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Issue 751, Sunday February 21, 2021
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The Buddha’s Warning

There is a fascinating prophecy by a Tibetan Master - Jamyang Khyenstse Chokyi Lodro – that seems to give a timeline for the Pole Shift. Chokyi Lodro was considered a living Buddha when in incarnation. This text was provided many decades ago, as Chokyi Lodro died in 1959, but the possible alignment with the Chinese calendar are the years 1966, 2026, and 2086. It is considered valid information from the Buddha, as a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner explains.

While the Prophecy was indeed first "transmitted" to Jamyang Khyenstse Chokyi Lodro as a mind Terma who then committed in writing, it was as stated a threeway dialogue between The Buddha Shakyamuni (the historical Buddha of our time)  Avalokitesvara one of the greatest realised bodhisattvas (Chenrezig in Tibetan) and Ananda ( one The Buddha's three main senior disciples). The Dali Lama is considered in Tibetan Buddhism as an emanation of Chenrezig/Avalokitesvara.

Tibetan Prophecy: One Decade Left
July 31, 2015
Out of deep space, in the Fire-Male-Horse year (2026), a large meteor will strike down on the shores of a large body of water. … In the Earth-Male-Monkey year (2028) an epidemic will occur and its impact will be very profound.  … In the autumn of the Fire-Female-Horse year (2026), and in the year of the Earth-Male-Monkey (2028), all of those evil persons who have no confidence in this teaching will die. But, if one writes of it and propagates it, then one will live for a long time, without sickness, and merit will become very great.
All the harmful forces of this evil time will quickly gather in the cities.  … Those persons who do not have any confidence in this teaching will experience a great earthquake in the year of the Fire-Horse (2026). When the evil times come in the Fire-Female-Sheep year (2027), there will be death due to overcrowding. Some will die on the road; some from heart (disease). In the year of the Earth-Male-Monkey (2028), there will be terrible floods. In the summer, death will come from famine-induced epidemics. At that time, demons will be all over the place. …
In the Earth-Female-Bird year (2029), there will be no harm. Nonetheless, it will be very important to guard one's discipline and not eat red meat. In the Iron-Male-Dog year (2030), all cities and surrounding areas will be filled with carnivorous animals such as tigers, bears, wild dogs, wolves, and the like.  … calculating from when the evil period of time increases, all the forest (ecosystems) will collapse. All the rocky mountains will crumble at their bases. One will not be able to bear the leveling (process) of the earth's (mountains). For every ten persons, only one will be left. …
The Light That Makes Things Clear
November 6, 2016
The singular work entitled The Light That Makes Things Clear: A Prophecy of Things to Come, was revealed by the late 'Jam-byangs mKhyen-brtse Chos-kyi bLo-gros (1896-1959), widely known and celebrated as the "Master of Masters." It was first translated into English in 1988, by Karma gSungrab rGya-mtsho, with the admonition that it be freely reproduced.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/28/2021: We, the Zetas, are asked almost daily when the hour of the Pole Shift will arrive, and always respond with the same admonition – the date is not to be known. This was an admonition Jesus gave too, that none shall know the date of his return. What then is to be made of a Buddhist Master’s text, stating in no uncertain terms the likely date of the Pole Shift as 2026? This was correct when written, almost a century ago, but the celestial clock has many forces to consider and the passage can speed up or slow down, depending upon many factors.

What should be noted is the sequence of events and the inevitability of the global catastrophe about to grip the Earth during Nibiru’s passage. Muhammed outlined a sequence of events in his 40 Days prophecy, and we the Zetas stress that we are allowed to give a sequence of events, but not the date. Nevertheless, this Tibetan Master’s prophecy was correct when given, though circumstances have had their effect since the prophecy was given. We have stated that the sea level will rise by 675 feet “within two years” after the Pole Shift and this prophecy states the same, that “terrible floods” will occur by2028.

