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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 4, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

A July 2, 2009 circle, again at Milk Hill shows the relationship between the magnetic fields of the Sun, the Earth, and the passing Planet X during the hour of the passage.

Clearly representing a bird in flight, this crop circle is giving a message about the path Planet X will take during the passage. The double helix dust swirl on either side is represented by the wings, with the tail flowing out behind the passing planet. What cannot be missed by any who look upon this depiction is that the passage centers over the magnetic field of three planetary objects - the Sun, the Earth, and Planet X itself. Earth tilts to accommodate the magnetic field of Planet X. This is shown by the two smaller orbs. The magnetic field of the Sun is exactly transected, at the Ecliptic. This is shown by the larger orb. The position of the magnetic fields is a dominant issue during the passage, and this is the message the crop circle brings.

A July 4, 2009 circle at West Down Gallops again depicts the flight of a bird, with what appears to be an additional set of square wings on either side and some kind of trailing tail.

The Gallops circle is showing an uneven skew, caused by what appears to be an imbalance in square wings on either side. The leading bird is perfectly balanced and crosses the lines in the field cleanly, but the trailing tail of the complex is skewed to one side by approximately 15°. What caused this skew? The square wings are not balanced, but are rather a reverse mirror of each other. Both, however, have a retrograde motion, clockwise, from the spine of the bird's flight. Planet X, of course, as we have so often mentioned, has not only a retrograde orbit but also a retrograde rotation. Were these square wings to mirror each other, one would have to be counterclockwise, not clockwise, and this is not want this circle is trying to depict. Simply stated, the design is saying that the double retrograde motion, which counters Earth on both fronts, is a factor in putting the Earth into a skew in the near future.

As each attempt by the elite to escape from earth during the shift is thwarted, will there come a time that they will embrace an end to the cover-up to try and save themselves?

The elite have been casting about for a solution for themselves, but the best seems to be bunkers near the surface, well stocked and well guarded. Of course these will be in enclaves where they can support each other. The solutions that have been contemplated, planned, tried, and discarded include deep underground structures and an escape to Mars. Escape to the Moon is being contemplated by a few, but not by most. The fact that the best opportunity would be to fund survival communities and live among those they have helped as equals never crosses their minds.

It seems that there is a real possibility of several long standing and deep cover-ups collapsing soon. - am not just speaking of Planet X or the alien cover-up but also things like fake terror, financial theft on a massive scale, murder of whistle blowers, death plans for the masses etc. The rage that will be released against the perpetrators would seem to be intense to me.

The concept of a deathbed confession is well known, where a burden carried throughout the life is relieved when it no longer will matter. The cover-up over Planet X, and all the many cover-ups over all the many crimes, will be on the lips of those who have feared retribution as they realize they cannot and will not be pursued in the Aftertime. As communications are failing and it is clear that the last weeks are upon mankind, all manner of confessions will emerge.

Can we infer anything from the increased frequency and detailed, specific content of the crop circle messages? Will there ever come a day that the solar system and the interloper px are clearly depicted in one?

Planet X is present in almost every crop circle. We mentioned at the start of this season that using birds and fish and insect depictions is intended to eliminate doubt about the message. Nevertheless, all manner of speculation is done by those who don't want to contemplate the coming passage. If the circle makers are trying to eliminate doubt and confusion, then you know the passage will be soon. There is no time to waste.

Why the present lull of the Earth changes? I feel that media somehow contribute to it, especially as despite chirping we occasionally get glimpses of what is going on behind this positivistic curtain - bolides classified, Tibetan glaciers melting at accelerating rate, weather (oh the weather!), etc, etc. At times it seems that they are almost frantically trying to divert attention to something fancy and virtually unimportant. It turned into a bizarro world. Can the Zetas give us some update on present progress of changes?

There are many things formerly denied that have pressed forward to be obvious in the past few months. Electromagnetic interference with planes and trains is one such incidence, with the crash of Air France 447 and the DC Metro crash. Satellite interference is likewise becoming obvious to all but the oblivious. Earthquakes have increased so that those locales that formerly only got quakes in a very low magnitude, barely perceptible, are now noticing them and the fact that these quakes are occurring can no longer be hidden. Instead, we have alarm in places like Dallas, which does not think of itself as being on a fault line, when magnitude 2 and 3 quakes occur. Where the Earth wobble has not broken into the mainstream media, this will at some point occur when it can no longer be denied that the Sun is not rising or setting where expected.

