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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 31, 2020

Would the Zetas like to comment on 2 new similar Crop Circles? Are these designs legitimate? [and from another]Allan King Way, Nr Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire. Reported 29th June [and from another] Smeathe's Plantation, Nr Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire. Reported 25th June.

The Stonehenge and Solstice designs were so compelling, and so well understood by those contactees who viewed them, that those in the establishment who would deny mankind knowledge of the alien presence and knowledge of Nibiru set out to turn heads. Both these designs are frauds. One clue is the utter regularity of the design. This, during a time when the Earth and her daily rhythms are anything but regular. The sunrise and sunset times are off. The compass is off. And the seasons have become jumbled.

A second clue that this is a hoax is that the center of the circle is basically on a tractor line, and thus the initial footprints can be hidden at the start. The third clue is that the grain is crushed rather than woven. For Cheesefoot, it is as though a man stepped into the center of a smash point, twirled around, and then swept the edges of the smash point with a broom. Not woven. For Smeathe the grain has been raked in one direction but is sticking up all over, not perfect.

Can the Zetas explain Mysterious Sounds from Mountain Area in Guizhou China? [and from another] For the last 10 days this "mysterious" sound has been happening in the mountains of Guizhou province in China. Is it a Dragon or something more sinister or evil? Never heard this sound before, and it's been going on for the last 10 days! Thousands have been coming to the area to have a listen and luckily recorded it. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another]

When lakes began singing to mankind, vibrating due to tension in rock creating an alternating pull and relax, this at first sounded like music – the Trumpets of Kiev and the Horns of Belarus. Then other stretch zones added their sounds, but not all sounded like music. Tampa Bay was a howl. Saskatoon was a bellow. Variations where there is no water to vibrate include humming and booming, like drums. All these afflicted areas are in stretch zones, where rock is being pulled apart. But central China is not considered a stretch zone.

The great Eurasian Plate stretches from the UK to the coast of China, without a plate border, and thus China is indeed in a stretch zone. The stretch will become so intense that during the Pole Shift a new inland bay will be torn through Persia to the Ural Mountains. If Kiev and Belarus, and London and Munich can sing and howl, then so can China. Guizhou Province is indeed getting earthquakes, as is the whole swath of land above Tibet. Guizhou Province has rivers, but not large enough to sing. But when the mountains are pulled apart, they will indeed howl in pain.    

Something is going on in SW Puerto Rico. This is not on the plate edge and I know that the entire Caribbean plate is being crushed by South America counter clockwise rotation. But there are over 20 earthquakes every day. Not considering USGS downsizing of magnitudes and reporting. What is really going on? Why is it so concentrated? [and from another] Flash flooding strikes Mississippi, Tennessee as state of emergency declared - 10 inches of rain in a short time July 2, 2020 The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Memphis issued a flash flood emergency midday after several inches of rain fell in a short amount of time - up to 10 inches in some locations. [and from another] Mississippi Weather Outlook for Thursday, July 2nd July 2, 2020 To the north, partly sunny with a chance of morning and afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  In central Mississippi, a chance of morning and afternoon showers and thunderstorms. To the south, partly sunny with a chance of morning and afternoon showers and thunderstorms. [and from another]

During the 7 of 10 Plate Movements the S American Roll precedes the intense bowing tension in the N American Plate. We have stated that during the New Madrid adjustment, the eastern part of the US will shift to the northeast, while the lands to the west of the Mississippi will shift to the southwest. But prior to the New Madrid adjustment the bowing tension is driving the southern part of the N American Plate westward, with an unrelenting pressure. That portion of the plate to the East of the Caribbean Plate thus pushes against the Caribbean Plate, and the hammering quakes at Puerto Rico show this pressure.

The Caribbean Plate is already being pushed westward by the S American Roll, but will not move far enough or fast enough to resolve this conflict. This pressure on the southern part of the N American Plate is the main reason that the eastern part of the US shifts northeast during the New Madrid adjustment. Meanwhile, this pressure causes heaving in the southeast US, along the line where soft rock encounters hard rock in Tennessee and Mississippi. Heaving causes rivers to backflow, resulting in flooding up river.

I am wondering if the recent spat of explosions in Iran is part of sabotage or Deep State cleanup like the public thinks or if it is related to the recent uptick in quake activity on the Arabian plate? [and from another] Third 'Mystery' Blast in Less Than a Week Rocks Iran Power Plant July 5, 2020 An explosion ripped through a power plant in the Iranian city of Ahvaz, marking the third 'mystery' blast to hit the country in only under a week, and the fourth recently. Starting over a week ago a massive explosion was observed lighting up the midnight sky outside Tehran, caught on film by local residents, which Iran's military dismissed as a gas leak explosion incident. But it was later revealed to have occurred at a ballistic missile development facility. Another reported "accident" occurred at Natanz nuclear complex. Crucially, Iran said there were no radioactive leaks as a result of the incident. Both US and Israeli media, including The New York Times and Times of Israel, have begun speculating that it could be part of a Mossad or CIA op to set back Iran's nuclear development. [and from another] An explosion reportedly damaged a power plant in the Iranian city of Ahvaz. The blaze was ignited when a transformer exploded. Last week a large blast was felt in Tehran, apparently caused by an explosion at the Parchin military complex, which defense analysts believe holds an underground tunnel system and missile production facilities. [and from another] Gas explosion at Iran medical clinic kills 19 July 1, 2020 Gas leak at Sina At’har clinic in northern Tehran kills 15 women and four men, say fire officials.