Migration after the predicted Pole Shift date of 2026 could be expected, with resulting “overcrowding” and epidemics. That only 1 in 10 would survive equates to our estimate of a 90% death rate as a result of the Pole Shift. “The Light that Makes Things Clear” stresses that having foreknowledge on what will occur allows one to lead one’s life with compassion for the plight of others, taking action to help others, and to not be led astray by fear. We have often stated that fear leads one to the Service-to-Self orientation, as in an effort to escape from a burning building one pushes aside others that block the door.

To explain that the cities will be deserted and return to the wild, to “carnivorous animals” seeking easy prey, or that the ambassadors to the Service-to-Self, described as “demons” will try to induce fear in the survivors in order to harvest their souls is not a disservice. It allows those who take heed of the Tibetan Master’s words to avoid these traps and live into the Aftertime, which will indeed be a time of plenty and open interaction with ambassadors in the Service-to-Others who are in abundance around Earth at this time, to assist with the Earth’s Transformation.

Migration (crowding) after the Pole Shift can also be expected due to the sea level rise. ZetaTalk has warned that wild dog packs would be a danger and stated that all the forests will burn up and will regrow from seed. India will certainly sink, the plate movements and the Eurasian Plate stretch destabilizing mountains inland (mountains crumble).

Tibetan Prophecy: One Decade Left
July 31, 2015
In the year of the Earth-Male-Monkey (2028), there will be terrible floods. In the summer, death will come from famine-induced epidemics. At that time, demons will be all over the place.  … Iron-Male-Dog year (2030), all cities and surrounding areas will be filled with carnivorous animals such as tigers, bears, wild dogs, wolves, and the like. … For every ten persons, only one will be left. …

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/5/2002: In computing the rise in the seas to 675 feet, more than the melting of Antarctic and Greenland ice is presumed, as this rise has been computed by man to be only 200 feet. All land surface will be heated due to the swirling of the core, the heat to the extent that it can escape into the land surface doing so. Under the oceans, this equates to a higher ocean bottom, with the water needing to go someplace, and as the bottom is moving up, the sea level can only go up also.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/7/2003: Travel restrictions will likely be imposed by governments in response to migrations, but not until this occurs. Thus, this will vary by country, within country, and in truth is in place long before pole shift issues such as weather changes and increasing starvation occur. This is one reason to be in your chosen safe location early, and if not possible, to have valid excuses to be there should you need the excuse.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/23/2011: The ghost cities of China are situated where the climate and elevation will be most optimal in the Aftertime. China can be expected to direct its population to migrate within China to the desert regions in the interior. Certainly, any refugees from other countries will be harshly ejected, with guarding the borders a top priority. Nor will the elite from other countries be welcomed.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/16/2012: Boat cultures, floating cities of desperate refugees with nowhere to go, will become common in SE Asia and India. India and other lands on the Indo-Australian Plate being pushed down will find their sinking lands steadily worsening.

Indeed, the Books of the Bible do not provide an End Times date. Attempts to align the passage with the placement of the constellations have failed, as David Meade discovered in 2017. The Book of Revelations is very explicit on what to expect, but no hint as to timing. The Book of Exodus, matched by the descriptions in the Kolbrin, describes what happened in the past. The Kolbrin gives us details about Noah. A statement by the Prophet Mohammed, known as “The Hour” in Book 41, Number 7015 of the Hadiths seems to give a sequence of events. But none but the Buddha have provided dates.

Mark 13:32
No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
Acts 1:7
Jesus replied, "It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by His own authority.”
Matthew 25:13
Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

Among his predictions of the End of Times what Islam in the Qur’an and The Sunna (Muhammed Talk) called «The Hour». Muhammed talked extensively about the coming of the hour and its consequences to humanity even though he admitted that neither him nor the Arch Angel Gabriel knew precisely about the exact timing of its happenings, but nevertheless he presented us with many approaching signs that will occur very close together: Prophet Muhammed more than 14 centuries ago stated that the fake Christ will rule the world for 40 days:
·       One day like a year
·       One day like a month
·       One day like a week
·       And the rest of the days like your days.
Since then Muslim scholars have been presenting hundreds of interpretations to this statement in vain.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/10/2017: That said, what would Muhammed have been referring to in his reference to 40 days? “One day like a week” is referring to the stopped rotation of Earth, which we have predicted will last 5.9 days. This seems like a single day as the Sun stands still over part of the globe. “One day like a month” preceding that would be the Last Weeks. Excluding the Severe Wobble leading into the Last Weeks and the Rotation Stoppage at the end, our prediction includes 34 days, a month that includes 3 Days of Darkness and 6 days of Sunrise West.

