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Ammo Boxes

I recommend the use of only iron shielding such as is found in surplus used ammunition sealed containers. Iron or steal works for low and high frequency electromagnetic fields and for static magnetic fields. EMP from lightning would also be shielded. Conductors like copper, aluminum, Brass, etc. do not magnetically shield well at low electromagnetic frequencies and not at all for static magnetic fields.

Of prime importance floppies, hard disks, backup tapes, and other magnetic medium to include music, training, cassette tapes, etc. would be best kept in one of these water tight iron-steal ammunition boxes. These boxes are made in different sizes some big enough to put a PC CPU in along with other sensitive electronics. A typical small ammunition box is 7" high by 11" wide by 5.5" deep with a hinged top, weight of 6 lb. and typically sells for $2.50 to $5.00. The Northern Pro catalogue has across ammo boxes, offering 4 different types. Prices range from $ 5.00,6.00,9.00 and 22.00 for a large 25"lx6 in height. Their number is 800-533-5545.

Offered by Mike.

I already bought some of these at a property disposal (Army) the small ones were $5 each, the next size up were $10 each (about 2 feet long, 1 1/2 feet high, about a foot wide). I bought mine for 22 shells (for hunting and protection). But a darn good idea for the other stuff on technology.

Offered by Clipper.