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Issue 749, Sunday February 7, 2021
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The Interim

Now that Washington DC is under Martial Law, with an illegitimate President Biden purported to be in control, what next? At what point are things set right, and when does the public learn the truth? Biden is shown signing blank Executive Orders. The National Guard is still occupying DC. Per the Zetas, the federal agencies are not complying with any Executive Orders from Biden, and we hear that the Pentagon is refusing to transition. This cannot go on indefinitely, but might last until March 4, the original date for Inauguration specified in the Constitution.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2021: As is rumored by insiders but not yet public knowledge, the inauguration of the Biden White Hat Double was not a valid inauguration of a President. It was a farce, an act, and since many of the players are Doubles, it was an act appropriately performed by actors. DC was under Martial Law on January 20th, and thus Congress and SCOTUS were not in force. This fact is available for those with eyes to see in the many discrepancies in the process - for instance Biden signing blank Executive Orders. The US Military and heads of the various US agencies know this, and will not comply with any orders given by the Biden crowd.

Why is this farce being broadcast to the public, and how long will this last? As we stated when the Biden candidate became a White Hat Biden under the control of the Junta last Summer, this is a sting operation which has been running strong right through the selection of Biden during the Electoral College farce and certification by Congress and now through the Inauguration. The sting op could have been ended at any time, but the harvest of traitors was so rich the Junta has continued it. This is still the situation, so the Junta is reluctant to end it.

But the bounds of this Military operation must end at some point, and it will likely be March 4 when President Trump is expected to be sworn in as the legitimately elected President. March 4 is the date specified for inauguration in the Constitution. Thus as General Walker, the Commanding General of the DC National Guard stated, the US Military is now in control. Some version of the truth about the election fraud must be given to the public for the Presidency to return to the rightful election winner, but just what steps the junta will take is unknown and, as we repeatedly say, in the hands of man.  

Meanwhile there is intense chatter on the message boards and alternative media about a change over from the US as a Corporation, sold in essence to various parties when the District of Columbia and the Federal Reserve were established in 1871, 1913, and 1933. What is clear is that the National Debt is primarily funds owed to private bankers when they were allowed to print US dollars and then charge interest when they loaned it back to the US. There are also Executive Orders written by President Trump that allow seizure of assets when foreign powers interfere with a US election. Is this the reason for all those troops in DC?

Trump Ode to the Corporation
January 20, 2021
Washington DC was established as a city-state in 1871 with the passage of the Act of 1871. When they did the broker deal to get the loan from the Vatican, they did so via the Bank of London. At that time, they transferred all the property in D.C. Columbia over to the Corporate entity of D.C. a foreign corporation. When President Trump signed an executive order in 2018 on Election Interference/Fraud for entities both foreign and domestic, it outlined how assets would be seized.
District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871
The passage of the Residence Act in 1790 created a new federal district that would become the capital of the United States. Congress passed the Organic Act of 1871 to create a unified territorial government for the entire District of Columbia.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2021: The District of Columbia was established in 1790 to free the federal activities from undue influence from a state. Laws could only affect DC, which set their own laws. By law, only Congress oversees the laws that apply to DC. Due to the election theft, it is assumed that Congress could make DC into an independent country, a city-state, a Freeport, where no one could be arrested and corruption could proceed. Thus the arrests of traitors by the National Guard and the military occupation which are stopping that.

The theory that the Vatican or the Queen secretly own the US is baseless because any paperwork held in secret does not affect current events. The Declaration of Independence voided any claims the Queen might have had to the colonies. Likewise with any promissory note the Vatican might hold, which would have to have a basis to be honored. A President cannot sell the US or any part of it without the backing of Congress, which is public record. At best there might be a note in the Treasury that money is owed to this or that party.

