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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 21, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

There is confusion over the analysis the Zetas did for the Westbury Hill ../index/zeta378.htm crop circle dated June 14, 2007. The Zetas seem to inply the Earth standing upside down, or virtually so, going into the 3 days of darkness at least twice. But the Zetas have only described this happening during the 3 days of darkness, when the globe has momentum turning the N Pole away from Planet X and tips too far. Is there more that will happen?

Preceding the 3 days of darkness there is a lean to the left, and preceding that, a severe wobble. How do you suppose that the Earth comes to lie on its side, pointing to the left? Just a slow flop to the side? In a severe wobble, there is momentum, first to one side, then the other. Particularly when there is a strong push, as when the N Pole of Earth being pushed away violently, there is momentum. During the lean to the left, this is a stasis position, holding there for a period of time. But the wobble is constantly on the move, as legend has described it, like a top wobbling from side to side. During this wobble, there are times when an extreme move, combined with momentum, will have the globe seeming to go upside down. This time has been described in many crop circles, such as in Brunoy and Taber in 2004 and Woodborough in 2003.

FAA: Glitch Fixed After Causing Flight Delays [Nov 19] Officials working to pinpoint the cause know that there was a problem with the main telecommunications systems. Due to the outage, air traffic controllers had to enter flight plans manually, a problem that causes delays, according to the FAA and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. [and from another] FAA Outage Causes Delays at Hartsfield-Jackson [Nov 20] According to officials, the problem with one of the routers in the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure [FTI], in Salt Lake City, Utah, started at about 5 a.m., and was fixed at approximately 9 a.m. [and from another] FAA Outage Root Cause Due to IP Router [Nov 19] A card within the IP router in the FAA Salt Lake center's telecommunications system defaulted.

Hardware problems happen periodically in computer networks, and are certainly nothing new. Those with personal computers suffer hard drive crashes, for instance. In this particular case, the failing router was in the middle of a conversation with other parts of the system when it died. What was intended to be a simple flip of a switch to divert traffic to a backup router was being blocked by software, which insisted it had to retain loyalty to the dead router. What was a hardware problem thus became a software problem, and software is much more complex. All this shows the fragility of man's technology, and how quickly and thoroughly things will crash as the hour of the pole shift approaches.

Could you please explain to us exactly what aerial object illuminated the nighttime sky over Utah and Colorado this last Wednesday [Nov 18]? Was it material from the comet Tempel-Tuttle? Why did early morning photographs show an iridescent-blue cloud that was more circular than straight?

When the debris from the tail of Planet X first started arriving in ernest, in 2004, the establishment chose to call this space junk. When the public became alarmed at the amount of space junk falling to Earth they tried to enhance the story by claiming that two satellites had crashed into each other, but this just made a bad story worse. Since fireballs have not gone away, but continued apace and if anything gotten worse, a new term has been used - asteroids. This is debris in the tail of Planet X, which is increasingly turning toward the Earth, hosed out from the N Pole of Planet X. This is why the wobble has gotten more violent, why electromagnetic disruption of dams and airplanes has occurred, and why blackouts will become more frequent. There will also be displays in the sky, some of which has already been noticed, from the electomagnetic tides assaulting the Earth's atmosphere. Stay tuned, more to come!

I've noticed over the past month or so that there has been at least one magnitude 6 or greater quake just about every day. That is, until the last week or so. Is the pressure building again for something even more dramatic than what we have already seen?

Absolutely. We have stated repeatedly that quakes will increase, in an exponential manner. The USGS has done all it can to lie about the matter, deleting quakes from their databases and dumbing down the magnitude, but this has long passed the time when this sufficies. The public is already questioning what they report, and the next question to be asked is why they are doing this. They don't have a ready answer.

If Annunaki were here, where are their abandoned or accidentally lost machinery and instruments?

In your question you are assuming there is lost or abandoned machinery. Their equipment was valuable, and recycled during the long sojourn on Earth.

Wondering if Zetas could comment on people seeing repeating numbers such as 11:11, 1:11. 2:22, 3:33. 4:44 and so on?

Numbers considered to be magical are in the imagination of humans who entertain theories. You are seeing these numbers because you are expecting to see them. If you glance at the clock and it says 11:07 your subconscious directs you to glance again in 4 minutes and voile! 11:11. You have trained yourself to see these numbers, as you enjoy your fantasy.

