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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 30, 2018

In the UK and Europe there was an enormous fault in the VISA card network leading to many people having to rely on cash withdrawals. With the Transformation Team hard at work, was this anything more than just a random glitch? [and from another] Cardtastrophe. June 2. VISA’s meltdown left Britain raging yesterday as cashless customers fumed about missed trains, traffic chaos and getting rejected at KFC and McDonalds. The card giant apologized for a crash that sparked payment chaos across Europe yesterday with millions of Brits affected. The issue occurred just as Brits prepared to knock-off work for the weekend and just one day after pay day. And cashless customers took to social media to vent their frustration after seeing their payments rejected - with drivers unable to pay tolls on the Severn Bridge to enter Wales. But the issue wasn't limited to the UK, with Visa customers across Europe complaining of problems. £1 in every £3 spent in the UK is made on a Visa card. [and from another] Credit-card networks talk of hopes for a cash-free society, but a Visa Inc. outage in Europe Friday showed that vision wasn’t quite ready for prime time. [and from another] July 14, 2017. Visa has said it is considering offering incentives to UK businesses to go cashless, after introducing a similar scheme in the US. The payments company is selecting 50 small companies in the US to receive $10,000 if they only use cards. In June this year, Visa chief executive Al Kelly told investors that the company was "focused on putting cash out of business".

The reason for the hours long outage affecting VISA debit cards late on a Friday afternoon, when this failure affected vacation and party plans, was never explained. Was it a software glitch, or a server downtime? Credit Card companies prepare for such problems by having redundant services, so the fact that this seemed to affect all of the UK and reached parts of Europe is suspicious. A similar type of outage occurred in the US in 2013, under Obama, as a test of how a Food Stamp denial would affect the card holders. But this VISA outage had a different agenda. This was a sabotage, deliberately timed for Friday afternoon to raise the most ire among VISA card users.

We were asked recently about the push toward a cashless society and stated the intent was for the elite to be able to track migrants and citizens, the Credit Card becoming the necessary ID in a cashless society. There are those wanting to block the elite from such power over innocents, and they arranged for the outage, which stole nothing but convenience, and this only temporarily. The message was for the citizens to insist that cash remain an alternative currency. VISA had been aggressively pushing the cashless society dogma, and thus was targeted. If you want to blame anyone for this inconvenience, blame Anonymous!

  An interesting UFO display took place over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Would the Zetas care to comment if this is a message?  A bright fireball-like object appeared, then separated and turned into five separate orbs.  These orbs floated, moved around, then pealed off one by one. [and from another]

This UFO display deliberately shows what it is, as well as what it is not. The lights move independently of one another, though also come together and almost merge, thus are not lights on an airplane. A Chinese lantern display would float together in the wind. Drones could move in this manner but have a steady light and do not have swishing tails. Fireworks descend at an even pace. Thus by elimination this display is not at the hand of man. The message of course is that those vacationing at the beach should be wary, as coastal beaches will be anything but safe in the future. Clashing tides in the ocean can produce a single large wave, which can break apart as it moves into more shallow waters, then disburse. Called rogue waves or sneaker waves, such waves are known to be deadly.