But by seizing and occupying DC by the National Guard, President Trump’s EO on foreign interference with elections takes effect. Any foreign entity claiming a stake in the US, or claims of debt slavery of the citizens by a national debt scheme, would thus be null and void. It is assuming control of the Federal Reserve that is key, the foreign entities that have their fingers in the Fed and profit from its operation. The Fed was established by an act of Congress in 1913 and thus is in force until Martial Law supplants it, which has occurred. Coming out of this period of Martial Law, the Fed will be a different entity.

The City Of London’s Re-Colonization of America
October 30, 2016
The City of London (COL) is where the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) private Fiat Banking with pernicious usury system is centered. This COL/RKM Bankster system was able to hijack the American monetary creation and distribution in 1913. The purpose of this was to begin the process of recolonizing America. The COL/RKM private Banksters specialize in creating debt-slaves all over the world by making money from nothing that is backed by nothing, and by charging the public pernicious compounding interest in order to use what should have been theirs in the first place.
Who owns the Federal Reserve?
The Board reports to and is directly accountable to the Congress but, unlike many other public agencies, it is not funded by congressional appropriations. The Chair and other staff testify before Congress, and the Board submits an extensive report—the Monetary Policy Report—on recent economic developments and its plans for monetary policy twice a year. Though the Congress sets the goals for monetary policy, decisions of the Board—and the Fed's monetary policy-setting body, the Federal Open Market Committee—about how to reach those goals do not require approval by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branches of government.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2021: The Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913 under President Wilson was viewed as a way to allow professionals to control the printing of money, to avoid runaway inflation. The world was on the verge of WW I and Germany was on the verge of bankruptcy from inflationary practices. The Great Depression then created an erratic Stock Market so the 1933 Act under President Roosevelt gave more power to the Federal Reserve. Roosevelt was a Jew and had great respect for Jewish bankers. Once given the power to print US dollars and lend them out to US banks or the US government, the bankers in charge of the Federal Reserve found a way to enslave the US in debt slavery.  Loan the USA its own dollars and demand payback with interest.

The banking industry is hugely profitable. At every step of the way they make money. First, by controlling the Federal Reserve, they get to create money by running the virtual printing presses. This is a pen stroke, or a toggle switch, for the bankers. Then the Federal Reserve loans this money out to banks, and these loans must be repaid with interest. These banks are allowed to create loans to consumers at 5X the original loan from the Federal Reserve, once again money from thin air. All these loans are then repaid with interest by consumers. The Federal Reserve is allowed to print money from thin air, the banks expand this, and get it returned with interest.

Why was it necessary to have 65,000 National Guard troops in DC on January 20, Inauguration Day? This was an invasion of DC by troops loyal to President Trump, reporting to President Trump directly. Consider the nexus between the foreign control of the 2020 election process, and the foreign ownership of the National Debt, and President Trump’s EOs wherein he allows seizure of assets if foreign interference with the election process is discovered. This means DC, and specifically the Treasury, has changed hands.

President Trump and the true Republic of the US now owns the Treasury, which resides in DC, so there is no more National Debt owed to foreign entities. This is a huge loss of assets for the Cabal.  This is not the NESARA claim. The funds given to banks to manage will be federal funds, not Federal Reserve funds, and thus the interest rate can be dropped to banks, and their interest rate also reduced to actual expenses. No more rich bankers. Since these are federal funds, any education loans can be interest free. The Khazarians will be stripped of their income.

ZetaTalk Twitter Ban

The @ZetaTalk twitter account joined the many who spoke the truth about the 2020 election fraud and fake Biden inauguration. @ZetaTalk was banned for mentioning the new ZetaTalk on the Biden Double being inaugurated. The @ZetaTalk twitter account has been active since 2009, a full decade, while being run by one of the Mirror Site sponsors. Because ZetaTalk has many legs beyond the Twitter or FaceBook accounts that can be banned or suspended, this will not impact the ZetaTalk message. The ZetaTalk Followers FaceBook is braced for a suspension, so has established a new Telegram account.