Iran is certainly in an earthquake zone, as is Turkey. But why would it be only Iran that has suffered exploding buildings this past week? All three Iranian sites – Tehran, Natanz, and Ahvaz – are within the mountain building region of western Iran where Iran rumples when the African Roll turns the top of the Arabian Plate toward the East. Turkey is not affected by this crunch. We have described the holocaust that will occur when the tip of the Arabian Plate cuts through Iraq. Of course the earthquake peppered mountains of Iran would also be expected to suffer from this crunch.

Are there opportunists among the Mossad and CIA taking advantage of the turmoil that accompanies increased earthquakes? It is well known that Iran hides its nuclear development activities behind civilian cover, and notably the explosions that occurred this past week carry that signature. The Tehran clinic exploded due to a missile complex attack nearby. The power plant in Ahvaz is now disabled, and Natanz was a nuclear complex. The African Roll has barely started, but we estimate that before it completes Iran will no longer pose a threat.

NDBC is showing mostly Red Buoys - why? [and from another] NOAA National Data Buoy center showing only 90 stations of the 1431 deployed have reported in the past 8 hours. [and from another] [and from another]

The tsunami buoys administered by NOAA have often been turned off in active locations over the past few years. The cover-up over the accuracy of the ZetaTalk predictions even resulted in a buoy maintenance man being murdered in 2012 when he tried to reactivate a buoy in Indonesia. The Indonesia government preferred that their public think the coastal flooding was due to rain, not incursions from the sea due to the sinking that we, the Zetas, had predicted. Now, on the cusp of the New Madrid adjustment, the entire Eastern Seaboard of the US and the European coastline are being blinded. Why?

Where the publication of buoy data is managed by NOAA, the buoys themselves are private, owned by corporations. NDBC is the primary consortium, managing the buoy data collected from 167 different corporate sources at present. When NDBC decides to go black, the entire N American continent, both East and West coastlines, are blinded. ZetaTalk is on record warning the public that when the New Madrid adjustment occurs, massive tsunami waves up to 200-300 foot high will roar toward Europe and a backwash up to 50 foot high will wash against the East Coast of the US.

NOAA recently tested their East Coast tsunami alert system, showing they anticipate having to use this in the immediate future. But the wealthy elite who control corporate matters have another opinion. They want the public dumb and calm and ignorant. In their view it is better to have the public continue shopping and paying their mortgages on their coastal homes and businesses and vacationing on the coastlines than safe from harm. The outcome of this current attempt to blind the public is uncertain, as man has free will and many agendas are at play. 

I doubt this bust is only about drug distribution. I remember there was ZetaTalk on the deeply rooted connections the Dutch have to pedophilia and child sacrifice. [and from another] Dutch police arrested six men after discovering sea containers that had been converted into a makeshift prison and sound-proofed “torture chamber” complete with a dentist’s chair, tools including pliers and scalpels and handcuffs. The grisly discovery was made last month by officers investigating leads generated by data from encrypted phones used by criminals. The communications network was cracked recently by French police. Detectives in Britain and the Netherlands have already arrested hundreds of suspects based on the encrypted messages. Dutch police said last week that their investigations, code-named 26Lemont, based on millions of messages from the EncroChat phones, had led to the arrest of more than 100 suspects and seizure of more than 17,600 pounds of cocaine and 2,600 pounds of crystal meth as well as the dismantling of 19 synthetic drugs labs and seizure of dozens of firearms.

Where these Dutch torture specialists are described as robbing drug runners, their skills were for sale. Why would they not market their skills? Those involved in the drug trade are known to be brutal, with turf wars famous for the violence and that often consumes neighborhoods. The public is afraid to go out onto the streets in such environments, such is their violence and uninhibited retaliation. If the Dutch torture chambers were just being applied to fellow drug runners, then where was the retaliation? Where were the turf wars?

Clues that the torture chambers were broadly used are the police admission that they warned potential victims during their investigation. There was a list? When we describe the techniques used to force compliance with Deep State agendas, we refer to bribes and threats, without being specific. Threats are assumed to be death threats, but a dead victim can no longer cooperate. It is pain that is threatened. Pain that leaves no marks when applied and is excruciating. The victim sees there will be no relief and no abatement until they cooperate. 

Is this video below FAKE? PX and moons look too big, too soon. [and from another] I am attaching a video about Planet X. Could you please advise me whether it is a true video or a fake one. [and from another]

As has been repeatedly shown by eye witnesses and Alberto's photos, the Moon Swirls go retrograde from the traditional 4 o'clock to the Sun position where Nibiru rides thence under the Sun and to the left in a retrograde swirl. This particular capture on July 5, 2020 was taken when the Sun is in the Solar Minimum, so this is hardly a CME. The vast tail has bunched up and when thick it can appear as a solid object. Here we have more than one orb, and lots of individual Moons. SOHO is a 2D view, and the tail is between the Sun and the SOHO satellite, so the moons are not so much huge as close to the Earth. 

