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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 27, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Dear Zetas: I recon you got very high tech and thus you must have advanced in programming an algorithms much more than us, humans. So I got two questions, first. Which one do you think was a better approach, object oriented programming or functional programming, or was a more practical paradigm invented? Second, Did you solve NP completeness ?

You assume we program computers as you do, or that our math problems are resolved using your math. Neither is true. For us to describe how we work with computers would be useless, as you would not comprehend what we are trying to relay.

My question for tonight has to do with the threat of Staph infections going around in the schools of the US. Today on front page of a local paper, here in Ohio, they say that staph is in there school. Why the schools? Why isn't it just showing up in business institutions, restaurants etc. An outbreak in schools but not in just one state it's in different states. What significance is there to it being in the schools or is it just the schools that are being brought to the front on this right now.

Staph and strep are extremely common and found throughout nature. They are not new. As with most germs, these germs mutate over time, and mutations emerge quickly in situations where only a few germs survive in an environment such as exists when an antibiotic kills off all but those with the ability to resist the antibiotic. Those bacteria that survive are the only ones then in the area, without competition, and therefore flourish. These antibiotic resistant bacteria are found in hospitals because this is where antibiotics are used aggressively on patients to save lives. They are carried into the populace afterwards. Outbreaks occur everywhere, but children are more prone to scratches and less prone to wash their hands and the like.

I was hoping you could give me a better explanation about Twin Flames Uniting. Something along the lines of two souls that are born at the same time. Not soulmates, but one flame created at the same time.

Souls do not become soul mates until they have experienced lifetimes together, and this is not possible simply because they are born, or sparked as we say, at the same moment.

Would the Zetas comment on comet 17P/Holmes? Why this huge increase in brightness now? [and from another] Exploding Comet [Oct 27] The gaseous cloud surrounding the comet's core more than doubled in radius on Oct. 25th. What is happening to this comet? It remains a mystery.

The mystery exists only because the scientists are not acknowledging the factors at play. What is new and not being considered? We have stated repeatedly that the tail of Planet X has returned. It hoses out from the N Pole of Planet X, which is increasingly pointing toward Earth. This tail is immense, and wafts afar. Fine red dust has been deposited on Earth from 2003 to the present because the tail was wafting past Earth. Fireballs and meteors are on the increase for the same reason. The atmosphere of Earth has been affected so that Sun halos or Moon halos appear, and odd red neon clouds appear. What does this charged red dust cloud, surrounding the Earth and clouding the view into space, mean for comet viewing? Comet P17/Holmes is reportedly out near Jupiter's orbit, and is not itself affected by the dust cloud, but the light rays coming from the comet are affected when they pass through the cloud.

We have often, and at length, described why the Sun at sunrise or sunset appears huge, just as it is at the horizon. Light rays in the orange/red spectrum bend more readily than light rays in the other colors spectrums. During full daylight, the light rays in the other color spectrums dominate, moving directly from the Sun to the viewer's eyes. But at sunrise and sunset, these light rays are passing overhead, not hitting the viewer's eyes, the Sun shielded by the curvature of the Earth so that only those light rays that can bend can strike the viewer's eyes. Bending light rays do more than follow the curvature of the Earth, bent by the gravity of the Earth. Those rays that would normally head out into space are bent back toward Earth, pulled by the gravity of Earth, so the object they originated from, the Sun, thus appears larger. Is this happening to comet 17P/Holmes? The descriptions of the comet's increase in size include describing the comet as "yellow", with a "buttery glow", which is a way of stating the presence of light rays in the orange/red spectrum. It is not that the comet itself is emitting these rays in excess, it is that the other rays are being deflected by the dust cloud so the percentage of rays in the orange/red spectrum begin to dominate. Thus, like the Sun at sunrise or sunset which appears larger due to light rays in the orange/red spectrum bending back toward Earth, comet 17P/Holmes gives the illusion of being larger and more golden than it is in reality.

This week, both Chavez and the Los Angeles Times called bush a madman and stated that he may need to be put in a hospital and/or removed from office due to mental illness, partially as result of his threat of WW3 against Iran. The zetas have mentioned that it might play out in this manner and indeed it seems to be out in the public domain for discussion. Can the zetas comment?

