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Issue 38, Sunday August 26, 2007
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North American Union

Emerging from a conference with Canada's Stephen Harper and Mexico's Felipe Calderon, a Bush representative denied and even ridiculed the idea that there are plans on the table to merge these three countries.

Leading Conservatives Denounce Bush on 'North American Union'
August 21, 2007
President Bush is meeting in Quebec with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon to discuss the SPP, which the U.S. government's Web site describes as a cooperative effort among Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The SPP meetings (the fourth since 2005) have afforded little access to the media and no access to the general public except for leaders of some large corporations taking part. The secrecy has led activists on both sides of the political aisle to develop ideas about what might be happening behind closed doors. U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins called the opposition to the SPP "conspiracy theories." Wilkins said that "while conspiracy theories abound, you can take it to the bank that no one involved in these discussions is interested in, or has ever proposed, a 'North American Union,' a 'North American super highway' or a 'North American currency.'"

Let's take these three issues one by one, starting with the planned new North American currency, better known as the Amero. Per the prestigious Jefferies Group, it's already in print! (See the April 22, 2007 video clip below.) And the mysterious Amero, which Bush's man is now dismissing as a "conspiracy theory" was also featured on CNBC recently. It's very much alive!

VIDEO: CNBC Interview on the Amero April 22, 2007
VIDEO: CNBC Discussion on Amero May 20, 2007

What's the agenda behind the Amero? The Zetas explain that it's part of the Bush plan for world domination, starting with neighbors at home.

Question: What is the back story is behind the Amero, the possible new North American unified currency? There are some claims that The Jefferies Group officials have been quoted that the Amero is already in production and plans are underway to accelerate implementation before the current US presidential term expires.

ZetaTalk Answer 1/13/2007: The Bush plan for the Americas is no secret, as the many meetings between Fox in Mexico, the voter fraud in Mexico delivering Mexico to continuing control of the elite, and coordination between Canada and the US Homeland Security Department during TOPOFF exercises show. We have stated that both Mexico and Canada are resigned to the power of the US, which has a greater population, greater economic clout, and certainly a more powerful military. Bush considers they will be his territory, after the pole shift, and has laid plans. As with his intentions to attack and occupy Iran and then occupy the Saudi oil fields, regardless of setbacks, he proceeds. Thus, one only sees the tip of the iceberg, occasional mention in the press, and conflicting reports. He does not want to explain his intentions, so has ordered this be below the radar, for now.

And the North American superhighway? Is this another "conspiracy theory"? It's already under construction.

White House Riding In NAFTA Superhighway Fast Lane
August 17, 2007
The White House has been knee deep in hush-hush negotiations with Mexico and Canada to build a 12-lane superhighway stretching from Monterrey, Mexico, to Winnipeg, Canada. This highway, being dubbed the NAFTA Superhighway, will stretch from Laredo, Texas, to Duluth, Minn., before crossing into Canada. The highway will cut through America's heartland, passing through cities such as Dallas, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas City, Des Moines and Minneapolis. It will be a red carpet for the Mexican trucking industry. And for those who doubt whether this highway will ever be built, it is important to know that construction is already underway in Texas. While officials say a NAFTA Superhighway does not exist, one merely has to ask why Laredo, a city of 231,470, would need a 12-lane highway. The rush to Wal-Mart cannot be that intense. It is clear that this highway is not just an extension of some foolhardy free trade ideology; it's one of the final steps in creating a North American Union.

But, per the Zetas, even if completed before the pole shift, this highway would never support traffic.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/4/2007: The North American Union superhighway through the middle of the US will never be constructed, and its construction is irrelevant in any case as it will run in the main through areas to be flooded during the pole shift and the big melt afterward. Will these trucks drive under water? Is the North American Union another failed Bush plan, on the trash pile along with pouring Social Security funds into Wall Street, invading Iran so as to liberate their oil, and providing US corporations with cheap labor by revising the immigration laws?

If these plans for the NAFTA superhighway and the Amero exist, then why is Bush's man so busy denying them? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Overview 8/25/2007: The Amero is ready to hit the printing presses, the NAFTA superhighway is on schedule, and Bush's plans to become a dictator controlling the entire N American continent have not abated. Would not such a matter as the national currency require approval of Congress, and a similar approval in Canada and Mexico? The plan, when laid years ago by those who maneuvered Bush into the White House in 2000, was to have Bush declare martial law and strong arm the Canadians and Mexicans into cooperation.