It seems the buoys are blinded during the hours when the Earth Wobble is tilting to the East or West. Is buoy management trying to hide the wobble?

How to hide the Daily Earth Wobble? During the cover-up over Nibiru, this conundrum has troubled the establishment who mostly chooses to simply ignore the evidence. If the Sun is rising and setting at the wrong time and in the wrong place, the less said the better, is their view. They hope each person noting these irregularities concludes their lying eyes have deceived them, as else it would be in the news. Erratic weather also can be explained away by chatter about factors that affect the weather.

But when the wobble slings the globe to the East and then to the West every day, this causes water in both the Atlantic and Pacific to rush against the coastlines, and this simulates tsunami activity. Buoys are programmed to sound the alarm during such times, and when a vast number of the public have registered to receive tsunami alerts the public might be erroneously alarmed by wobble activity. Thus during those hours when the sling to the East and West is in process, the buoys are blinded, but allowed to function when the bounce back and Polar Push occur.

Any comments on the massive China flooding situation?  Just more weather extremes?  Curiously weather history over the recent days/weeks appears relatively light, partly cloudy most days and no more than a few small hours of light rain,  in an area reported to have 9 million affected and 44 counties of floods?  Talk of dams giving way? This is confusing.  The entire lower Southern/Central region is filled with water everywhere. [and from another] [and from another] China insists massive Three Gorges Dam is safe after satellite images show the 'distorted' structure is at risk of collapse July 9, 2020 Safety experts with the government-run China Three Gorges Corporation said on its official website that the Yangtze River dam had moved a few millimetres due to temperature and water level changes, but safety indicators remained well within their normal range. They were responding to a Twitter user who posted satellite photos from Google Maps last week purporting to show the dam had bent and was at risk of breaking. The photos were circulated on domestic social media, sparking concerns over its structural integrity. [and from another] China says 33 rivers hit record levels as floods situation remains 'grim' July 13, 2020 As many as 33 rivers in China have risen to their highest levels in history during the current wave of floods, as regions across the country brace for another “grim” week of torrential rain. [and from another] China Braces for More Severe Flooding as Heavy Rains Move North July 13, 2020 Since June, average precipitation in the Yangtze River has reached the highest level since 1961 and water in 433 rivers has risen above flood alert levels, according to official data.

Torrential rainfall is increasingly besetting the Earth, but the larger issue for China is the stability of her dams, as she is in the stretch zone as the roaring dragon of Guizhou Province shows. Stretch zones pull apart, destabilizing dams, and the 3 Gorges Dam already shows evidence of this in satellite photos. We have stated that all dams will fail, and most will fail before the hour of the Pole Shift. In some cases it is the dam itself that will crack, in other cases the rock beneath the dam. The floods in China are caused not just by the rain, as heaving land creates slow drainage.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the recent Wayfair child trafficking scandal that has blown up since Friday (7/10/20)? Was this a silent drop from the Q team, or those on the greater Transformation Team, or is this the result of the caged bird (Ghislaine Maxwell) singing? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] The Wayfair Child Trafficking Conspiracy Is Just A Runaway Theory Based On Cabinet Pricing July 12, 2020 One of the allegedly missing girls posted to Facebook Live to debunk the theory. Of course, some individuals doubled-down and insisted she was just covering for her tormentors. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the FBI, 2019 saw 421,394 missing children entered into their National Crime Information Center. Of those, 1 in 6 are probable victims of sex trafficking. That means that multiple names belong to children reported missing by their families, even monikers that may be seen on nail polish colors or furniture listings. [and from another] Wayfair Confirms ‘No Truth’ to Cabinet Sex Trafficking Conspiracy Theory July 11, 2020 Wayfair, the online furniture and home goods retailer, denied a bizarre conspiracy theory that trended on Twitter, claiming the company was behind child sex trafficking and its expensive cabinets were involved. The social media speculation went wild after a Reddit user claimed there was something strange about the cabinets listed on its website for $12,699.99 and $14,99.99. Wayfair later deleted the listings, which only resulted in the conspiracy theory to spiral further. [and from another] Ellen Questioned for Wayfair Partnership Amid Conspiracy Theory July 13, 2020 The talk show celebrity was questioned on Twitter for her Wayfair collection that allegedly included a five-figure pillow but really sells for far less. Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of a lumbar pillow with a $10,098 price tag, but a search of the product, which does not have a child's name attached to it, resulted in a page on the Wayfair site for the same pillow with a $99 price tag.

What is the likelihood that children are being sold on the web, packaged with furniture to be delivered from Wayfair? Are special arrangements being made when a high priced item is sold, so that a double transport occurs, the child in one, the furniture in another? What would occur if a buyer did not intend to buy a child, and called the police or FBI upon delivery? This is, frankly, not how the sex trade operates. Buyers are carefully vetted, and nothing about the transaction is public. Why then the odd overpriced furniture on Wayfair?

Ellen, as Oprah, are Satanists and do indeed participate in the child sex trade. Oprah was a big fan of John of God who had a baby farm in Brazil. Both Oprah and Ellen have celebrity status, shows on TV that provide name recognition, and thus can influence the public. Both appeared in photos this past Spring of 2020 with ankle monitors on their right legs. That the Wayfair conspiracy theory is emerging now is due to leaks from investigators, and yes, this is indeed a route by which child trafficking is promoted.

