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Here in the Great Lakes we have lighthouses, some of which, besides emitting light, also transmit a radio signal with a certain dedicated frequency, and when one has a radio receiver and tunes to this frequency, one can use it for a homing device in a foggy situation. Would this be a practical homing device after the pole shift, as all these lighthouses might not be in service anymore?

Offered by Tian.

Good question and a good idea that may have limited use at times. My current thoughts on this subject are: light, sound and radio signals all can be used to make a homing device. Of the three possibilities, radio signals use less power and travel a longer distance and thus in general are more practical. I currently believe any radio transmitter and tuned receiver could work. Perhaps the higher frequency would work better due to antenna being more sensitive to direction. Including the possible use of otherwise useless AM-FM radios. One caution: People who use this will be possibly exposing their position to uninvited guests.

Offered by Mike.