Cheney is also being called deranged by the press. We predicted the increase against Bush primarily along these lines, to be used as an excuse to remove them both from power suddenly. Nancy has put out a video that speaks to this issue eloquently, called the Insanity of King George.

I have noticed that on major roads, freeways etc. leaving cities that there is a great deal of work on installing median dividers to prevent traffic from crossing over to the other direction. Due to the extent of this work that I am seeing I am suspicious that this is being done to more easily control the flow of people out of cities in the event of emergency declarations. Can the zetas address this?

Of course accidents where a car crosses the median and goes head on into oncoming traffic are the primary reason for such guards. If a driver has a heart attack or falls asleep, there is nothing to stop such an accident, other than a guard. Any plans to control traffic in the event of an emergency would be facilitated by a lack of guards, in fact, as both sides of the road could quickly be used to flow in one direction.

Talk in the news about the White House speaking of Iran like they did about Iraq. What's going on here. Seems they are trying to beat the drum faster?

Israel, the Bush administration and those who worked to insert Bush and Cheney into the White House know they are losing the battle for the Middle East, and any more delays on an invasion or bombing of Iran will only lessen their chances of securing Iran's oil. They have tried to exhort the rest of the world into sanctions against Iran, but Russia and China refused. For the US to impose sanctions, alone, hardly punishes Iran as Iranians do business with Russia and with China in particular, and could frankly care less about American trade. Israel threatened that they will bomb Iran, and so Iran and Russia threatened back! Israel knows they cannot, alone, defend themselves. They are also aware that the US military is refusing to engage Iran. Should Israel attempt to bomb Iran, they would be left on their own to mop up the damage in their country, as it would be clear they had started the fracas. The approach, thus, has been to insult and accuse Iran and hope they react, which they have not and will not do as they are hardly fools. Israel and Bush are hoping that Iran will attack, make a move, as insults are the only weapon they have!

I was wondering in these times while the polarization is going on what's happening to the children of the parents that are polarizing to one side or the other? With families breaking up and children being tossed back and forth during custody battles wouldn't the polarization also apply in the event of which parent gets the child/children?

When a soul is placed into a newborn's body by the Spirit Guides, it is known what the environment will be like, spiritually. It is known what the likely physical disabilities will be, for the babe, and what kind of social environment the babe is likely to experience in the neighborhood and extended family. Some souls are placed into an environment where the contrast between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self is sharply delineated, as a lesson. There are many reasons for this, among them:

Will the USA be able to avoid a really bad financial crash?

We have described the likely scenario as one of increasing inflation and bankruptcy, but without a crash as happened in 1929. The Puppet Master does not want bank failures, and will step in behind the scenes to prevent this. Homelessness will increase. Hardship within families struggling to make their paychecks go further in the face of rising inflation will increase. Families having to move in with each other as job losses increase. All of this will happen. But a dramatic crash, we predict, will not occur. It may reach the point where banks close their doors, are only open for a limited time, and price freezes are imposed on food, gas and necessary items. All of this is to reduce panic in the public. We have stated that where a crash is not expected, that the value of stocks will be so overstated that no buyers can be found. You may have stocks, but find you cannot sell them!

Could you please address the appearance of this bright comet named Holmes and the possible connection to the Nostradamus Quatrain that mentions Mabus dying and afterwards a comet appears.

We have stated that Nostradamus was only valid during his lifetime, and only predicted for his period, but this does not stop those who interpret his quatrains from having their fun.

As the weather blends into the "not much differences between" seasons - will the upcoing winter be more mild or more winter-like? I guess the Zetas had stated that weather would blend seasons so that that there would be not as much difference between them. So will this Winter mild or wild?

You already have mild winters where the fruit trees assume it is spring and push forth their flowers, only to have the crop ruined when winter returns. You likewise have late frost that ruins crops, with greater frequency than in past decades. Where forcasters like to predict a mild or severe winter, we predict extreme swings, as the wobble pulls the Earth under different air masses.