The ads featuring overpriced furniture have a special phone number, where client lists are maintained and the buyer vetted. Any accidental requests thus do not prove to be vetted and are directed to the regular priced item, with the overpricing excused as a typo or accident. Wayfair as a corporation was unaware of this activity, and is in horror. Middle management ran this operation, as did the celebrities who promoted their name brand items.

Quid pro Quo? [and from another] 21 Injured in Fire Aboard Ship at Naval Base San Diego July 12, 2020 The cause of the fire was under investigation. It wasn't immediately known where on the 840-foot  amphibious assault vessel the blast and the fire occurred. The Navy thinks the fire began somewhere in a lower cargo hold where marine equipment and vehicles are stored. There are a million gallons of fuel on board, but that is well below any heat source. San Diego is the Bonhomme Richard's home port, and the ship was undergoing routine maintenance at the time of the fire. [and from another] Fire contained at Iranian Petrochemical Complex: July 12, 2020 Iranian officials say a fire that caused a short halt to production at a major petrochemical plant located southwest of the country has been fully contained. A spokesman of the Shahid Tondgooyan Pterochemicals said that technical problems had caused installations at one of the factories of the sprawling complex to catch fire earlier in the day. Hamid Kiaei said that hot summer weather in the port of Mahshahr, Iran’s main hub of petchem industry on the Persian Gulf, was also to blame for the incident. The blaze at Tondgooyan plant came less than a week after a gas leak in Karoon Petrochemical Complex, located in the same region, left some 70 people with injuries caused by inhalation. [and from another] Inferno on San Diego Navy Ship Rages into Second Day July 13, 2020 In 1967, a fire on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal killed more than 130 sailors after a rocket accidentally fired on the flight deck and ignited several explosions. The episode has been used as a lesson on how to tackle safety procedures aboard Navy vessels. The USS George Washington, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, caught fire in 2008 when oil was improperly stored on the craft. At least 37 sailors were injured in the fire, which took 12 hours to put out and cost $70 million in repairs.

The explosion that set off the Bonhomme Richard fire was not a result of casual negligence during routine maintenance nor the heat of the day. Unlike the USS George Washington in 2008, which was fueled by 90 gallons of oil illegally held on the vessel, the Bonhomme Richard’s fuel storage was not involved in the explosion or fire that followed. The Bonhomme Richard’s fire is due to an explosion, from a bomb deliberately placed in the storage hold, and was intended to utterly destroy the vessel.

Is this retaliation for the continuous sabotage ongoing in Iran?  As has been noted, since early July Iran is suffering explosions in their nuclear and missile development sites, often hidden by Iran behind civilian facades. Iran suspects the US and Mossad of this sabotage. They are unable to counter this by appealing to the UN as their activities are illegal. Nor are any of their partners such as China or Russia willing to challenge the US. Iran hopes to send a message and get the US to back off by sabotaging US military sites.

Who placed the bomb, and why was this not discovered until it was too late? The Bonhomme Richard  was under routine maintenance, which involves contractors. The Halon gas system, a fire suppressant system, was turned off during this routine maintenance. Due to our assistance to the US Military intel at such times, they know exactly who was involved, and whose hand was at the helm. There is no escaping our Zeta telepathic intel. If it is in the mind of a human, it is data available to us. Justice will and has already been served.

Feels like it's the influence of the trimesters. [and from another] [and from another] Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 11th July

This legitimate design is showing the effects of the stopped orbits that occurred in 2003 when Nibiru entered the inner Solar System. It came inward from the direction of the Constellation Orion, to arrive within the orbit of Venus by the Spring of 2003. It then proceeded to round the Sun in a retrograde manner, clockwise, pushing the Earth and Venus back in their respective orbits. The Earth is currently at its August position, and Venus is being pushed back and forth in front of the Sun to simulate the orbit that humans on Earth would expect to see. Mercury escaped being blocked, and continues as usual.

What is clear from Cley is a sense that a clockwise blockage occurred, growing larger as Nibiru is coming into Earth’s orbit now. This is represented by the sweeping blades coming from Nibiru in the center of the design, with the largest blade aligned with Earth’s orbit. Venus is represented as a smaller planet as with Nibiru leaving its Orbit it will be free to escape, moving along in its orbit. The Dark Twin is shown as a notch approximately 3 months behind the Earth in their shared orbit. When the clash point occurs during the Last Weeks it will be forced to escape by ducking behind the Earth, into the break shown at this clash point.

Feels like it is re the wobble. Looks real. [and from another] Luxenborough, Nr Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 16th July.

Luxenborough is making several statements. Due to the number of frauds lately, this legitimate design has woven grain in several places that simply could not be matched by the human fraudsters. The message is that Nibiru has affected the Solar System from one side to the other. As an interloper with a retrograde orbit, it pushed 3 lesser planets back in their orbits. The Earth, Venus, and the Dark Twin are currently blocked and halted. The 2020 Crop Circle season has emphasized these blocked orbits because this fact will soon become evident to the public, who have been denied the truth by their establishment.

