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All well and good but after the pole shift my understanding is as follows:

Direction with your watch is fine but remember when the pole shift happens the time zone will change, EMP’s will render a battery operated watch useless, so find and buy a wind up watch now, but you will need to know what the time is in your area. Figure out what your pace count is now and then after you are hungry and weak check it out again practice line of site distancing: Pace an object (or pick out an object) now that you know is a certain distance away say 1/8 mi. or km then 1/4 then 1/2. Practice this so that you are proficient then you can after the pole shift use the same method to set up your pace area and re do your pace count.

Ultimately you should be as familiar with the area as humanly possible and remember Hanzel and Gretal: leave a visible trail if and only if you think it is safe. Get maps now study them real good now then after all is done walk the area if possible to orient them, edit them to the new surroundings.

The rest of the book is great I have seen it before.

Offered by Lou.