“One day like a year” preceding the Last Weeks is predicting the confused weather and sunrise/sunset times that result from the daily Earth wobble gone wild. We have predicted that the seasons will “blend into one another”, thus that year will seem not to have distinct seasons, but a mix. The wobble can make the Sun rise and then set again, as has been documented, so night and day may become confused as the wobble worsens. Muhammed is predicting this confused period to last at least a year. And then things go back to normal, rotation returns, and Nibiru is gone from the skies, having moved on.

Dark Twin Closer

Is the Earth’s Dark Twin looming closer? The Dark Twin appeared in 2004 after the Earth was blocked in her orbit by Nibiru, allowing the Dark Twin to come out from behind the Sun. The Dark Twin normally rides in the orbit shared with the Earth orbit directly opposite the Earth, so the Dark Twin is normally hidden behind the Sun. When it first appeared it reflected sunlight in the blue and yellow spectrums, and it still has a bluish tinge. The Dark Twin can present in a Monster Persona, which means it appears to be much larger than its true size. Per the Zetas, a Monster is formed by light rays moving outward away from an object, then captured and turned toward a gravity sink such as the Earth.

In 2018 the Dark Twin was seen from the ISS, and Kojima of the Pole Shift ning attempted to compute the distance from Earth at that time. He computed that the Dark Twin was 12 Earth diameters afar. Now in 2021 it appears closer. The Dark Twin is depicted in prophecy as the Blue Kachina and Kali in the Hindu mythology, and per the Zetas will be squeezed close to the Earth until it can escape the squeeze to move along in the orbit shared with Earth during the Last Days.

Earth in the picture: zoom-out, x1/5,15.6 cm (diameter): 78 cm
Dark Twin in the picture: zoom-in, x10, 2 cm (diameter): 0.2 cm
Thus the apparent size ratio viewed from ISS is,
Earth (390) vs Dark Twin (1).
Per the Zetas, the Dark Twin is approximately the same size as the Earth.
So the distance ratio from ISS is,
ISS-Earth (1) vs ISS-Dark Twin (390).
ISS orbital altitude (ISS-Earth): ca 400 km, thus
ISS-Dark Twin: 400 km x 390 = 156,000 km.
Diameter of Earth: 12,752 km (156/12.8 = 12.2)
The gap between Earth and Dark Twin is 156,000 km, which corresponds to approximately 12 earth.

Now on February 5, 2021 the Dark Twin has been captured on film in Dubai, alongside the Moon. The Dark Twin continues to be seen as a Monster on the FAA cams in the Arctic too. Noting the time stamp on the FAA capture from the Yukon, it was close to Midnight in the UK, so this capture was in the late afternoon in the Yukon, pointing back along the shared Earth orbit with the Sun off to the right, per the shadows. This is thus the Dark Twin.  Sun pillars have been on the increase too.

Were Mysterious Rocks really Spotted in UAE Skies?
February 6, 2021
While there is no conclusive analysis about the strange episode, Instagram and Twitter users have been discussing theories about what these curious objects are. The most popular one is called “Double Moon” and suggests that some planets can appear as big as the moon due to the stars’ alignment.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/28/2021: The Dark Earth Twin is continually being squeezed closer to the Earth because Nibiru is continually coming closer to the Earth. We have explained that both Venus and the Dark Twin are caught in the cup formed from particle flows coming from the Sun, thence around the sides of Nibiru. This cup thus captures whatever is in the eddy flow of particles. The Dark Twin will not escape, moving along the orbit it shares with the Earth, until the Last Weeks arrive. But it is clearly visible in the West and looming ever closer.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/28/2021: Sun pillars have appeared since Nibiru entered the inner Solar System in 2003 and began its passage past the Sun. Light pillars are a phenomenon long ascribed to ice crystals in the atmosphere.  They are more visible where the angle of light from a light source such as the Sun is such that the light can bounce from this light source to the viewer. The grease in the atmosphere from the tail of Nibiru also can cause such bounced light when the angle is optimal.