I'm continually baffled by the amount of stupidity and outright hatred that so many are exhibiting towards the new administration and health-care reform, as if Obama is the one that caused the mess we're in. (Yes, some of it's frustration that we aren't seeing a faster recovery.) What's behind the apparent amnesia, and why are people so ignorant when they have such ready access to so much information? Are there that many people who are basically just plain old lazy when it comes to understanding what's going on, or can they be excused for such willful ignorance?

These people are the same who would not make such complaints against the former Bush administration. The reason for all the whining is the kindness and fairness that Obama and his administration project. These are cowards, who expect life to be delivered to them, but who would not make such demands of a bully such as the Bush/Cheney administration. Yes, it is true that such mindless complaints in the face of the mess the Bush/Cheney administration left for Obama does not reflect well on those making the complaints.

Can the greys talk about the crop circle that had a grey holding a circle with a message in it? It was a grey with a human eye inside their own. One part said, "beware of the bearers of false gifts, and broken promises."

This was obviously a hoax. We have detailed what to look for in a hoax, the type of detail that is a signature of a hoax. In the above mentioned case, the message in English is a certain clue. Are you not thinking?

How would the Zetas explain that Rupert Murdoch's Fox News doesn't just stretch the truth and exaggerate like "mainstream media" does regularly, but out-and-out lies to such a degree many of us feel they are truly a threat to the Republic?

The lies Fox news projects have been exposed repeatedly by their counterparts, and need no assistance from ourselves.

There are some disparities between ZT and Ra channeling (named "The law of One"). Zetas stated it is true. Before possible asking to comment these disparities at next chats I want to specify whether Zetas are generally agree to talk Ra channeling over or not ?

We have explained that there are differences between what valid prophets relay, and why, detailing the differences between ZetaTalk and Scallions or Cayce's warnings, for instance. We also explained that one should listen for the overall message, and not nit pick. What you are planning to engage in is nit picking. We have warned you before not to waste our time. If you want the truth, then read ZetaTalk, is our answer.

As the times become increasingly unsettled, I, like many people, am experiencing an angst and a foreboding that is distracting me from the preparatory work I should be doing. Could the Zetas please comment on the best ways to re-center oneself - meditation, yoga, walks in the woods, praying or giving the Call, etc.?

The best medicine is a strong action plan, and then taking action. Man is designed for fight or flight. You are allowing fear to occupy your mind, as for you the enemy is nebulous and cannot be battled. This is not true. You have but to formulate an action plan and fill your time with preparation.

Would you please let us know where the ice that fell through the roof of the house in Brush, Colorado originated? I see that there have been other chunks of ice falling from the sky in other places - a quick search on Google shows stories going back to 2006.

Large hail has always been known to man, during violent weather when moist air is swept upward into cooler air, thus ice forming around a small pellet of freezing rain as it drops. The longer the drop, the larger the ice pellet can become. This is merely a factor of the more violent weather, the more violent wobble which creates weather wobbles.

Could the Zeta's please tell us if there are many alien artifacts that will surface from hidden places when the pole shift happens. In other words, were things buried that will be found to help mankind survive?

No. This is not where your salvation lies. You must prepare, and be practical. Stop dreaming.

If non-humans such as dogs and cats do not have souls, what happens to their energy after they die? Can one still communicate telepathically with departed dogs and cats?

No, unless during their lifetime they were incarnated with an already existing soul, an already sparked soul. In that case, it is this soul you are communicating with.

Your summer U.S. weather forecast was right on the money! What about the winter weather (next 4 months) for North/South U.S.? Any more temperature/precipitation anomalies like the summer?

We made the statement last January, 2009 that the northern hemisphere would have cooler weather up until the last weeks, due to the push away of the N Pole. The Earth is trying to lean away from the Sun, as this is where Planet X lies, and Planet X is pointing its N Pole toward the Earth. We have also made the statement that the seasons will seem to blend into one another, and that drought and deluge will continually get more severe, then switch about. This implies not a steady state but confusion, a roiling atmosphere, an unsteady wobble. All this is logical, when one considers our description of the severe wobble. One does not go from zero to 60 in a nanosecond. Things get worse, steadily, when going from normal to a severe wobble. Your weather will be highly unexpected, and can be unexpectedly warm or suddenly very cold. That's our forcast for the northern hemisphere this winter.