Last chat I asked: "The comments about yoga at ZT seem to be too one-sided and superificial. The attention is given to physical side, that can be correlated with Hatha Yoga. Other branches of it are not analysed, though it includes also mental, meditative and verbal practices. So, can we hear greater comment about yoga from Zetas ? NancyTalk: No." I should make excuses for my perseverance but at the same time point out that I was waiting for the answer from Zetas, not you. I am sure it is clear that yoga is one of the things that can help people before and after PS. And so additional comments of Zetas will only help us. I am persistent cause I read a little bit about yoga and now I strongly feel that ZT does not give full comments about mental, meditative and verbal practices of it. Meditation, contemplation, self-consciousness - can they say more about that ?


What's going on with Sarah Palin? [and from another] Sarah Palin is in the news again as resigning her office without much fanfare, and on a Friday night (also a holiday weekend) when bad news is released. What is behind her sudden resignation?

As has been noted on many blogs, Palin is under investigation for embezzlement. The Palins accepted supplies and labor to build their lake home. As mayor, she then slung the contracts for the new hocky rink to that contractor. She hopes to avoid prosecution or notice by resigning, thinking as she usually does that anything the Obama administration does has to do with embarrassing her. If she is no longer a potential contestant in 2012, perhaps Obama will drop the entire prosecution. This is as far as her self focused mind can contemplate, as the thought that true ethics in government might be an agenda of importance never crosses her mind. She is a hypocrite, a liar, and will eventually be prosecuted for this and perhaps other crimes.

Nature vs. Nurture applied to the spirit. Spirits are born as a clean slate, "virgin" incarnation, and begin to lean to either side with multiple lives. It's a common belief that environment creates human personality, criminal or caring behaviour (Jack Fresco and Zeitgeist movement, among others, promote this idea - hard childhood, etc). ZetaTalk states that controlled, repressive environments favor the development of recruits in STS, and vice versa (ie. ../call/c30.htm). However, an "elitist" beggar or concerned royalty (like Buddha) do also occur. So, does the environment the entity finds itself in have a decisive influence? Where is free will here? Why do some souls chose empathy while others chose egoism? Are they in some way pre-disposed to this?

Both are true. A soul strongly in the Service-to-Other will not turn to the Service-to-Self no matter how repressive the upbringing, and no matter how much Service-to-Self behavior might be rewarded. Likewise, a soul strongly in the Service-to-Self will not become empathetic no matter how loving the household. It is those souls who are very young and undecided who can be influenced by their environment. The Spirit Guides ensure a varied environment during the early lives to balance this. Allowing a balanced environment is the primary reason the Annunaki were quarantined from the Earth, as their domination of emerging man was too heavy.

Hello to all of the Kursk! I want to ask a question: What is the output in the Astral, and how to implement it?

Nancy is presuming you are asking about out-of-body or astral travel. This has been addressed in ZetaTalk with an extensive answer. This is a skill the soul learns during trauma - accident or torture. But the Spirit Guides discourage the soul from skipping out on an incarnation. This is not a skill that can be taught, despite charlatans who are happy to collect your money with such claims.

I know about Russian doctor Norbekov, whose system of improving eyesight is built on physical exercises combined with meditation and auto-suggestion. I know the facts when it really helped. I think knowledge about such practises can do help people before and after PS. So, I ask Zetas - can auto-suggestion and meditation help us to improve our physical body ? How can they comment such phenomenon ?

There is no question that the will to live is a factor in survival after injury or during illness. Cancer can almost always be cured when the individual simply decides to live rather than allowing themselves to die with a depressed immune system. Some patients are encouraged to envision their immune system attacking the cancer cells to this end. Thus, our answer is that such encouragement has much in fact to support it.

A couple months ago I was annoyed, because one day I had never heard of twitter, and then the next week it was being promoted, talked about, forced into conversation by what seemed like everyone on TV. Oprah, The View, the weatherman, etc. Like all of a sudden tv shows started putting their new twitter addresses at the end of the show. I saw it as too big of a phenomenon for something that didn't sound that interesting. Yet it was getting such attention. The question is, was there anything behind all the sudden attention that it was getting? If so, what's the reason?