The Zetas said that Covid19 wil reduce buy Mid-Summer 2020 but it seems like virus is still spreading all over the world. What is happening, or this is just a lie by local goverments. [and from another] The Tricky Math of Herd Immunity for Covid-19 July 12, 2020 While much about the Covid-19 pandemic remains uncertain, we know how it will likely end: when the spread of the virus starts to slow (and eventually ceases altogether) because enough people have developed immunity to it. At that point, whether it’s brought on by a vaccine or by people catching the disease, the population has developed “herd immunity.” In June the journal Science published a study that incorporated a modest degree of heterogeneity and estimated the herd immunity threshold for Covid-19 at 43 percent across broad populations. We’re getting to the conclusion that the most affected regions, like Madrid, may be close to reaching herd immunity. [and from another] COVID-19: Achieving herd immunity may occur sooner than previously thought June 26, 2020  The classical model that epidemiologists use to predict herd immunity estimate that the threshold for COVID-19 is around 60% of the population. [and from another] [and from another]


We stated in early March that the Covid-19 pandemic would be “dramatically eased by mid-Summer 2020 due to aggressive quarantined practices and the emergence of effective anti-virals and several new vaccines”. Summer technically runs from the June 20 Solstice to the Fall Equinox on September 22, so we are approaching the mid-point. Many anti-virals have emerged and are in use throughout the world. And though several vaccines are now in the human-trial stage, they are not yet in use to reduce the pandemic. Are there signs on this July 18 that the pandemic is about to dramatically ease?

The normal course of a pandemic is a sharp upward peak with a drop that mirrors the climb. This is obviously because almost all the population is infected and either survives or is immune. When lockdowns and quarantines are put in place, this “flattens the curve” so that it takes longer for this state to arrive. Instead of a mountain, the peak, there are a series of foot hills, but eventually the same state arrives. The pandemic is past. In the US a deliberate resurgence was engineered during the Floyd and Black Lives Matters protests and fomented riots.  

The Democrats, who desperately want to unseat President Trump, hope a continuing pandemic will ensure an economic collapse. Thus, with much statistical and empirical evidence, several Democrat states put Covid-19 Positive individuals into nursing homes amid the vulnerable elderly. Democrat states allowed Black Lives Matter protests without restrictions, which was certainly the cause of the renewed outbreaks that followed. To inflate the disaster, anyone who dies is counted as a Covid-19 death, and test results are as manipulated as the polls.

What are the true trend lines to watch? Hospitalizations and legitimate Covid-19 deaths. President Trump took extraordinary measures at the start of the pandemic to ensure that hospitals had sufficient ventilators to treat those who were afflicted with a cytokine storm, the body’s overly aggressive immune response. He achieved that, and has even assisted other countries in this regard. Hospitals in the US are thus able to treat their Covid-19 victims. The rise in overall Positives are thus obviously due to increased testing.

Herd immunity is already greater than 50% in the US and far greater in those parts of the world where the pandemic first emerged. New York City is reopening, and tourism worldwide is proceeding during the Summer in the Northern Hemisphere as though the worry about infection were a figment of someone’s imagination. With the pandemic finally allowed to run its course and with the pending advent of proven vaccines, mankind will soon see Covid-19 dramatically easing, perhaps even by mid-Summer 2020.

Are the Zetas interested in commenting on the coin shortages in the US? I suspect it may be a red herring or of little importance given the scope of everything else going on. It seems the US Mint has ramped up production, which leads me to believe the shortage is not going to be permanent. I know the Zetas have commented many times on the move toward a cashless economy, and no doubt the new world order types still seek such a goal, so I suppose my question is should the current shortage be cause for concern? Was it intentional? [and from another] National coin shortage has retailers pleading for exact change July 1, 2020 The Federal Reserve revealed last month that the pandemic had “significantly disrupted” the supply chain and circulation patterns for America’s metal money. The US Mint has slowed production of coins because of measures meant to protect workers amid the crisis, while coin deposits from banks have also fallen in the past few months. [and from another] U.S. Coin Production Tops 6.5 Billion in First Half of 2020 July 17, 2020 U.S. coin production soared in June, registering the biggest output since January 2018, after three rather lackluster months.

How has the pandemic affected the process of buying and selling with cash money? With all the admonitions to avoid touching surfaces touched by others and to social distance, the banking industry is affected along with the retail industries the banks support. Paper money and coins are not touched until they have aged sufficiently to kill the virus, and workers are scarce during a time when all are advised to work from home. The flow of coins and bills is thus constipated, so that a request for supplies by a retailer is refused. This shortage will end along with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Can you ask the zetas about Ukrainian President Zelensky? Is he a doll (talking head)? Is it real or was it replaced? What he is doing is the exact opposite of what he promised before the election. [and from another] US Media Predict Complete Collapse for Zelensky July 11, 2020 The current president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, won the presidential election in April last year and took the highest position in the country, receiving 75% of the vote, and his newly created party won a majority in the Parliament. Only one year has passed, but Zelensky’s future no longer seems as rosy as a year ago, because he could not fulfill a single promise.

Children see their father or the Principal at the school bark orders and everyone falls in line. A military unit is based on the same concept – the man at the top barks an order and gets instant cooperation. This is not how politics works. Deal making is so common as to be the norm. Good intentions are thus drowned in the demands made by others. President Trump called the Ukraine the most corrupt country because of its history of money laundering. Burisma and the Biden bribe was just one example.