As the wobble increases and during the time of the lean to the left, it would make sense that the winds on the earth would pick up. To what degree will they be blowing? I know that they will be incredibly intense during the shift itself - but what about during these wobbles? Here in Colorado we can suddenly get a wildly windy time and then all is quiet. Will it be like that only with winds whipping up to 100+ miles per hour (or more?) and then suddenly quieting down?

What you are describing can be expected, yes, increasingly. We have stated that the atmosphere acts as a brake in these matters, as your existing hurricanes are where the atmosphere can blow no worse. There is resistance in blocked air, pushing back, for instance. But rapid change, winds coming from an unexpected direction, sudden deluge - all this can occur.

As the last weeks approach, will the benign aliens that simulate the seasons and otherwise try to assist in hiding Planet X finally be allowed to let some of the "signs" occur, so that the people will learn quickly that something more than just the vague notion of "global warming" is involved?

Were we to detail this we would be revealing the plan that the Council of Worlds has, and this we cannot do.

Researchers on the Book of Revelations mention that in the end time, Armageddon, the U.S. is no where in the picture. There is much speculation as to why, like Nuclear, EMF released over the states, no military, no funds, and such, can Zetas comment on whether the U.S. will be back to living like in the 18th century before PS? It does seem as though TPTB have raped and pillaged, bankrupted, and are now moving else where, such as China with credit, giving none to U.S. Will the U.S. be left on their own to fare as is to Africa? It seems as though TPTB use the Book of Revelations as the play book and script for their "messy panic", which becomes more obvious every day, as things really seem to be getting out of control. Any comment?

Organized religions do not speak the truth, as such books as the Bible or Quran are designed to give control by the religious elite over the common man, whom they try to enslave by threats and bribes. Beyond this, where in the Bible or Quran a good hearted soul was trying to relay a serious warning to mankind, such as the Book of Revelations was in giving warning about the coming cataclysms, the writer was hampered by lack of information. The old world did not know about the Americas or the degree to which mankind would learn to utilize technology. If those who were trying to guide the writers relayed an image, the writer would put this into terms he himself could understand. Thus, analogies are used, heavily.

I have read about the soul contracts and birthing guides, on your website. This may not be a question for the Zetas, but can you tell us why at this time especially, such highly Service to Self souls are being put in a position to rise to such powerful positions such as within the Bush family, and all the corporate heads and other tyrants? Is there something for them to learn by being able to do as much harm as possible? Does it help others who because of them have the opportunity to choose to help those hurt by these STS souls?

This is the nature of 3rd Density worlds. It is not just the current times, but the past too. During Earth's history such tyrants as Stalin and Genghis Kahn rose to power. Those in the Service-to-Self are few in number, compared to those who are leaning toward the Service-to-Other. Indeed, living amongst them, and seeing the outcome of their actions, and seeing the outcome of the lack of action taken by those who are Service-to-Other and grieving for what is being done to others, is a learning experience. We have stated that the way to deal with the Service-to-Self is to not let them get away with their schemes or plans. Stand up to them, and force them to live among themselves. This is where they are heading in any case.

In regards to the Ring of Fire. It actualy makes a circle in the Pacific. My question is, will the area inside the circle in the Pacific, or anywhere else in the Ring of Fire, sink, or rise?

We have described the Pacific as being a number of plates, not the single plate that is assumed. Hawaii for instance will rise during the pole shift, due to other plates being shoved under this plate. Primarily, those areas which are subducting will continue to do so, and those areas that are currently rising will continue to do so. The Antarctic Plate will rise between the tip of S American and the tip of Africa, thus where this plate projects into the Pacific, it will drop. Since the continent of Antarctica is not heavily inhabited, this is not significant. Australia, as we have long mentioned, will sink on the western side, causing the eastern side and New Zealand to rise. All this is in the Safe Locations documentation.

The Zetas have talked extensively about community crop production after the shift. In addition to saving seed, do the Zetas suggest we construct makeshift greenhouses to grow food? I was thinking cinder blocks, steel tubing framework, plastic cover. Enough to stabilize the growing environment. Somewhat easy to repair. Beyond seeds, what other plant growing supplies are important to stock up on? Please elaborate with any more details beyond what has been said before on Zetatalk. Please confirm that after the store shelves are empty, greenhouse growing is a wise area of focus. And after the shift, we must use distilled water to water plants to avoid poisons?