The recent California fires involved temporary, short, but nevertheless mass migrations of nearly 1,000,000 people, and also demonstrated how quickly emergency services can be overwhelmed. At the same time, everyone seems to be on good behavior, almost no looting and lawlessness. Can the Zetas compare this to what will happen during the Passage? Will we see more of the same from now on? [and from another] Did the wobble have anything to do with the fierceness of the fires in California this past week? Can the Zetas tell us any additional info on how the wobble is or will shortly affect us that they have not already shared? [and from another] Raging Calif. Wildfires Force 1M to Flee [Oct 23] Faced with unrelenting winds whipping wildfires into a frenzy across Southern California, firefighters all but conceded defeat Tuesday to an unstoppable force that has already chased nearly a million people away. [and from another] Record 2005 Rain Caused Fires [Oct 24] The record heavy rains in January 2005 that built up the fire fuel supplies to record levels.

We have stated that by the time the last weeks have arrived, that emergency management crews will be so exhausted that they will turn a deaf ear when the White House attempts to declare martial law or implement their agenda for world domination and power. The political decapitation of the Bush administration is ongoing, is almost total at the present time, but is not evident to the public as yet as all are still treating the White House occupants as royalty. They are impotent, but allowed to preside over ceremonies. The fact that the US military is no longer listening to Bush as Commander in Chief and that most federal agencies have already cut loose from White House control, ignoring the civilian leadership Bush attempts to impose upon them, is also not evident to the public as yet. It is the plethora of disasters that will begin to strike the US and the rest of the world that will expose this to the public eye.

The California firestorm, epic in proportions, was an example of how such disasters will negate any preparations and overwhelm the emergency management systems. Even though an occasional fire was doused, and the path of the fire occasionally diverted, the emergency management teams quickly concluded they did not have the resources to do anything more than to get people out of harm's way. This was possible because the roads had not been torn up by earthquakes, the bridges were still intact, and communications possible. What would the situation have been had the satellites not been working because the Earth wobble had skewed them out of position, or if escape routes for those being evacuated had been blocked by broken roads and bridges, or if the very shelters they had taken the evacuees to were collapsing onto the heads of the aged and young children huddled there? What would have happened if the emergency management teams were stretched so thin that they could not attend to but a fraction of the cries for help?

To date, disasters are singular, happening one at a time with a chance afterwards for the system to recoup. What we have predicted are multiple and continuous disasters, with no letup. This is coming, and each family, each individual, needs to anticipate saving themselves and taking themselves to safety, to safe locations, well before these times arrive.

I have really noticed that Service-to-Self Republicans are showing their true "red" colors with intense anger, hatred, and alienation lately. I know individuals who are highly Service-to-Self Republicans and are having relationship issues and heart problems and alienation from good people. They are besides themselves and are paranoid about anything like a tree hugger, a person hugger or a so called liberal, and mention the name Clinton and the venom, hatred and loss of love and reason comes forth from them. Is this ostracism that you see coming between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other the reason why people are polarizing so much? I don't see liberal Democrats blowing gaskets or hating others. But boy, those selfish, cruel, stupid Republicans are trying to rain terror with their paranoia and seem to be killing themselves off in every way.

The polarization occurs because souls highly Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other will be separated from each other after this lifetime. They are advised of this by their Spirit Guides. Of course, those highly Service-to-Self do not separate willingly, as they desire as many victims and servants as before. But those who are highly Service-to-Other pull away, and refuse to listen to the pleas of those they are no longer serving. They are advised to do this by their Spirit Guides in order to facilitate and expedite the Transformation, where the Earth will be home to those in Service-to-Other, the Service-to-Self removed for good. In the past, these highly Service-to-Other souls placated the Service-to-Self, giving them enough control over their environment that they felt in power. This allowed those in Service-to-Other to get on with their work, helping others, often behind the scene. Now the Service-to-Self are not placated, but are challenged and ignored, and this enrages them. Where this is more noisy than before, the outcome is better, as the undecided among the populace see that a Service-to-Self route is not as smooth and rewarding as proclaimed. Would such a battle, a polarizing, not then have been helpful in the past, during past lifetimes? The Spirit Guides allow the young souls to deal with what they encounter on their own, only responding if counseling is requested. It should be remembered that incarnations are so the young soul can decide what their orientation will be, and thus there are few highly Service-to-Other or highly Service-to-Self souls be be polarized. Now, it is different.

Oh, Are We Boring You? Cheney Naps as California Burns [Oct 6] Apparently, your garden variety natural disaster isn't enough to keep VP Cheney awake during a Cabinet meeting. As Bush and the rest of the cabinet is briefed on the wildfires in California, Cheney nods off. This is hardly the first time he's been caught doing that either.

