escorted indoors under guard.

If the White House is being blocked to such an extent, what next? There is steady erosion of the White House stance by the press, questions about Bush's sanity made increasingly. There is also an increase in investigations into past criminal activity by Cheney, who could be charged by Fitzgerald almost instantly, putting him out of operation as a replacement president. The fall-back option is to have both Bush and Cheney, or one or the other, assassinated. These and many other options are being discussed daily by the contingent that knows the White House to be a criminal enterprise. We have mentioned that when the crimes are so huge, that it is difficult to broach the subject. Nixon merely was complicit in breaking and entering. Bush, Cheney and Rove stole national elections, and when this was known to many in the federal government, the government said nothing! Bush and Cheney started an illicit war, knowingly lying about the cause for war, a treasonous affair. Yet for years the Republican Congress ignored this and defended the criminals. 911 was surely not done by a group of Arabs with box cutters, the evidence on other insiders assisting them overwhelming, yet the Justice Department conducts no investigations. More difficult than explaining why Bush and Cheney must be removed will be explaining why nothing was done about it for years! Does one go into blackmail and pedophilia? Does one arrest everyone who knew and did nothing?

Impeachment proceedings are not brought for two reasons. One is that they would take months to complete, and there are enough Republicans in Congress to prevent success via this route. They would claim political motives for the charges, so all the dirty laundry would have to be aired to gain more votes, and this is something no one wants to do. Second, such proceedings might cause Bush or Cheney to act abruptly, and it is hoped that quietly blocking them will continue as the status quo. Thus the contingent that is blocking Bush and Cheney feels they must select out some criminal activity, but not reveal all. Just when this will happen, or if it will happen at all, is in the hands of man and could go in many directions. Blocking Bush and Cheney may occur all the way until the pole shift or the 2008 election puts new management in charge. Cheney may have a fatal heart attack, with someone more compliant to the rule of law placed into the VP position. Bush may simply give up, falter in the fight, and become an outright drunk, needing to be replaced. There are many options. A public arrest of the White House criminals is unlikely to happen unless the fight breaks out into the public view, which given the urgency Bush feels, just might happen!

White House Tells CIA To Resume Secret Prison Interrogation "Methods"
July 21, 2007
The White House said Friday that it had given the Central Intelligence Agency approval to resume its use of some severe interrogation methods for questioning terrorism suspects in secret prisons overseas. With the new authority, administration officials said the CIA. could proceed with an interrogation program that had been in limbo since the Supreme Court ruled last year that all prisoners in American captivity be treated in accordance with Geneva Convention prohibitions against humiliating and degrading treatment. The new list of techniques has been approved by the Justice Department as not violating the Geneva strictures, a step that Congress insisted on last October when it passed the Military Commissions Act, which formally authorized the CIA program.
Court Tells U.S. to Reveal Data on Detainees at Guantánamo
July 21, 2007
A three-judge panel of the federal appeals court in Washington unanimously rejected a government effort to limit the information it must turn over to the court and lawyers for the detainees.
Expanding Claim of Executive Authority, White House Official tells Paper Staff can't be Charged
July 20, 2007
Administration officials argued yesterday that Congress has no power to force a U.S. attorney to pursue contempt charges in cases, such as the prosecutor firings, in which the president has declared that testimony or documents are protected from release by executive privilege. Officials pointed to a Justice Department legal opinion during the Reagan administration, which made the same argument in a case that was never resolved by the courts. What this statement is saying is the president's claim of executive privilege trumps all.