It's free. Nancy runs a newsletter which distributes what she posts to thousands of subscribers. This costs her money. Twitter offers the same type of service for free. The media is simply starting to mention this and other Internet services because they don't want to look like they are old fashioned. The Internet has become their competitor, so they are trying to integrate it into their shows, to make the Internet an adjunct rather than a competitor of their shows.

In a victim/perpetrator situation why do some people develop "villain admiration" reaction? It seems if they blame themselves for their weakness, thus justifying the villain, and want to become strong to be like the perpetrator ('might means right'), all to stop being a victim. Thus they themselves turn on victims, and lo - they are on the Dark side, just what the villain attempted. At the very moment they accept the logic and the rules of the villain - they are lost. Is it also the same reason many people adore such characters as Eva Peron or Stalin, no matter what they did, adore for their might?

It is a survival instinct, and not exclusive to humans either. When a wolf in a pack grovels in front of the alpha male, he is inviting attack to his tender underbelly and neck. Is he not saying in essence that he should be killed or maimed? In this situation, to maintain a stronger stance, for instance refusing to grovel, might get real injury from the alpha male, perhaps death. The lesser wolf is not acting, is not just putting on a show to avoid a fight to the death with the alpha male. He actually has changed his mind set!

What about "mass men"? People prone to listening to mass moods, sacrificing their own mind, internalizing popular beliefs, desires and tastes, common practices, trying to do everything "right" as it is written somewhere or told by some authority, clinging to tradition and rules, rather than listening to themselves and achieving all this on their own? What can be done to strengthen their self-esteem?

Self esteem follows accomplishment or actions taken. In fact, accomplishments are actions taken. It is not necessary for an individual to be talented or highly intelligent to be accomplished. A mentally retarded individual can help others and thus hold themselves in high esteem, seeing that those they help hold them with regard and appreciation. Those who slavishly follow the leadership of others are most often unwilling to take any actions, and are avoiding risk.

I have been an avid Zetatalk reader for many years now. I have found a lot of your work groundbreaking, intriguing and fascinating. Lately there have been several things that have brought doubts in to my mind, and i after testing and research have deemed you wrong on several issues. Please could you state that you may of possibly got mixed up or were wrong on these fronts. 1. The earth Stuck in its Orbit. Please nancy, admit this to be some sort of human error in you understanding what the Zeta's were trying to say. I took it for truth at first, but after personal testing, research and conversing, it is most definitely not the case. It also gives the debunkers something that can corrupt the rest of the messages. Can we get rid of this please?

The Earth stopped in its orbit around December 25, 2003, and has been subsequently pushed back into the September position and is poised to push back into the August position. Whatever your personal testing has involved, you have not thought things through. See these links to prior ZetaTalk on the matter - Apparent Precision, Simulating the Seasons, and Solstice.

Vladimir Lenin - what was his spiritual intent? So much propaganda and lies about this man. Where his ideals truly as stated by him?

We have stated that the fault with communism was not the concept but the spiritual orientation of those practicing it. Greed, selfish interest, and lack of care for others ruined it for all. Those who speak of communism as an evil are primarily interested in capitalism as a replacement, so that greed, self interest, and lack of care for others can be more extreme.

What do the zetas say to those that take comfort in the fact that aliens are simulating normality so as not to disturb people too much? Aren't they passing the buck to the aliens? In some ways it makes sense; people in this area get quite irritated to even hear about the possibility of a poleshift, and I dread the day when even otherwise STO souls will panic as PX appears to the naked eye on a regular basis. I'm afraid that having lived with this for so long, I'll be only too happy to be proved right, and this STS-like emotion in myself disturbs me. Can the zetas help out with an empathetic thought to consider when thinking these thoughts?

Those who are angry at the lingering cover-up, and even angry that benign alien are assisting in this (to prevent freezing or frying of the world and to prevent premature panic by those in the establishment who would try to impose repressive martial law), have a valid reason for their anger. This is not selfish. Those anxious to get their family and friends on board with survival community plans are almost always simply thinking of the group, how much better off they would be if all were preparing, learning skills, and laying out plans. They are angry because they sense, rightfully so, that the burden is all falling on them, and that they will have to support hysterical people during the last weeks. Could things not be otherwise? Unfortunately, as we have frequently stated, those who are strong enough to see what is happening will plan, and those who are weak will deny and continue to deny even when the facts are obvious, such as a flaming and writhing planet in the sky. Turn your anger to action, lose yourself in action, is our only advise. At some point you will meet others with whom you can commiserate, others who have prepared and are meeting denial, and will not feel so alone.