The rumors on the Internet that Cheney's heart condition is far more serious than admitted are true. What would cause a grown man, pampered and with all the conveniences he might wish available to him, to fall asleep during high level government meetings, repeatedly? Did he not get a good night's sleep the night before? Or maybe he didn't because the neighbors were throwing a party and would not turn the music down? Did he have an insomnia problem his many doctors could not help him with? Cheney is slowly dying of heart failure, and what is captured on camera is not a nap. It is a type of coma caused by the heart slowing when Cheney is at rest to the point where his brain is under-oxygenated. Carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a type of de-oxygenation of the blood and brain, results in somnambulence, or falling asleep. If up and walking about, or standing and giving a speech, the heart and blood pressure system are responding to a different set of signals, just as the heart and blood pressure system would respond if he were under attack and needing to climb a tree to escape a tiger or to escape rising flood water. When at rest, the heart and blood pressure system relaxes.

What does his somnambulant state indicate? The heart, even when under stimulation when he is standing and giving a speech, is not keeping up. When the aged die in their sleep, it is because the heart slows down, and the under-oxygenated organs begin to fail to do their job. The kidney does not cleanse the blood, the liver does not provide nutrients, and all of this affects the muscle of the heart which slows even more in its job of moving the blood along. In Cheney, you are seeing this process. He is at the point where his body is experiencing damage, often irreparable damage, because of his failing heart. This will not get better, only worse, so that he will become a stumbling old man, searching through the fog of memory for what it was he was intending to say.

Cheney could get a heart transplant, his only hope of staying vibrant and strong, but this carries many risks including having to take immunosuppressant drugs and being on the table for many hours during the operation. There is statistical risk associated with heart transplants, and Cheney also fears an assassination attempt while he is vulnerable, on the table for many hours. He fears the assassination taking cover under the known risks for heart transplant surgery. Thus, he delays, hoping for a time when he will be less vulnerable, when his enemies will be eliminated. But since his enemies are increasing in strength and numbers, this time will never come, and in the meantime, Cheney's body is shutting down. He is dying.

The left brain controls and recieves information from the right hand, eye, ear, etc. The right brain controls the left hand, ear, eye, etc. Is this how the engineers of man disabled telepathy for man? I have also heard that the left brain is evil and right brain is good or vice versa. Were the genetic engineers upgrading us to consciousness required to give us one Service-to-Other and one Service-to-Self hemisphere to think through the orientations? I have tried the holding your breath method and it did not work. Timothy Leary and other remote viewers have said LSD assists telepathy, as it disables one of the brain's "off switches, serotonin. Any more hints how humans can increase their intuition, telepathy, and signal/noise ratio in the brain?

As we have stated, the ability to be telepathic is only experienced by about 10% of mankind, and this is not due to attempts by genetic engineers inancient times to suppress telepathy in humankind. We do not recommend consciousness altering drugs, as this is a way of trying to evade and avoid life lessons, not a way to enhance them.

Could the zetas comment on the seismic activity that has recently been taking place in central BC? October 26: Seismic activity, which began October 9, continues 20 km to the west of Nazko Cone (and 100 km west of Quesnel) in central BC. In total, more than 400 microearthquakes have been recorded since this swarm began. [and from another] BC Volcano Watched Closely [Oct 14] Seismologists are keeping a close eye on a spot near a dormant volcano about 150 km southwest of Prince George where eight small earthquakes have been recorded in two days. The first quake was recorded on Tuesday evening and the latest on Thursday. They happened about 20 km west of the Nazko Cone, a small tree-covered volcano that last erupted about 7,200 years ago. The earthquakes ranged from 2.8 to 3.2 on the Richter scale - strong enough that anyone in the immediate area would have felt them - and appeared to be 20 to 25 km below the earth's surface. Volcanologist Catherine Hickson says 25 km is about the depth magma would be expected to pool and make its way to the earth's surface.

