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Mumetal Shields

The best way for delicate electronic equipment, such as computers and transmitters to survive expected heavy electromagnetic pulses from a pole shift, would be.

Mumetal is an unusual alloy that provides the only known method of shielding from electromagnetic radiation. Mumetal is the only truly mechanical shield from electromagnetic radiation, and has an usually a high Nickel content alloy. Mumetal is used in industry today for this purpose to form shielding for components, instruments, and in some instances to protect people from electromagnetic radiation Even a single sheet placed between the instrument or person to be protected and the source/direction of the radiation will greatly reduce the effect. It is especially good in 50/60hz type applications where all else fails. Mumetal can be used to eliminate radiation from the back and side of a monitor in work stations. Two bands made from Mumetal curved around the back of the cathode tube on your monitor will knock out almost all electromagnetic radiation. Mumetal works, unlike the fake monitor screens that do zero with electromagnetic radiation. Try a Milligauss meter in front of those screens and you will soon discover that they do nothing despite their claims.

Of course lead shields protect from ionizing radiation sources such as Gamma and Beta types but only Mumetal can work effectively on the lower non ionizing frequencies that may present by far the greatest threat to electronic equipment in any violent electromagnetic storms. One might protect a computer by building a Faraday cage, but even better is a lead-lined Mumetal box to slip the computer into in times of high electromagnetic radiation.

Authored by Darryl.