There was explosive news recently about a camp discovered off I-19 south of Tucson. Restraints described as rape trees, condoms, porn, children’s toys and clothing. A deserted camp. Across the road from a suburb. Discovered by chance by Veterans on Patrol (VOP). But along I-19 which leads from Tucson to Mexico, so could logically be a holding area for children being sold to pedophiles or worse. On land owned by CMEX, a Carlos Slim company, very much a Hillary supporter and Clinton Foundation donor. [and from another] Homeless Camp or Child Trafficking Den? June 1, 2018 Veterans on Patrol said they followed a solar light, and in the middle of a heavily wooded area by the Santa Cruz River, they saw the camp. Straps tied to trees were used as restraints. News 4 Tucson toured the site with Veterans on Patrol and noticed structures in the camp were tied together using similar straps that they described as restraints. The area used where they claim the children may have been kept could also have been used as shelter to get out of the heat or place to sleep. [and from another] Vigilante Group Claims they have Uncovered a 'Child Sex Trafficking Camp' June 5, 2018 A vigilante group claim to have discovered a child sex trafficking camp with an underground bunker, a so-called 'rape tree'. The abandoned camp near Tucson, Arizona, was uncovered by Veterans On Patrol, which helps ex-servicemen who have become homeless. The bunker can only accessed by a small opening and was found stuffed with children's clothing and toys. The veterans claim this was where children were locked up and held captive. Meanwhile, Jon McLane, 35, chaplain of Bravo Base, a nearby homeless camp, found a tree with hand restraints and a swing, which he described as a 'rape tree'. 'The straps are embedded into the tree in a way that whoever was tied to that could not get off. [and from another] US Veterans Uncover Underground Bunker Possibly Used for Child Trafficking Camp in Arizona
June 3, 2018 Veterans on Patrol stumbled upon the encampment in Tucson, Arizona on Friday, but it wasn’t a typical homeless camp. In the middle of the desert, they found trees with restraints on them at the site, children’s clothing, a baby crib, a stroller, an outdoor bathroom, pornographic material, hair dye and a five feet tall underground cave that had a dresser and crates. The cave was not big enough for an adult, but a child could easily fit inside.

The explanation by the local media and police, that this was a homeless camp, is plausible on its face except for several obvious clues that do not fit that scenario. Homeless people do not leave clothing and toys and strollers behind. They have few possessions and value them. Items such as soap and flea shampoo would be taken along. The camp does not look abandoned, it looks like repeated use is expected.  A homeless encampment would be known to the locals, as they look to be fed, go begging, and at times go shopping looking haggard and unwashed. Yet the suburb just across the freeway was oblivious of this camp, and even the VOP group had not heard of it by rumor.

Located in an industrial area, in thick woods along a river bank, and with a busy super highway separating the camp from any human residences - it was highly private. It was indeed a temporary holding place for children smuggled in from Mexico and Central America. Such children, infants and toddlers, were drugged to be quiet, and as orders came in they were repackaged into vans for delivery elsewhere. The Moloch worshipers, famous and wealthy, would often require a dead body for Spirit Cooking, so the Adrenochrome to be harvested from a terrified child and the ritual rape would be done at the camp.  

In that those running this camp never expected to be discovered, much less investigated, this is an opportunity for law enforcement to catch this network in the act. For the rich and famous, participating in Moloch horrors is hard to prove. Testimony from other participants is not considered legally binding. It  thus requires evidence from the traffickers who can be caught with the goods. However, if they cooperate with law enforcement they fear being eliminated. But infiltration has occurred, thus the discovery by VOP, and more to follow. The rich and famous will stop their practices for fear of discovery.

I was wondering if the Zeta care to comment on the recent suicide deaths of celebrities like designer Kate Spade, Dutch Queen’s sister, and most recent Anthony Bourdain whose shows I really enjoyed.  All ruled suicides.  Kate Spade is linked and has worked with Clinton Foundation in Haiti, Queen’s sister linked to the Rothschild, and now with Anthony’s show linking him with CNN and his relationship to Elon Musk and his current girlfriend was molested by Harvey Weinstein.  [and from another] [and from another] Anthony Bourdain Was About to Expose an Elite Pedophile Ring Before He Died. Journalist wanted to investigate Atlanta child trafficking network. Bourdain was an open critic of Harvey Weinstein and made no secret of his desire for the disgraced former Hollywood mogul to face justice. During his criticisms of Weinstein, he openly stated that Hillary Clinton had full knowledge of the sexual abuse. Bourdain’s girlfriend, actress Asia Argento, is one of the victims who accused Weinstein of raping her. Just over a month ago, Mr. Bourdain revealed that he had been threatened by Clinton's representatives. Just this week, famous designer and Clinton Foundation member, Kate Spade reportedly killed herself. According to Spade's family, she had also been threatened for speaking out. More recently, following news of a major child trafficking bust, sources are stating that Bourdain was planning on running "an exposé" on  the sex slave network. Despite reports that 160 children were rescued and almost 150 arrested during the raids, Mr. Bourdain's network, CNN, has refused to cover the case. [and from another] [and from another] Andy Spade Dons Mouse Mask as He's Spotted for First Time Since Wife's Death  June 7, 2018 The grieving husband of fashion designer Kate Spade was spotted leaving his Manhattan apartment building while wearing a bizarre disguise. [and from another] Kate Spade Found Dead, Clinton Foundation Worked With Designer in Haiti  June 6, 2018 Spade had partnered with the Clinton Foundation on at least two major projects. The designer had helped operate a media campaign for The Clinton Foundation's No Ceiling Initiative. Kate Spade also worked with the Clinton's in Haiti, sending representatives to deal with Haitian business owners on Clinton's behalf. A Clinton foundation report from 2016 reads, "The Clinton Foundation Haiti initiative works to encourage economic growth, support small businesses, and empower girls and women in Haiti.”  [and from another] [and from another] Holland's Queen Maxima, her husband and three children lay her 33-year-old sister to rest at emotional funeral, after tragic hanging suicide. June 9, 2018. Ines Zorreguieta, 33, who reportedly had been battling depression and other mental issues, was found dead by a friend in her apartment in the Almagro district of Buenos Aires. [and from another] The younger sister of Queen Maxima of Holland has been found hanged at her home in Argentina. Inés Zorreguieta, 33, was found dead at her apartment in Buenos Aires. Inés was the youngest of government minister Jorge Zorreguieta. The news sparked controversy in Holland as her father's tenure as a minister was during the early stages of the Dirty War in Argentina - a period of state terrorism that saw up to 30,000 people killed or go missing during a seven-year military regime. [and from another] Queen Beatrix attend Premiere Life and Death of Marina Abramovic in Carre