Bush's fortunes have not faired well, his other plans either failing to get the backing of the American people and Congress or, if implemented, running amuck of Congressional investigations. His invasion of Iraq for oil is almost a certain loss, something even Bush has to admit privately. His plans to move Social Security funds into Wall Street, something he personally campaigned for, never gained approval even with the Republican Congress. The immigration reforms, which would have provided Bush a cheap and cooperative work force after the pole shift, fell victim to squabbling among Congressional members. Repeated attempts to force an invasion of Iran have failed, blocked by a reluctant US military. Even the infamous Karl Rove has left Bush's side, as the rats are leaving the sinking ship. Given the failures and setbacks, what is Bush's attitude about his planned North American Union? Full steam ahead. He has been insistent, in private meetings, that the plans remain the same. What has changed is his public ownership of these plans.

One might consider the Bush plans for world domination like a pyramid, where success in one area is required for success in another. Building blocks.

  • The invasion of Iraq was a block that needed to be in place for invasion or control of Iran. Now that his Iraq plans are failing, withdrawal almost certain to be forced on him and the US military in high revolt against his demands, Iran cannot be placed on the pile. Had the plans for Iran worked out, Saudi Arabia would be the next oil field to be "liberated" from terrorists. The excuse to be given would be that most of the 911 perpetrators were Saudi, a fact conveniently overlooked until the time to invade and occupy Saudi lands arose. Now that section of Bush's pyramid is no longer building, is stagnant, and in fact is crumbling. This part of the pyramid crumbled because of the passage of time since the invasion of Iraq in March-April 2003. For this, we take credit.
  • The financial segment is another disaster. The housing boom was manufactured to allow the economy under Bush to appear to be flourishing. The public was encouraged to borrow money on the equity of their homes, the better to give them funds to spend to bolster the economy. Buyers who did not qualify for home ownership got home loans, low interest at first and ballooning years later. This caused fever in the construction industry, and was not expected to come home to roost on Bush's head as he anticipated the pole shift prior to this time. The economy, and financial stability of the US even with its massive debt, was a block in Bush's pyramid which was expected to give him popular support and help Republicans get re-elected. This part of Bush's pyramid has likewise crumbled because of the passage of time, due to Bush assuming that the pole shift would occur
    "shortly after May 15, 2003". For this, we also take credit.
  • Another part of the pyramid was converting the United States into a police state, a dictatorship. 911 enabled the Patriot Act to become law, but Bush did not wait for Congress to authorize his invasions of civil liberties. Wiretapping and torture memos followed, and if the public was not yet deemed ready to learn of these steps, Bush and Company kept it all secret. Given the stranglehold the Bush White House had on the Republican Congress and the packed Supreme Court, and given all the Executive Orders Bush has written allowing him to declare himself president for life, this part of the pyramid was not expected to run into problems. What has caused this part of his pyramid to crumble has been primarily arrogance. For this we cannot take credit.
  • Frank manipulation of vote counts using Diebold and other rigged computers, exposing a covert CIA agent in order to attack a critic of the White House and other crimes the public is only vaguely aware of have caused a contingent within the federal government to consider arresting Bush and Cheney and others involved in his illegal plans. This contingent has also been blocking Bush's efforts to declare martial law. This contingent has been blocking Bush's plans to incite false terror attacks - dirty bombs going off in American cities, or bioterrorism such as a bird flu pandemic assisted by the deliberate release of the 1957 bird flu virus. The Council of Worlds took exception to the usual rule of non-interference in the free will of man by allowing benign aliens to prevent such false terror attacks within the US. Despite hundreds of attempts, Bush and Company have not succeeded.
  • The North American Union (NAU) was another block in the pyramid, to allow Bush full sway over the continent and a base from which to invade S America and the oil fields of Venezuela. Due to the other blocks in the pyramid crumbling, this not only must be put on hold, but denied. Such an embarrassment! The Amero printed and ready to go, but never introduced to Congress. The NAFTA highway being built while not yet introduced to the American public or funded. As with all other parts of the Bush pyramid, the NAU has not been buried, in Bush's mind, but is only meeting temporary delays.

Imagine this pyramid actually being built, and not meeting the opposition or crumbling that has occurred. While fresh in Iraq, the military not yet exhausted and flush with the glory of "shock and awe", renewed terror attacks in the US gain Bush public support to invade Iran and thence the oil fields of Saudi Arabia. With control of the oil fields, demanding subservience from Europe and Asia is expected to meet with cooperation. The American economy appears to be booming due to the housing bubble, and flush with success Bush pushes through the Social Security scam whereby Wall Street can get drunk on the Social Security funds. Riding the wave, Bush declares martial law on yet another terror incident, giving him the right to form the North American Union with neighboring countries too intimidated to resist.