We have addressed the stress on the West Coast as a bowing in the states abutting southern California, such that Utah and Nevada and Arizona experience a pulling apart in their rock layers. This bowing will adjust when the New Madrid Fault line pulls diagonally, with the New England states and eastern Canada pulling to the east, the southwest US and Mexico pulling to the west. But what happens to the Northwest during these times, in British Columbia? Where Southern California is the epicenter of the bowing, there is stress to points north and south along the N American continent, all the way from the Aleutian Islands to Central America. Not all rock strata are similar, as there are weak points and points more solid in rock. The area in BC that is experiencing quakes has a dormant volcano, not active since two pole shifts back, and now it has become a worry. The fact that there is a dormant volcano, active in the past, is a clue that this particular area is a weak point in the rock strata. As with the states abutting Southern California, this stress will lessen when the New Madrid Fault adjusts, but then any fault lines running up and down the West Coast will have to adjust, so the problems continue in one form or another.

Al Gore seems no better than many of the Coverup artists in power in that he is only banging the Global Warming excuse, which the zetas say is a lie. Why do the zetas then seem to endorse him and his plan, when the end result is that if people even pay attention the most they will do is be more conscious of their "carbon footprint"? It seems just a low-cal version of the Cover-up, with no real Disclosure, only a New Cover-up under false disclosures? Are the patriots behind the scenes working with him consciously to impeach Bush, or is the now-known existence of the Bush clones enough to convince the elders to allow a false regime to continue just so long as the Service-to-Other-clone acts Service-to-Other?

Gore has a delicate balance to maintain. He is fully aware of how his presidency was stolen from him, and only conceded when he realized that it would be a losing battle to continue to protest. The counts to prove his contention would never have been allowed to be gathered. He has mapped out his path, to be prepared to assume leadership in a heartbeat if the situation calls for it, or to jump into the 2008 campaign if Hillary Clinton falters due to the many skeletons in her closet coming to light. His efforts on the Global Warming issue, as we have explained, are to posture him in the public eye as something other than the wooden candidate he was in 2000, stiff and shy, to being someone internationally known and respected, applauded, and at ease in the spotlight. At this he has succeeded. He has more experience, internationally, than Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic candidate. His years as a vice president put him ahead of her in any case, but his years since 2000 have given him as much coverage as if he were a candidate in the 2008 race. Gore cannot talk about Planet X, the real reason for the Earth changes. He knows that the cover-up would make such an announcement by him look like a fool, an extremist. He is biding his time, and will do right by the populace if in a leadership position when the time comes.

Nancy, when the Zetas choose to take on (wear) a physical body (upon need), is their physical brain bifurcated (divided in two) like the brain of Homo sapiens?

The fact that you have in essence two brains, supporting a subconscious and a conscious, occurred during genetic engineering in the past. We, the Zetas, do not have such a split, nor do we need sleep as humans do. Our genetic engineering on the Zeta/human hybrids is eliminating the split brains and much of the need for sleep. The fact that the brain, like many organs of the body such as the eyes, kidneys and reproductive organs such as ovaries and testicles are dual is a survival adaptation allowing early man or the ape to survive despite accidents. Our brain does not have this duality, as a clean split into halves, but has other capabilities so that brain damage is not devastating. Our brains are resilient, and can heal.

What are zetan thoughts about this Proof of Intelligent life 570 million years ago!!!!

It is assumed, when footprints or tools are discovered, that man as in homo sapiens, was the source. There are many hominoids visiting Earth at this time, many of whom are very similar to humans in appearance - the Nordics, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, etc. We have explained that a superficial appearance does not mean genetic compatibility with humans, as the Nordics could not breed with humans, such are their differences. The Earth has been visited for a long, long time, by many intelligent races, often leaving traces. Just as humans venture to the Moon or into the deep jungle on adventures, these visitors knew they were taking risks. Sometimes bones, such as a skull, are discovered, that could in no way be human. At times, when what is rock today was merely mud, footprints are discovered. In both cases these were not traces of homo sapiens, but of visitors!

Does Hillary Clinton read Zetatalk?

No, but she has heard about it, and respects it as being factual. She prefers to hear it secondhand, being uncomfortable with the blunt descriptions we present.

Does laetrile or Vitamin B17 really cure cancer though it is banned in the United States?

The cure for cancer, as we have explained, is in the psyche of the human afflicted, as each human is developing cancer daily but eliminating it with a healthy immune system. If any of these claims for a cure were real, these cures would be making many rich in the US, and would not be banned.