We decline to detail all the steps that man can use to construct survival camps, as there will be endless variability depending upon the location, the climate, the skill set of the occupants, the supplies available, and the seeds at hand. It is standard gardener practice to shelter young plants before putting them out in the field, except for those plants that are hardy. Tomatoes yes, corn no, for instance. Whatever plan you put in place should be able to function without chemicals and supplies from a store. Chickens eat bugs, and certain plants as border plants repulse slugs and bugs from a garden. This is all common sense and known to man, known to human science. Likewise the issue of distilling water. This is for human consumption, drinking and cooking. Plants actually filter heavy metals. Read up on this! There is no need to pester Nancy or ourselves with such detail when a simple websearch will suffice.

The latest interview with Cliff High the Web Bot guy on Jeff Rense, and Jay Weider's show gets into the changes occurring with the Sun. He says nothing about PX, even though he very much alludes to the math and such for PS coming soon. All seems to verify what Zetas have explained. Is the state of the Sun because of its transition to 4D?

We have explained that although the webbot project has a certain degree of accuracy, it is not infallible. They are looking for word frequency and association. If the collective conscious is thinking this or that, then their predictions will reflect what the collective conscious is thinking! The establishment has long planned to blame the Earth changes on the Sun, which failed to cooperate and had a lack of sunspots and a drop in the solar wind this past year. Nevertheless, their plan is proceeding, with movies such as 2012 and Knowing which released this year having the Sun as the cause of catastrophe. No wonder the common man thinks the Sun is the cause, and the webbot guys chirp this same disinformation line!

Does who think that nothing is going on. Earthchangs have increased in the last few months. Floods in England, severe weather on Gran Canaria. Heavy snowfall in China. and so on. And the temperatues in most parts of Europe are more spring like then autumn like. My question to the Zetas, last week I asked about the weather in Europe and got a answer about the wobble but my feeling tells me that there is more going on that's causing this change. In the summer temperatures had times that it peaked. But now it seems to remain above average. Has the push gotten so strong, that warm air keeps flowing to the north or is something else at stake?

It is the wobble, driving air masses this way and that. And such erratic temperatures and drought and deluge will continue to worsen.

Saw yesterday where there is a shortage of canned pumpkin until next August. The Zetas have warned a long time now about food shortages. The pumpkin shortage is blamed on the weather, but is there something more to this?

We stated in 1995 that the weather would get more erratic, drought and deluge worsening and switching about, tornadoes where not expected, etc, all due to the expected Earth wobble. Yet we are asked after every severe storm what this means. It means our prediction came true. We stated that quakes would increase, at first in a linear fashion and then exponentially, and that the true increase is being disguised by the USGS. Yet we are asked after almost every large quake what this means. We stated early in the ZetaTalk saga that crop shortages would occur, worldwide, due to problems with the weather, and now there is no doubt, even admitted by the UN and the major media. Please do not ask us after every shortage what this means.

If a person has plans for preparation and cannot get the support from other humans to help get things moving, is giving the Call for assistance appropriate? Or does it somehow mean another view point needs to be considered? It's like having a well thought out and complete business plan that won't pick up momentum. I am older, alone, and cannot get things to move on by myself. Most people think it's insanity.

Giving the Call is absolutely what you should be doing! Those who do so not only get advice but are put in contact with others whom they compliment. You will be guided to meet these people. Just stay attuned to your gut instincts, trust them, and don't be rigid or frightened. Consider this an adventure!

Older contactees are waiting for something to happen very soon but most of them have not had a encounter for quite some time. Why is this? Are the older ones forgotten?

The normal state of affairs is for contactees to increase their contact as time passes. You may be speaking for yourself, but not for others. The question you should be asking is why you are withdrawing!

During prior passages, have the seasons always been manipulated in order to prevent plant confusion and crop failure beyond what the Earth experiences today? If so, how far back has this been done?

During prior pole shifts, mankind has been protected to the extent that their schoolhouse has not been disrupted inordinately, and man as a species has survived. The pole shift and the last weeks were relatively sudden, so that repeatedly placating the gods or going prematurely insane did not decimate the population. At the present time, with the Earth's population explosion and plans to migrate incarnating souls into hybrid bodies, this is not the concern. The concern is preventing those in control, the political and wealthy elite, from savaging the common man. This is a spiritually negative reaction, an imprint on many young souls, that is not desired. Nature is one thing, but governments reacting in fear of losing control, fear of the common man's reactions, is another. This is what is being avoided at present. When the last weeks arrive, the establishment will already be hiding, so this will not be a factor.