Now, during a period of massive cleanup of deeply rooted criminal behavior throughout Europe and the US, the highly contentious Zelensky finds himself frustrated. There is reluctance to carry out his orders everywhere. Stalling and balking are just one aspect of resistance. Pretending to carry out the plan while doing the opposite is common. The intense political battle in the US, where the Biden campaign wants only good news for their flawed candidate, has Soros money and threats galore. Given the situation, Zelensky is actually doing quite well! 

Are all these doubles lists valid? [and from another] Maxine Waters Net Worth: 5 Facts about the Politician February 6, 2018 As of 2018, Maxine Waters net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.  Her net worth is still a question of debate as she has many assets as well as liabilities whose value is very volatile and subject to change on a daily basis. Along with her husband, she currently owns property in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Kern County and Washington D.C. Maxine Waters Net Worth compared to fellow Democrats: Nancy Pelosi Net Worth $120 million.

We at ZetaTalk have no desire to be used to verify every suspected Double, to satisfy curiosity. We have privately told Nancy that there are hundreds of Doubles in use at present, and this includes those run by the Tribunals in the US, by the European equivalent of the Tribunals, and by the Black Hats installing their own replacements. The 2020 Presidential election is significant in that the US Military is as large as all others in the world, combined. Thus control of the US is desired, and the 2020 candidates and their backers are key to the Earth’s future.

What does it mean, legally, when the current Biden Double, who is a Black Hat Double, is running for the position of President of the US? His handlers have the real Biden in hand, in case a DNA sample is demanded, and could claim that the Double is only a stand-in and the real Biden in charge. But this is all certainly a fraud on the public, and thus illegal. Kamala Harris is highly ambitious, and willing to do anything to promote herself. But it is not her ambitions that doom her, it is her past as a prosecutor. She took funds to bend the law, which is a crime. In that she was being considered by the Biden campaign for the VP position, her criminal past became an issue.

Maxine Waters is famous for her constant cries to “impeach 45”, but this is not a crime. As the ranking member of the House Financial Services, she controlled the outcome of US finances approved by the House. The issue is not her professional track record, but her personal finances. Where her public net worth is modest, given her long career in Congress, this account is deceptive. She and her husband used front companies to hide their stolen funds, which were directed to her slush funds by her actions as ranking member. Though hidden, these moves were bold and obvious, and quite illegal.

July 19th 2020 SE Idaho evening time . We have been being hosed by Nibiru's debris tail for the last couple of days and images are not as good . But then this comes along and leaves me questioning it's WOW-ness . I did enhancements in various forms so I think a higher source then me would be better at an answer. Enjoy [and from another]

Nibiru as a smoldering brown dwarf emits its own light and heat, though this would hardly rival the Sun. Most often Nibiru can hardly be picked out of the scene, as the Moon Swirls are brilliant, focusing light down their length as though a light from a flashlight. But in the fog of the tail, which is increasingly turned toward the Earth, the magnetic field that forms around Nibiru can influence how the tail trash coalesces. This vertical object, focusing light toward the Earth, is a line of this trash in Nibiru’s magnetic field, which has bent to direct light rays toward the Earth.

Is the bow about to snap? [and from another] Earthquake in Alaska: 7.8 magnitude quake off the coast July 22, 2020 A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska - putting nearby coastal settlements at risk of a tsunami.

We have described the New Madrid adjustment as a diagonal slip through the N American continent that will cause the Eastern portion of the US to jerk to the NE, allowing the Western portion to drop to the SW. This will cause all the bridges that cross the Mississippi to break, and as the New Madrid Fault Line adjusts under the Seaway, will rupture major cities from Chicago to Buffalo. This is no small adjustment, and it will happen suddenly, but we, the Zetas are not allowed to give mankind the date. We can provide a sequence of events, but not a date.

On June 23 the tip of Mexico was rattled by what was called a magnitude 7.7 quake. This was during a time when earthquake swarms were slamming Iceland. Then a month later on July 22 the Aleutian Islands were rattled by what was called a magnitude 7.8 quake. Since the USGS has been dialing down the reported magnitude by at least 2.5 magnitudes, both these massive quakes were over magnitude 10. If these points represent the tips of the bow, then Iceland is positioned on the edge of the bow. Is it all about to cut loose? We are not allowed to say, but suffice it to say that the stage has certainly been set.

What is the Democratic Party game plan? Biden’s history with aneurisms is of record. It even comes up on the rare interviews he gives. Do they plan on doing a switcheroo to a VP at some point? [and from another] Barely There Biden Struggles to Remember the Word “Aneurysm” During Livestream – With Only 19 People Watching! July 22, 2020 77-year-old Joe Biden on Wednesday struggled to remember the word “aneurysm” during a livestream event with SEIU member and nursing home worker, Shanrika. Earlier this week Biden became totally incoherent during a softball interview with MSNBC and told host Joy Reid his campaign has “voter registration physicians” in the states…to allow for voting in place. [and from another] Creepy Joe is Back! Biden Talks about Nurses Breathing into his Nostrils July 23, 2020 “I had nurses at Walter Reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear and go home and get me pillows,” Biden said. “They would make sure, they’d actually… probably nothing ever taught in… you can’t do it in the COVID time, but they’d actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move, to get me moving.” Will the Democrats go ahead with a clearly sub-par candidate or will a dark horse surprise the country?