In that Congress would have to approve of such plans, especially the Amero, this shows that Bush expected martial law to be in place by that time. In that martial law would require some extraordinary situation within the US, such as an attack on the homeland, this shows that such an attack, in reality faked terrorism, was part of the plan. In that no WMD were ever found in Iraq, and Bush is refusing to exit even when being requested to do so by the elected government of Iraq, this shows that oil was the reason for the invasion of Iraq. You now see Bush standing in the rubble of his crumbled pyramid of plans, holding the Amero and the NAFTA superhighway plans, saying, "Plans? What plans?" He has no explanation for any of it, and is caught red-handed.

Inflation Nation

We are told that inflation is under control, but not so for the basic items such as food and gas.

Prices for Key Foods are Rising Sharply
August 14, 2007
The Labor Department's most recent inflation data showed that U.S. food prices rose by 4.2 percent for the 12 months ending in July, but a deeper look at the numbers reveals that the price of milk, eggs and other essentials in the American diet are actually rising by double digits. Already stung by a two-year rise in gasoline prices, American consumers now face sharply higher prices for foods they can't do without.

The official explanation is that corn is being diverted to ethanol production, but how does this affect apples and oranges? The Zetas have a different explanation.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/18/2007: The rising food prices are blamed on the cost of corn, due to switching corn from a food source to ethanol fuel production. Of course the rise is due to crop shortages and setbacks to farmers all across the world, primarily due to the weather and indirectly due to increasing disease from migrating germs or carriers, which likewise is due to the weather. We predicted these crop shortages early on in the ZetaTalk saga, and now they have arrived.

People are not shopping as much because of several reasons. First, many have lost their jobs or have seen family or friends put in that position, so are becoming fearful. Second, the cost of living has skyrocketed, food and gas costing more, so discretionary cash is more limited. Third, in the past they were given easy credit with low interest on credit cards and the like, but now interest rates have gone up and minimum payments have gone up, and the common man has heard that in a bankruptcy case their credit card debt cannot be erased. Indeed, what is called the credit crunch is only starting, as worthless mortage packages sold to mutual funds or overseas are recognized for what they are - junk. More bankruptcies are in the offing as balloon mortgages prove impossible to sustain, and easy refinancing not the option once promised. But as has been done with the infusion of liquidity to avoid a panic, the very wealthy will continue to pump money into the system to avoid a complete collapse. For the common man, this is little comfort, as they are not the ones being sustained.

Withdrawal Brakes

Although a massive amount of liquidity was pumped into banks over the past couple of weeks to relieve the credit crunch as investors worldwide pulled back from sub-prime mortgages, they refused to invest more good money after bad. The banking industry has been pronounced sound. But the banks appear nervous, and are perhaps using tricks to delay withdrawals at times.

Wells Fargo Complaint, August 21, 2007
I have a number of accounts at Wells that haven't posted any credits or debits since Sunday. Called and can't get a representative on the phone. If this shit keeps up I'm going down tomorrow and pull out every penny I have.
Service Problems Disable Wells Fargo ATMs
August 20, 2007
Service problems disabled ATMs and online accounts at Wells Fargo & Co. for at least 24 hours starting Sunday afternoon, leaving some customers of the nation's fifth largest bank unable to get cash or use debit cards to pay for goods. San Francisco-based Wells Fargo would not say how many customers or machines were affected but acknowledged that services were down throughout the company - from personal banking Web sites and ATMs to the processing of mortgage and student loans.
Capitol One Complaint, August 21, 2007
One of my enterprises needs regular restocking of inventory. I handle this expense with a Capital One credit card when I phone in the order. This is essentially all that I ever use this card for. Yesterday I placed just such an order. The fraud prevention folks at CapOne were in a dither over the charge. Now this is not unusual, since they do this every time, although this periodic charge, to the same party, has to be on their records. What was different this time is that they declined the charge to the seller.
Capital One Cuts 1,900 Jobs, Slashes Profit Forecast
August 21, 2007
Capital One Financial Corp on Monday said it will eliminate 1,900 jobs and shut down a wholesale mortgage unit it acquired less than a year ago, as it struggles with the U.S. housing downturn. McLean, Virginia-based Capital One, best known as a credit card issuer, is the latest lender to get hit by the U.S. mortgage crisis, where rising defaults by borrowers have made investors less willing to buy repackaged home loans.

Question: There are frightening reports that the global financial system is on the brink of collapse. Is it possible that the Puppet Master could lose control?