They just suspended our @ZetaTalk Twitter account after my latest tweets with the Zetas explanation on the inauguration. The Double Trouble Biden video they likely wanted to censor as well. I wonder what their explanation will be for suspension.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2021: It is not surprising that the @ZetaTalk twitter account was suspended, in company with President Trump and his staunch supporters. Those who speak the truth are banned, in these intense End Times battles. These bans only serve to convince the public that the ZetaTalk message is true. The ZetaTalk message itself does not depend on twitter or FaceBook, or even the Cabal owned media stations such as CNN and NBC and CBS. Our advice early on in the ZetaTalk saga was to avoid Twitter and FaceBook, advice Nancy wisely has followed. Thus ZetaTalk has 16 Mirror Sites worldwide and is featured on the Pole Shift ning.

Alien Presence

As the Zetas have stated from the start of the ZetaTalk saga – there are rules governing interaction between aliens and humans. The Earth is a self-study schoolhouse, where young or emerging souls are able to learn from their mistakes and experiences. Empathy is sparked and learned not by a perfect pain free life but by tragedy. The majority of young souls – 95% on average – move to the Service-to-Other orientation by this route. Meanwhile, limited and closely controlled contact between humans and aliens is allowed. Will this change after the Pole Shift? What will the Aftertime be like?

ZetaTalk Overview 1/31/2021: We have addressed the Aftertime, the time after the Pole Shift, when survivors will literally find their world upside down. The establishment will not be in charge, but rather natural leaders, primarily women and children, taking the helm. Women doing their familiar household chores, and children who have not yet been indoctrinated into expected societal roles. There will be a separation into groups  according to spiritual orientation, with those in the Service-to-Others sharing and caring for one another, while those in the Service-to-Self form into gangs and take up criminal activity.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/19/2002: The Aftertime will find most of mankind in a dearth of government directives. Even small towns, governed by mayors well known on the city streets to all, and traveling bands governed by chieftains, will feel the lack. Insanity, depression, loss of life and confusion will remove the firm hand so familiar from governing. Families will look to their elders, the family man, the religious leader, and find them all staring, shaking their heads, and unable to speak. In these situations, leadership arises from the needy, natural leaders emerging. Often they are children, to whom most of life is startling and strange, the unfamiliar presented almost daily. To the child, this is more an adventure, an opportunity to act without constant parental admonitions. They will make suggestions, and be allowed to proceed, and often lead their dazed and depressed parents and elders about like rag dolls. Beyond the children, who will be inventive and energetic in the main, women will assume command by doing daily chores.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: There will be an increasing separation of Service-to-Other from Service-to-Self. Those groups oriented to Service-to-Other will not require the same controls that are required today. Rather than the problem of citizens stealing from each other, held in check only by the enforcement of law, these new communities will share. Consideration will be the rule, rather than the rule of law. For those groups oriented increasingly to Service-to-Self, no laws or corps of police would hold the self-serving actions in check. There, the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of the strong.

The End Times are often described as Judgement Day, or a time when the worthy will be taken up to safety via the Rapture. Per the Zetas, this is a misinterpreted message. Yes, there will be much die-off during the Pole Shift, an estimated 90% of humanity, and yes the Earth is in a Transformation so that those who are hardened Service-to-Self are taken to prison planets and those who are undecided souls are taken to reincarnate as octopi on water planets and only those who are highly Service-to-Other will be allowed to remain on Earth. The Zetas call the Rapture the Lift, a temporary reprieve.

ZetaTalk Overview 1/31/2021: There are expectations by many that aliens - benign space brothers - will swoop down and rescue them from the coming devastation. This is termed the Rapture by Christians, who imagine they would qualify because they read the Bible often, when this is not what Jesus meant at all. Humans earn their right to assistance by helping others, being staunchly Service-to-Others, and the assistance they receive during the hour of the Pole Shift is a temporary Lift to safety so that they can continue their efforts to help others.

