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Other Steps

For any computer data, along with EMF shielded containers, other alternatives should be considered. Off-site as well as on-site backup facilities should be examined. I advise that onsite backups and offsite backups, as well as storing backups in a shielded safe be employed. Also making CD-ROMs of data, particularly any imaging data, is good protection, so that if the magnetic media ever gets corrupt there will be one form of a non-erasable copy of the data. CD-ROM recorder / rewriteable drives can be purchased for less than $300. Media to store 650MB is about 1.50 a piece. EMP can cause power surges which can bypass any shielding you have in place if plugged into the wall. Battery backups are vital. Hardware problems can be cut in half all components (except for printers) have battery backups. They are much cheaper to replace, if blown, than the computers they keep up.

Offered by Steve.