ZetaTalk Response 8/18/2007: Those aware of how the banking systems work are aware that what causes stress are three things. One, a run on the banks where cash is taken out in the extreme. Two, bankruptcies where those owing the bank money cannot pay. Three, when credit extended to the bank is demanded, in repayment, beyond what the bank can sustain from its reserves. When a central bank loans out funds to a bank, the bank is allowed to loan that money out several times over to the public. Now the bank is happily making interest on loans it has made. These loans are not a stress on the bank, as the transactions are not in cash, certainly not in gold or silver, as it is all just paper transactions with the bank backing the loan amount. In addition to any central bank credit extended to the bank, savings come in from the general public, and this likewise can be loaned out many times over.

Where central banks do not generally demand repayment of the credit they have extended, this can occur to punish an errant bank or when the central bank itself has limited reserves, for instance if it is founded in a small country. But a run by the public into savings can distress a bank, which then must borrow from other banks or go begging to a central bank and, if unable to secure cash, must close its doors. Banks likewise have expenses, salaries and operating expenses, so if those customers they have given loans to are unable to pay, the banks become distressed. This too can cause a bank to collapse. If the Puppet Master so chose, he could keep all the banks operating forever despite massive bankruptcies and cashing out of savings accounts. The question then is raised as to how far the Puppet Master will go in this regard. If he sees the inevitable on the horizon, and feels that the notes he holds will put him in good stead in the Aftertime, something he can demand repayment for in some manner or other, he may let weak banks take a dive. As this is in the hands of man, we cannot predict an exact outcome!

The Zetas have predicted that as the times tighten and the public attempts to sell stock and withdraw savings in order to have cash to buy groceries and pay their bills, that banking hours will be restricted, withdrawals restricted, and the stock markets very closely controlled. Stocks will retain their value, but will not sell. Assets in banks will only be able to be withdrawn slowly, under very controlled conditions. Signs that this is beginning to happen are already evident.

Mayan Crop Circle

A crop circle widely interpreted to be the Mayan symbol for the number 6 appeared in Stanton, St. Bernard, on August 12, 2007.

The Zetas had quite a different explanation, however.

ZetaTalk Response 8/18/2007: This crop circle has been interpreted as implying the Mayan symbol for 6, and the swirls in the inner circle the 13 months of 20 days each in the 260 day Mayan ceremonial calendar. The pattern implies neither of these, but those clinging closely to the notion that the End Times will come on Dec 21, 2012 will see these patterns as confirmation that 2012 is the date. Why would aliens from around the Universe communicate with mankind in a dead language, dead symbolism, especially when mankind has calculated the wrong date when trying to line up the Mayan and Gregorian calendars? We have explained the mistakes made by those who assume 2012 to be the end date, what missteps they took, and how this was essentially a guess, albeit an educated guess.

We have stated that 2012 is not the date,that the pole shift will occur before that year. That said, what is the meaning of this crop circle? Due to the number of elaborate hoaxes this year, 2007, the alien designers decided to be ultra simplistic, while at the same time building in an intricacy that could not easily be hoaxed. The 12 swirls around a central swirls in the inner circle, against a backdrop of smoothly laid crop and while swirling in different directions, would be impossible for the machines man is using to effect hoaxes these days to do. Thus, this is a genuine circle. The swirls in the inner circle are going in different directions, the central swirl counterclockwise, the direction of the solar system from the rotation of the Sun and Earth to the direction of the orbits in the planets in the solar system. Planet X is of course retrograde, assuming a retrograde or clockwise orbit past the Sun as well as a retrograde rotation. Thus, it clashes with the Earth during the passage, and this clash is a factor in the Earth stopping its rotation for almost a week prior to the hour of the pole shift. The 12 outer swirls in the inner circle are swirling in a clockwise direction, the retrograde direction of Planet X. Where the overall influence of Planet X is less than the influence of the Sun, it nonetheless overwhelms the Earth due to its pervasive presence, represented by the surrounding nature of the swirls.

The Earth is trapped in the cup, the eddy flows of particles coming round the backside of Planet X from the Sun, and roiling in front of Planet X on their way out toward the outer reaches of the solar system. We have mentioned that the Earth at first leans to the right, in temporary alignment with Planet X during the strongest magnetic trimester (May-August), but will return to the Earth wobble and lurch when this trimester expires and then begin a lean to the left. At the extreme, going into the 3 days of darkness, the Earth will be attempting to get as far to the left as possible from Planet X, causing Planet X to appear dramatically to the right of the Sun in line of sight. This is the symbolism of the bar, a back and forth effort to escape or placate Planet X, all the while trapped within the larger circle which indicates the cup of eddy flow that Earth is caught within.

Video Clip on 911 Insiders

The Zeta Report 10, Aug 26, 2007 - Was 911 an inside job? Physical evidence points to that, but who are the players? A surprising culprit!

Click on the image to play.

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