Hawaii's famous white sandy beaches 'are shrinking' - Telegraph: As the Pacific compresses, I would imagine the beaches "rising". What am I missing here.

Wave action can ruin beaches, eroding them, and commonly does so. Hawaii as a whole is rising, and will continue to do so.

Is there any point to helping those who are Service-to-Self? will an unselfish example,a kind word or assistance make any difference whatsoever? or, is it best to simply leave them altogether?

This is one of the challenges, one of the lessons, while living in 3rd Density. You must learn to discern when it will be beneficial, and when you will merely be taken advantage of.

Hello star ancestors, Billy Meier has said that a group of ETs known as Giza Intelligence, Ashtar Command, Jehovah etc had been operating on earth, living in a base under the Giza Pyramids had been removed from earth by the Council of Worlds, is this true? And is Alex Collier still a valid contactee?

We have stated that both Billy Meier and Alex Collier were valid contactees, and both still are contactees. We caution as always that what contactees can report is mixed, and includes both their personal agenda and fears and the agenda of their visitors. The Pleiadeans do not want to be the bearer of bad tidings, so downplay the cataclysms to come. Alex Collier insisted on a name for his visitors and was allowed to assume they were from Andromeda, even though this is not true. Billy Meier became so entranced with the stage that he embellished his role and fabricated information, and is still at this. There were no aliens living under Giza, nor is such a group as Jehovah in existence. The Ashtar Command, as we explained, is a CIA cover.

Is there anything you can add to whatever you have already told us about Obama and his plans for America and its people? I hope this can be answered. Is Obama talking to the world leaders about the pole shift, the changing Earth weather, and the plate movements?

This violates our promise to Obama as to not probe his thoughts on matters during this chat.

I cannot seem to figure out this Service to Other and Service to Self thing, If I serve myself I thrive and enjoy life, If I serve others I suffer and am acting as a slave. Trying to look after other peoples needs seem insane, it seem much more efficient if everyone satisfy themselves and thus thrive. Aren't we powerful creators that can create and experience whatever we give attention, be it thought or physical plane or whatever wherever?

You're well on your way to becoming a Service-to-Self entity.

Would the Zetas comment on LHC ( Large Hadron Collider ) now that it is now back online. Is there any danger or is it likely to break down again? [and from another] How much historic scientific validity do you think will be attributed to the CERN efforts/experimentation 10 years into the future? Do you feel the CERN experiments will have lended something worthwhile to our culture, or will it have been a big, expensive waste?

CERN or LHC as it is known, will not result in any black hole or feared destruction. Man is considered an infant, spiritually, and thus has a low IQ and is not allowed to explore the Universe or be high tech. Nor will he learn anything new from this expensive experiment.

Recently Oprah Winfrey has announced that she is ending her talk show and had a very emotional moment on her show when she announced this. I remember that she was very vocal in her support of President Obama, so I was very surprised when I saw Sarah Palin on her show, pushing her book. Oprah, did not look pleased. Is there a connection? I can't imagine Oprah being happy about having Sarah on her show. What is really going on. Is someone actually serious about positioning Sarah Palin for president in 2012?

When we were asked about Palin and Oprah, our statement was that they both wanted ratings increases. Oprah's ratings have been falling, and to some extent she blames this on her open support for Obama, thus having Palin on her show was a gesture she hoped would restore that element of her viewership. Why is she announcing an end to her show? Networks live on ratings, and she does not like being pushed around by her network. Having Palin on was one such example of being pushed around by a network. Shows have a life cycle, going up and being very popular and then slowly dying. The novelty wears off. She is anticipating a slow decline and getting the network off her back by announcing an exit date. This is not because she has learned of the pending pole shift in any official way. This is not the crowd she runs in.

Hello star ancestors, can two or more spirits occupy a human body? I have been told I have a Lemurian and Zeta spirit within?

When more than one spirit incarnates into a body, a crowded incarnation, it is normally a situation where the original spirit is weak and cannot resist. The Spirit Guides soon arrive to straighten the situation out. What normally happens if a weak spirit wants to leave is a walk-in or possession, depending upon the nature of the original spirit inhabiting the body. Crowded incarnations are a situation we have warned about, as after the pole shift, due to the massive die-off, there will be many spirits suddenly freed of their bodies looking for a new home.