Due to President Trump’s success in creating a booming economy, the Democratic Party was struggling with a game plan for the 2020 elections. The current hope of the Democratic Party lies in mail-in ballots which can be easily manipulated to support election fraud. Thus the attempt to boost Covid-19 deaths by deliberately infecting nursing homes and inciting exposure via the Antifa and Black Lives Matters riots and protests. Meanwhile, the paltry selection during the Democratic Primary whittled down to Biden, a former VP.

Those at the helm of the Democratic Party were aware that the real Biden had been replaced with a Double in early 2017 due to Biden’s senility and tendency to reveal secrets. It was thus the Double that had a face lift in June, 2019 and the Double who had an eye bleed in September, 2019. Does this Double have Biden’s tendency to bleed, or was this a ruse? Candidate Biden, then a Double, raised Biden’s history with aneurisms after this eye bleed, and indeed, this was deliberate. The campaign plans to use Biden’s history at some point in the push for the White House to take Biden out and replace him with a viable VP.

We have mentioned that running a Double as a candidate is illegal, and that the Junta would not allow this. VP Pence may be a Double, but President Trump is not, and the public does not elect a VP. The VP serves at the pleasure of the President and the Pence Double has already been legally switched in private ceremonies to be the legitimate VP. But a Biden Double at the head of the ticket would be illegal. As the arguments over mail-in ballots heat up, several options are available for the Democratic Party and the Junta currently running the US under secret Martial Law since the Fall of 2015.  

The likely option would be for the Democratic Party to create a health crisis for “Biden” at the last minute so that mail-in ballots which have the name of the VP included become, in essence, a vote for the Democratic VP to be the President. For this “Biden” would have to be at the point of death with a state funeral following this crisis. For this, the real Biden would have to be killed by the Black Hats so that any DNA tests of the body in the closed casket would match the DNA on file.

A second option for the Democratic Party would be to persist with the ruse, presume that the Junta’s reluctance to publicly acknowledge the existence of Doubles would prevail, and allow the Double to campaign. Then the real Biden would be presented at the inauguration ceremony to be sworn in. Presumably Covid-19 masks would disguise his face to cover this switch. This might comply with the legal issues, though fraud during the campaign would have been in place. For this, the Black Hats would have to keep the real Biden alive.

Yet another scenario that could play out would be for the Junta to allow the election process to proceed with the Black Hat Biden Double claiming to be Biden. And in the event that the Democratic Party wins, all those aware of and running this fraud would be arrested for treason. Meanwhile, a White Hat Double of Biden would be installed in the White House, under the control of the Junta. Yet another Junta option is for the election, fraught with evidence of election fraud during the extensive use of mail-in ballots, to be raised to the Supreme Court and likely overturned.

Could this be disclosure happening? [and from another] Could we actually be looking at Disclosure soon? This seems to have gone viral, many of my friends have texted me about it and now it just came up on Fox News talk radio (I never give credence to the New York Times anymore), and Dahboo7 claims it is to admit to something "incoming". [and from another] Pentagon UFO unit to publicly release some findings after ex-official says ‘off-world vehicle’ found July 24, 2020 A Pentagon UFO unit will make some investigations public as ex-advisors suggest that “vehicles not made on this earth” were placed in US government storage. The Pentagon consultant and subcontractor said objects he believed “we couldn’t make…ourselves” were discovered during his time on the unit, where he has worked since 2007. [and from another] No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon's UFO Unit Will Make Some Findings Public July 24, 2020 Despite Pentagon statements that it disbanded a once-covert program to investigate unidentified flying objects, the effort remains underway — renamed and tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, where officials continue to study mystifying encounters between military pilots and unidentified aerial vehicles.

Periodically disclosure of the alien presence tries to surface and hits the headlines briefly until it is pushed down under the waves again, hopefully to drown. The cover-up over the alien presence is long and deep, running since the Roswell crash in 1947 when President Truman ordered the cover-up in a secret Executive Order. Despite this order having been redacted, vested parties still persist. Big egos do not want mankind to think that any technological power beyond those possessed by mankind exists. It is they, they insist, who have space ships that can switch dimensions and possess anti-gravity control.

Why is there a new press at this time? As we have frequently stated, Heads of State were told by the Bush administration that Nibiru would no longer be deniable by January, 2021. Naked eye visibility and Internet chatter are already out of control, and since ZetaTalk is known worldwide, particularly in Russia, the cover-up crowd has no way to suppress awareness of the ZetaTalk predictions. We, the Zetas, are alien, so it will go hand in hand that the cover-up over Nibiru and the cover-up over the alien presence will break, simultaneously. Anticipating hysterical demands, the establishment has long ago resigned themselves to letting ZetaTalk explain it all.

What’s behind the Twitter war on Qanon? 7,000 accounts deleted and more to come. [and from another] Twitter Says It's Cracking Down on QAnon Conspiracy Theory July 22, 2020 Over 7,000 accounts have been removed over the last few weeks for such violations, the company said in a statement. It also expects over 150,000 accounts globally to have reduced visibility due to these measures. The QAnon conspiracy theory is centered on the baseless belief that Trump is waging a secret campaign against enemies in the “deep state” and a child sex trafficking ring run by satanic pedophiles and cannibals. For more than two years, followers have pored over tangled clues purportedly posted online by a high-ranking government official known only as “Q.”

