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The most accurate watches to use are the non-mechanical LCD type. For accuracy of time keeping through the pole shift and for the near term after, I believe the LCD sports watches to be the best. The mechanical (moving hands) quartz watches are less accurate than the LCD. This is due to variations of friction with time and temperature. The LCD have no moving parts and will last much longer. Stock up on enough appropriate watch batteries to last 10-20 years. Use a water proof sports watch if you plan to use it after pole shift with all the rain going on.

Some people will use these as a stable anchor point through all the confusion of planet stopping and starting. Just as current calendars will most likely continue to be used. Some watches will be used to synchronize wide spread events. Some will be used to determine location and distance. For example some one tells you to walk for 10.5 hr. north and 5 hr. north west 16 degrees to get to your destination. With it being dark most of the time, how are you going to measure this without a watch you can trust.

Offered by Mike.