In the prime of life, in good health, with successful careers and well loved by all who knew them, three  people apparently decided to hang themselves, all within the same week. At least two of them were found hung in the same ritual manner, by a rope tied to a door knob and lobbed over the top of the door. What was the common connection? Kate Spade worked with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, where many orphaned children went missing. Anthony Bourdain was married to a woman who had accused Weinstein of rape, and of course Weinstein was close friends with Hillary Clinton.

They were murdered to silence them, as the investigations into ritual child sacrifice by the elite were reaching closer to those of wealth and influence at the top. Those in the know, who were themselves not participants, are vulnerable, especially if they have specifics to provide to the investigators. A clue to Kate Spade’s death is the rat’s mask boldly worn by her husband on the streets after her death, a mask with a red scarf around the throat. He is saying she was killed as she would ‘rat out’ on the Clintons.

What of the Dutch Queen Maxima’s sister in Argentina? She had been in attendance to her aging father before he died, and as those approaching death are prone to confess their sins, she learned the truth about what had happened to many Argentine children who went missing. It is presumed by many that they were adopted, but most were sold to the wealthy who worshiped Moloch. The details of the modern day network, particularly among the royalty in Europe, were whispered into the ear of young Ines, who was likewise silenced.

The head of the FSB’s credit and finance counterintelligence unit Ivan Tkachev revealed in a private conversation that he actually controls the election from district heads to governors (all lists of candidates pass through it). And almost all the recent arrests of governors were 'forged' (for refusing to leave position). He also mentioned the arrests in the Alfa Group of one of Russia's largest and most influential companies. He mentioned at least 3 governors who were accused of corrupting and imprisoned. Of course, this does not mean that they are not corrupt, but I have a feeling that officials (corrupted) loyal to the current authorities are untouchable. All this became known from the audio recordings of the conversation of the head of the Serpukhov district Alexandar Shestun with Tkachev. [and from another]

The public is seldom shocked to learn how much their supposedly democratically elected government is actually steered and controlled by power mongers. This control is most obvious during blatant election fraud, as has been documented recently in Netanyahu’s victory in Israel in 2015, Cameron’s victory in the UK in 2015, Scotland independence vote in 2014, and during the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections in the US.  This is but a sampling. That Bernie Sanders was pushed out of the 2016 Democratic Party selection process when he was the clear choice of the people is another example.

Elections in Russia are no exception, but Putin was validly elected by the Russian people in 2012 and again in 2018, despite repeated assassination attempts such as the 2016 BMW crash. He is immensely popular and has managed to arrange for Russia’s future in the Far East after the Pole Shift, a worldwide leader in this regard.  Putin has walked through the mine field of traps laid for him, such as the supposed poisoning by Russia of a former Russian double agent living in the UK. He does not take the bait or lose his temper. But as we have so often said, a good leader does not control every individual below them. Mischief reigns in every country and in every realm.