Last week the zetas said that those who are wondering why the Obama administration seems to be adopting Bush policies wholesale are "simplistic". Yet, as the AP reports, even a federal judge was shocked to hear the new Justice Dep't. argue that Cheney's testimony in the Plame case should be kept secret so he (Cheney) wouldn't become "fodder for late-night comics" . The zetas can continue to defend this ongoing Bushifying of the Obama administration, but it certainly ain't "change we can believe in". Isn't it possible that Obama is protecting the previous administration on behalf of the Puppetmaster? Maybe his calculus is to trade in his liberal base for GOP moderates to hold the center as the earth changes are expected to pick up?

Long before Obama took office Pelosi was signaling that the business to be addressed first were the many outstanding bills and issues that the American people faced - unemployment, inflation, lack of health insurance, the perpetual war in Iraq and the like. Obama has the same focus. Pelosi was saying that if impeachment was to be the focus, nothing else would get done. Obama is likewise saying that if chasing old war criminals is to be the focus, likewise this detracts from all he is trying to accomplish. Think like an adult instead of a pouting child, to see the logic.

I seem to remember reading in Zetatalk that the zetas said there would be different illnesses occurring as we got closer to the shift. I'm suffering from a strange sickness right now, and wondering is this due to unseen particles in the tail that are now entering our atmosphere, and can we expect to see more of this in the near-term, or is it too early for that yet?

Many are noting odd illness, which seems to have no cause. This has in fact been going on for several years, since 2004. Dizzyness, ringing in the ears, nausea, mestral periods that come too frequently. These and other symptoms are due not only to the components in the tail that have infiltrated the atmosphere, but also the churning core which causes emanations to rise up through the rock. Yes, this will get worse, but at some point in the future, after the pole shift, will reduce and return to normal.

My question relates to withholding the truth! When the Zeta's claim "gag order" per "World Council" are they not utilizing political corruption to keep silent? Example: the need to know/security has been so badly mauled by overuse that it no longer retains any logic, and the term is used as a means to tell the masses that they are not smart enough to know the differences between right and wrong, therefore they must be protected from themselves. ( Yet the privilege few are able to prepare wile the masses are kept unaware. Are we not entitle to the same courtesy?) Week after week, months into years, the same arguments is repeated as to why the masses cannot be told the truth. Perhaps the time has come to either tell or stop with the same idiotic repetition of excuses for hiding the truth behind a panel of deception. I speak for myself as I see the "proverbial carrot" as a lure to confuse and mislead those who want to know, for they hunger for truth and are no longer satisfied of manipulation by electronic fabrication.

The Council of Worlds is not politically corrupt, nor even political. The rule for an Element of Doubt is based on immense experience with how young worlds react during their Awakening, and when approaching some physical disaster. You are not the one to decide these matters. If the Element of Doubt seems to benefit the elite, this is a temporary matter, and worse would occur if the Element of Doubt were not in place.

The Zetas made good use of the White Lie in May 2003. Could this work again in present time to confuse the TPTB?

This is within the realm of possibility.

What are the repercussions of the mandatory health care that is being talked about?

The health care industry, which is a profit making industry, likes to present problems, but the only real problem is to those in this industry who are making money at the expense of those who are ill or need treatment. Take away the profit, and health care becomes affordable, both for individuals and for governments. The issue of when extraordinary procedures will be performed is another matter. Socialized medicine draws the line, where private insurance can be purchased that is more liberal. However, in most cases, insurance companies deny and restrict procedures beyond what socialized medicine would provide.

Is this Planet X- related? Planet sized unknown object is quickly approaching the Sun. The object in question can clearly be seen in the Stereo Behind COR 2 imagery. At this time the course of this object will pass dangerously close to or will actually hit the Sun around the equator . This is not a charted object and is not a planet . [and from another] What is this object and will it hit our Sun?

As can be seen from examining the March, 2009 pass of Mercury, this bright object is Mercury. It may not be in quite the right place, being influenced by the presence of Planet X which it skirts around, but that's what the object is.

Congress people going overseas is on the increase -- elite bug-out checks?

That and relief from tension. There is so much wrong with their worlds. The second Great Depression is not admitted, or admitted reluctantly. The weather is extreme and is only getting worse. There is a sense that the world is out of control.