Those who are solidly Service-to-Other in their orientation have been increasingly rescued during disasters such as the Haiti earthquake, and taken to live with ourselves and the hybrids and other aliens. They are assumed dead, so this is not a breach of the Element of Doubt rule. After the Pole Shift, these biodome cities will be suddenly transported from 4D to 3D and the residents will reach out to help human survivors. We anticipate that the biodome concept recently patented by Nancy’s son will get media attention so these self-sufficient cities will be a familiar concept and not induce fear in the survivors. 

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/15/1996: What has been interpreted by Christian fundamentalists as the rapture and by some New Agers as salvation at the hands of their space brothers is what we have described as the lift, a temporary removal of those humans staunchly in the Service-to-Others orientation from the effects of the cataclysms. Hearing in this prophecy or that of this offer to be made to those in the Service-to-Others, the message quickly got skewed to include the listener. If the message was heard by a Christian fundamentalist while reading the Bible, then those to be saved during Armageddon were Christians. If the message was heard by humanitarian New Agers reading and interpreting ancient prophecies, then clearly this rescue at the dawn of a new age was the rescue of all of mankind by the wisdom and intervention of friendly aliens. At no time was the listener left behind.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/2/2011: We confirmed that highly Service-to-Other humans were rescued during the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, where so many dead needed to be buried that mass graves were the only option. Under ordinary circumstances, where these humans were facing certain death, they would be merely moved to their next incarnation. We can certainly confirm that the same situation existed during the great quake that struck northern Japan recently. Those missing are presumed washed out to sea. No recovery is possible. Those taken in human form and given the choice of remaining in human form are those who would otherwise be dead. Those in the Service-to-Other long to help others, and there will be immense opportunities in the coming times, not only during the hour of the pole shift but afterwards, when injury and starvation and despair will be rampant. There are humans, incarnated by highly Service-to-Other souls, who have chosen to locate in areas that will be devastated, where despair will be the greatest. Rather than seeking to save themselves, to ease their personal situation, these souls are seeking to be of the greatest service to others. It is these we rescue, to aid them in their quest.

Then there is the anticipated interaction between aliens and humans during the Aftertime. As the Zetas say, this will be welcomed as after the world of humans has literally turned upside down, how distressing can weird looking creatures be, in the scheme of things. They will come bearing gifts and offers of help to those survivor camps that are clearly operating in the Service-to-Others orientation. Gangs of thugs operating in the Service-to-Self will not get such help.

ZetaTalk Overview 1/31/2021: We have mentioned other assistance that survivors in Service-to-Others camps might anticipate. Of course, vicious and looting gangs out to serve themselves will not qualify for such assistance. We plan to provide what we termed a perpetual power pack.  But assisting with guided migration, food production, medical emergencies, and the security of the camp can likewise be anticipated. In that the majority of humans on Earth have already become contactees, firmly in memory in their subconscious, this will not be a shock but rather welcomed. The Earth will rapidly become a home where those in the Service-to-Others become galactic citizens, a very exciting time.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: In some areas life forms not of the Earth will intermingle with the Earth's inhabitants, but these will be areas remote or involving few people. Word of these places will spread, just as word of the far continents of the world spread during the past millennium. Introductions will be made during times of tribulation. The heart is most open when all seems lost. The mind is open to change when the world known before has been turned upside down. It is then that progress toward an open lifestyle will be most rapid.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/15/1996: During the Aftertime, those groups operating firmly in the Service-to-Others orientation will find that in addition to encountering aliens walking openly among them and discovering hybrid communities as their neighbors, that they will also be handed portable perpetual power packs. In view of the circumstances, they will scarcely take note.

ZetaTalk Reassurance 1/12/2004: We have often stated that those heavily into the Service-to-Other orientation will be assisted, most often sight unseen, by guides in the Aftertime. This will include assistance in reuniting separated loved ones, if only via visits as contactees on space ships, for reassurance or closure, but often also as guided migration, to help the heart find what it seeks.