The process of selecting and steering candidates precedes elections. Back room deals where those who back a candidate are assured perks from the government coffers are a key part of the process, but the hands that would steer government policy are there with large sums of money to assure their candidate leads. Assassinations and false claims to smear the opposition in the media are likewise common. The power struggle attempts to corrupt politicians before they are put on the ballot, after they are elected, and throughout their terms. The Earth is a school house for immature souls, and the democratic process on Earth reflects this.

Alberto’s latest on May 14 shows an amazing spotlight of light coming straight down from Nibiru and its two dominant Helix Moon Swirls on either side. His photos range from 13:45 to 19:46, over a six hour period, during which the same phenomena appeared. The only change was that the location of Nibiru moved from the 5 o’clock position to the 7 o’clock position, in accordance with the Earth wobble.  Why are we now getting this dramatic spotlight?

In the past, Nibiru was offset more to the right side of the Sun, when seen from the Northern Hemisphere. It was pointing its magnetic N Pole to the left hand side of the Sun. Thus the vast tail filled with Moon Swirls and debris would be seen blowing under the Sun and then wrapping around in a retrograde circle to the left of the Sun and thence above the Sun. All the components of the Nibiru complex were laid out for relatively easy visibility. But as Nibiru drew closer to the Earth, the Earth was caught more directly in the blast from Nibiru.

Thus recently Alberto’s photos had the appearance of being in a fog bank, a cloud of debris which made it difficult to discern Nibiru or the various components. Sunlight would be expected to flow evenly though this fog, but as light easily bends toward gravity sinks, the sunlight coming close to Nibiru and its dominant moons actually bends toward these gravity sinks. Bent slightly, they refract like light passing through water, to bend and focus the light toward Earth! This phenomena may linger or repeat, coming and going, during the ongoing drama of Nibiru’s approach for a passage. 

President Trump has announced plans for the creation of an entirely new branch of the United States Military - the Space Force. It is anticipated that the United States Space Force will play a leading role in strategic and scientific efforts in space, including efforts to revisit the Moon and undertake missions to Mars. Do the Zetas have any comment on the new Space Force? What is the purpose of bringing matters of space within the control of the US Military? [and from another] President Trump officially directed the Pentagon to establish a sixth branch of the U.S. military in space. Mr. Trump called for a "space force" to ensure American dominance on the high frontier. The president also signed his administration's third Space Policy Directive, calling for establishment of new protocols and procedures to manage and monitor the increasing numbers of satellites in low-Earth orbit and the tens of thousands of pieces of space junk and debris that pose an increasing threat to costly spacecraft. [and from another] President Trump said on Monday that he would direct the Pentagon to establish a sixth branch of the armed forces dedicated to protecting American interests in outer space.  Last year, Congress punted on a decision to establish a space corps through the National Defense Authorization Act, and asked for an independent study on the issue. The creation of a sixth branch of the military to join the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard would require congressional authorization and approval. [and from another] Retired Nasa Astronaut Mark Kelly says Donald Trump's order to create a Space Force is a 'dumb idea'. The US president revealed plans for a service branch aimed at ensuring American dominance in space this week, but Kelly said that role was already covered by the US Air Force. Kelly was referring to the Air Force Space Command, a space-focused group that has come under a number of names over the years. Headquartered in Colorado, the agency supports military use of rocket launches, satellites and cyberwarfare operations. It also tracks decommissioned satellites and other space debris in orbit around Earth, a growing problem that could block rocket launches in future. [and from another] President Donald Trump signed his administration's first space policy directive today (Dec. 11, 2017), which formally directs NASA to focus on returning humans to the moon. NASA recently announced that for human astronauts, the path to Mars will include a stop at the moon, where the agency may build a facility currently being called the Deep Space Gateway.

Why is President Trump creating a new branch of the Defense Department? NASA, under contract to the US government, is in outer space and has been tasked with returning US astronauts to the Moon and eventually to Mars. The Air Force has a Space Command branch that covers the airspace closer to Earth, including satellite debris.  Why not simply expand NASA or the Air Force? NASA has been tasked with the cover-up over Nibiru for decades, and the Air Force was in charge of the Blue Book cover-up over the alien presence. Could the Deep State be trusted to tell the truth about Nibiru?