I don't know if you remember, Nancy, but you once confirmed to me that the Zeta/human hybrid are known as the Essassani. You might have wondered how I knew about this to ask if it was true. I think I found a valid channel for the hybrids that you may not yet be aware of. The channel is known as Bashar. Could you ask the Zetas about this channel and why that message seems to correlate so much with Zetatalk except they are not upfront about the pending poleshift as the Zetas are. Is this because it is not the role they chose due to the discomfort it causes to talk about it? [and from another] For what i know Lyssa Royal from the book, visitors from within also channeled Bashar a couple of times. Bashar is usualy channneled by Daryll Anka. Mentions about the Assocation of Worlds, and about the Essasani. And that he is an hybrid from the future. Think this is more of a misunderstanding of the channel.

There are no travelers from the future, and any who say this are lying or confused. [and from another] The Patterson-Gimlin film (also referred to as simply the Patterson film) is a short motion picture of an unidentified subject filmed on October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson [and from another] This is a frame from the Patterson Bigfoot film 1967 and a copy of the film on youtube. Can the Zetas tell if the image in the pic is of a real Bigfoot?

As we have mentioned, Bigfoot is quarantined from man, which means Bigfoot is assisted in staying hidden. On occasion there are feces or tracks which man finds, or a glimpse of a fleeting body at a distance, but nothing as concrete as a video capture has occurred. The video would have been ruined in some manner, due to the quarantine. This is a man in a suit, a well orchestrated hoax.

All my adult life I've keep seed and water out for the winged ones. [and squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, possum; whoever passes by.] And this is the first year that I've seen the Grackles attack the littler birds so viciously. It's horrible, pecking to death, carrying them off and tearing them apart. Either I've just never been a witness to what this act, or something is amiss. I've spent time thinking back and can't remember even those kinds of screams; eminating from the sparrows. It's been quite unsettling, to the point I've considered taking down the feeders. But I hate to do so, and it's been my way of giving back to Nature. I know things are amiss with dolphins, whales [w/beachings], the decline of bees and bats. Is there something else going on here with the birds, or is it just a natural occurrance, and I've not seen it until now.

Nature can be vicious, and is highly competitive. Cats purr and cuddle and then play with a captured mouse endlessly until the poor mouse dies of a heart attack or lack of blood. This is all so the cat can keep its hunting skills current. It has in recent times been noted that many domestic and wild life are having twins more often, as though to get ready for some disaster, a survival of the species instinct. A heightened need to protect a feeding source is another such reaction.

I was wondering if it is accurate to say that the intervals of time between going to a 5 from 4 and a 6 from 5 will be about equal as we move higher in the 1-10 scale. And as we go higher like a 7+ will the intervals get significantly shorter say will it only take a month or less to go from a 8-9?

Of course we cannot answer this with the specificity you desire. We have stated that there will be times matters seem to plateau and other times when matters move quickly. About this we can say no more.

There's so much information coming at us on the subject of the End Times and Planet X, I'm wondering who to believe. Sitchin says it won't be here until 2060. Bob Dean says 2017. Hoagland and John Lear say there is no Planet X. And the Zeta's say before 2012. I know the Zeta's have an accurate prediction rate and I believe Nancy is in contact, but how do we know they have our best interest at heart? They seem to dislike the Annunaki. My gut tells me the Annunaki aren't all bad, but like us, they're leaders are a bunch of self serving bad apples. Also, everything the Zeta's have described that will happen can be found in the Kolbrin Bible as well as countless other ancient writings. I'm sorry for having doubt, but I think only a fool would simply follow the word of one person without asking questions. And since we can't see the Zetas, the word of Nancy is all we have. I hope you will take the time to answer my concerns. I ask with full respect for you Nancy and your tireless efforts to bring awareness to the public.

You are asking why you should listen to what we, the Zetas, have to say. We will ask you the same, why you would believe Sitchen or Dean or Hoagland or Lear? At the start of the ZetaTalk saga, Sitchen was saying he felt the next passage would be 1,000 years out. Our answer when queried about this was that his answer reflected the "not in my lifetime" approach. Now this has changed to 2060, per reports, but this is still not in his lifetime. Bob Dean is former military and says what he is allowed to say, no more than that. Hoagland is full of theories and is very entertaining but beyond that, has he ever predicted anything with accuracy? And as we have said of Lear, he is not discerning false reports from truth.