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An article in the April 27, 1997 San Francisco Examiner, titled Nerve Gas Unnerving Neighbors

The chemical stockpile within the continental United States is divided among eight storage facilities. A ninth facility is in the Pacific.

Oregon, Umatilla Chemical Depot
3,700 tons in 220,000 weapons and containers
Colorado, Pueblo Depot Activity
2,611 tons in 780,000 weapons
Indiana, Newport Ammunitions Plant
1,269 tons of the nerve agent VX in bulk containers
Kentucky, Lexington-Blue Grass Army Depot
523 tons in 101,000 weapons
Johnson Atoll, 824 miles SW of Hawaii
750 tons
Utah, Tooele Army Depot
13,616 tons in 1.1 million weapons
Arkansas, Pine Bluff Arsenal
3,849 tons in 123,000 weapons, bulk containers
Alabama, Anniston Army Depot
2,253 tons in 661,000 weapons
Maryland, Aberdeen Proving Ground
1,624 tons in bulk containers