In that Congress must approve the formation of a new branch of the Defense Department, this new Space Force is not expected to be funded and in operation that quickly, if ever. But in the meantime, Dunford and the rest of the Junta can proceed to staff the fledgling branch, conduct studies, and issue press releases. Seeking funding from Congress while politicians posture and grand stand is expected to drag on while actual work progresses. During his dramatic press conference, Trump ensured the world was present when his new Space Force was born. Meanwhile, a Nibiru announcement or admission can be in new and trusted hands.

Sokolovskaya, Gulkevichsky, Russia. Reported 19th June. [and from another]

This beautiful and quite legitimate design laid at Sochi is showing what the daily Earth wobble is doing to this part of the world. The Figure 8 of the wobble tilts first to the right and then to the left as the day passes. This tilt has lately become extreme, such that the Sun appears to be coming up hours early in Europe and again lingering in a delayed twilight at dusk in the N American continent. During both tilts the N Pole of Earth has a lower latitude, the Earth somewhat laid on its side, thus more sunlight reaching what would otherwise be considered northern latitudes.

Sochi experiences both the right and left tilt of the wobble. The clash causing this wobble is also depicted by the normal direction of the planets in the inner Solar System on the left, a counterclockwise orbit, and the direction that Nibiru assumes on the right, a clockwise direction.  The result is shown below in the design, where an orbit around the Sun normally has a relatively peaceful path, the presence of Nibiru has caused reverberations, an attempt by the Earth to escape the magnetic slam of Nibiru and a bounce back into position by the distressed Earth.

What is Obama up to? Pushing the Cabal’s agenda? [and from another] How did the most ubiquitous man in America for eight years virtually disappear? Over the course of his presidency, Obama cast himself as the country’s secular minister as much as its commander-in-chief, someone who understood the moral core of the nation and felt compelled to insist that we live up to it. What explains his near absence from the political stage, where he might argue publicly against the reversals of his policy accomplishments, and also from American life more broadly? What is keeping him from speaking more frequently about the need to protect democratic norms and the rule of law, to be decent people? [and from another] Barack and Michelle Obama have entered a multiyear agreement with Netflix to produce series and features. The Obamas say they hope "to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world." [and from another] Former President Barack Obama will meet with world leaders during an upcoming trip to China, India, and France.

Why is Obama visiting many countries, virtually a world tour, while seemingly out of sight for American audiences? Is he trying to act like a shadow President? Is he trying to pre-empt Trump’s influence and official statements? It is even rumored that he tried to call N Korea President Kim just prior to the summit with Trump, but that the call failed to go through as the phone number had been changed by the generals close to Kim. This is true, and the degree to which Obama personally is reacting to Trump’s success.

Obama is not without ego, though was a Service-to-Other soul, a Star Child soul incarnated in the past in Lincoln. As we have stated, the Star Child was a walk-in, taking possession of the Obama body in its late teens. Obama the human at that time had already come under the wing of the CIA, who recognized that they could control events during an Obama Presidency because so many blackmail cards could be played. Obama was gay, born in Kenya, and the CIA arranged for he and his lover to have adopted children, all the paperwork to fit the lie.

Why did the soul of Lincoln incarnate into a depressed teen who was at that time thinking of suicide? It was a premier opportunity to seize the stage at certain points and change the direction of the world politic for the good of mankind. Specifically, it was an opportunity to admit the presence and pending passage of Nibiru. He was given this opportunity during Jade Helm 2015, when Dunford had the US ready for riot control, but Obama lacked courage and dithered. Thereafter Dunford took control of the US government.

Unable to fully control his administration during his Presidency, Obama could not prevent Hillary, whom he hated, from becoming the Democratic candidate. The soul of Lincoln was not, essentially, a team player, as Trump has proven to be. If Obama could not sway events by his oratory, which was superb, then events were in the hands of others who ran it into what we currently see revealed – a corrupt FBI and DOJ, a State Department that put America up for sale, and the ascendancy of the criminal New World Order cabal. The soul of Lincoln has departed, in shame.