Why should the Sun be displaying light pillars above the Sun more frequently at this time? Light pillars above the Sun due to Nibiru’s presence first appeared in 2003 when Nibiru was behind the Sun in the Earth view. The light pillars at that time were caused by the light from Nibiru, which soon got lost in the light from the Sun. The return of these light pillars indicate that Nibiru is close enough now to be considered its own light source again. These and other phenomena to follow will soon have tongues wagging, Nibiru no longer deniable.

The Biden Movie

While we are waiting for the Junta to complete its sting operation on the treasonous 2020 election theft, we have the Biden movie. It has become almost a game, on the Internet, to see how much evidence there is that the Biden Administration is fake and is being filmed at the Castle Rock studios. Zero Hedge proffered a news item on February 5 when an intruder was arrested on the highly secure Andrews AFB. What? The AFB was only filming a movie, so what’s the big deal? 

Intruder Gained Access to Aircraft at Andrews Air Force Base in "Serious Breach"
February 5, 2021
The intruder was reported to be unarmed and has only been described thus far as an adult male. He was able to enter a C-40 aircraft which crucially is assigned to the Presidential unit that assists in military logistics and security for the executive branch. Joint Base Andrews is well-known for its massive, multiple layers of military security. The military police unit which overseas it is considered the most elite DoD-wide and traffic in and around is closely monitored.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2021: As we have consistently confirmed, the current Presidential election is a sting operation. This means effecting the façade that Biden won sufficiently to allow the guilty to fall into traps. While committing treason to assume control of the USA, those at the helm attempt to hide behind underlings, who would take the blame if the coup does not work out. These underlings did not conceive of nor order nor fund nor orchestrate the coup. The underlings might follow orders to arrange funding or schedule activity or pass along instructions but they are not the target of the sting.

The 2020 election was a massive coup attempt, which involved at a minimum participation by China’s CCP and Italy and the absolute lock on the voting apparatus in several Swing States. The lock included agreements to stick to the story line, on pain of death should the participants falter. Lower court judges and SCOTUS were also threatened, and slid any cases challenging the election outcome to the side as a result. Meanwhile, the well-controlled media attempts to convince the public that Biden won. Meanwhile, the US Junta is hunting down and executing those responsible for this coup attempt.   

The façade that Biden legally won the Presidency and is running the US government is required in order to flush out those at the helm of the coup. This includes finally turning some lights on at the White House, after it had been dark for over a week after the election. This includes allowing some videos showing the Biden Double exiting and entering official Air Force One transports after over a week of chatter on the Internet about Biden being forced to use alternative transports. While the movie – the façade – is being filmed, everyone in the know at Andrews AFB is relatively relaxed. Thus, a breach in security was allowed to occur.

Time Magazine admitted that there had been a running conspiracy against President Trump, coordination between the Leftist and corporate entities who wanted to continue the Globalist agenda. Meanwhile, the battle for truth and justice continues, with Mike Lindell releasing his extensive video detailing how the 2020 election theft was maneuvered.

TIME Magazine Admits in Great Detail How 2020 Election Was Rigged Against Trump by Secret Cabal of Wealthy and Politically Connected Elites
February 5, 2021
For weeks after the 2020 election President Trump and anyone paying attention argued the election was rigged. President Trump even warned months before the election that the only way Republicans could lose was in a rigged election. Trump was right. And today TIME Magazine even admitted in a long and detailed screed that a secret cabal of wealthy and politically connected elites joined together to rig the election against Trump.

Mike Lindell Releases Explosive Documentary on the 2020 Election – “ABSOLUTE PROOF” Film Includes Testimony and Interviews from Experts on Historic Fraud in 2020 Election
February 5, 2021
Within three hours of its release, Vimeo took it down.  It is currently up at at Rumble.