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Possible EMP

Somehow I don't expect the passing of the 12th's magnetic field's impact on the earth's core and the core's abrupt movement will have much if any impact as it will be relatively slow; but EMP is another matter. EMP, should it occur, would do a number on all matter of electronics inside the computer and, I expect, magnetic media as EMP is very strong and is a short burst. Where did all the talk about EMP come from anyway? I suspect from expectations of detonation of nuclear warheads during the pole shift; however, a ground burst does not produce EMP (at least over a wide area). It is produced by high altitude bursts.

Offered by Ron.

One thing to keep in mind if the pole shift happens quickly enough or a strong electromagnetic pulse from the sun occurs (Gordon Michael Scallion), any electrical object with an inductive load, among other things, could be destroyed by the magnetic pulse creating strong electrical current. Depending upon how well computers survive, it would not take much to at least wipe out your hard drive, diskettes, and any backups you might have.

Offered by Steve.