Since President Trump issued a new Executive Order on May 28 making censorship of online free speech illegal, Twitter has picked up the pace. In mid-July several prominent Democrat accounts were hacked with the investigation revealing how Twitter blacklists or protects accounts with a push of a button. Now on July 22, QAnon accounts are under massive attack. This is war, but why at this time? Twitter - as FaceBook and Google and most liberal media outlets - is under the control of the Satanists, who want the cleanup and prosecution of their Moloch child sacrifice practices stopped.

Central to this battle is the coming 2020 election. The rising herd immunity against the Covid-19 virus will allow the polls to be open in November, so mail-in ballots will not be necessary. This practice can thus be challenged in court with the argument that they are not only not needed, they are difficult to verify. Unlike absentee ballots which are given out only upon request and verified at the start, the mail-in ballots being pushed by the Democrats have no verification and can be filled out and forged by anyone. The economy will bounce back, and once again President Trump will be seemingly unsinkable.

The deep enthusiasm in the growing Q group speaks to the unconscious knowledge of contactees who know the truth about many things. They know that Nibiru exists and that strong leadership will be needed in the near future when the crustal shift happens. They know that aliens exist and that ZetaTalk reports on Satanism and the progress the Tribunals are making is the truth. Those who want to steal the 2020 election fear this enthusiasm and the sharing of information the QAnon forums provide. What will result from this latest skirmish between Twitter and the White House? Is there any doubt which side will win?

There's been reports of unsolicited seed packets being mailed out to many people in the western world. Most of these seem to originate from China, but others have come from Kyrgyzstan and Serbia. This was first reported in the Daily Mail on July 17. The packages that arrive are described as containing "bracelets," "rings" and other such lies. The seeds that are arriving come with no description as to what they are and they seem to be from random crops. The practice of receiving unsolicited packages has been known as a "brushing scam," where sales are fraudulently boosted using a previous customer's information and buying items in their name without their consent. This leads to my question for the Zetas: Is this just another brushing scam, or is there more to this? The fact that all these packages have seeds and not a random assortment of items leads me to suspect that something else is going on. Does this have anything to do with the U.S/China trade deal which is largely agriculturally based? [and from another] Hundreds of British Gardeners 'Receive Unsolicited Deliveries of Garden Seeds Sent from China Marked as Ear Studs' July 17, 2020 Horticulturalists have issued a warning after 'hundreds' of British gardeners received unsolicited deliveries of seeds thought to have been sent from China. The mysterious packages have been posted to customers who previously made legitimate seed purchases through sites such as Amazon marketplace and eBay. But many of the gardeners were left baffled after receiving unexpected deliveries - which were not paid for - marked as 'petals' and 'ear studs', potentially to avoid customs checks. [and from another] Agricultural Warfare? People Are Receiving Mysterious Unsolicited Packages of Seeds in the Mail from China July 26, 2020 The Washington State Department of Agriculture wrote about the phenomenon on their Facebook page on July 24, 2020 and said that the seeds are being shipping in packaging that identifies the contents as jewelry.  Similar advisories have been issued in Virginia, Utah, Kansas, Arizona and Louisiana. [and from another] Americans Are Receiving Unordered Parcels from Chinese E-Criminals - And Can't Do Anything to Stop Them November 27, 2017 But why are people in China sending some random woman in Pennsylvania free hair ties? Why would anyone put in the time, money, and effort to send a stranger on the other side of the world free stuff? It’s called brushing, and even in China it’s illegal. Basically, a "brushing" firm somehow got hold of McGeehan’s name and address - she imagines this happened from placing legitimate orders on AliExpress, the international wing of China’s Alibaba - and then created user profiles for “her” on the e-commerce sites that they wish to have higher sales ratings and favorable reviews on.

Is this gambit from Chinese firms an attempt to boost the appearance of their international sales, or something more nefarious? “Brushing”, the practice of sending unrequested items through the mail to boost sales ratings, is of record, but the items sent were always harmless trinkets. Seeds are not harmless, as they can prove to be an invasive plant that would interfere with local agriculture. This is deliberate seed distribution as the recipients had previously purchased seed from eBay or Amazon, thus are known gardeners. Another clue is that the China company is not prominent, as a brushing scheme would desire.

What is unknown at present is the plant that would grow if the seeds were planted. A variety of seeds are involved. Some are indeed harmless vegetables and flowers, but this is the normal approach when a Trojan Horse scheme is being played. Oh look, a goodie, and then the bad stuff sneaks in too. China has been suffering during the pandemic, at first trying to deny that Covid-19 emerged from China. It is a political hot potato, with the Democrats trying to label it the Trump virus while Trump has returned to calling it the China virus.

The bad publicity has impacted the world’s desire to buy China products. Meanwhile the trade agreement between the US and China is heavily weighted with China buying agricultural products from the US. This benefits both parties, but China would like their manufactured items to be included. They would like to have their image improved. They would like to have President Trump compliment them, as he has in the past at times. Thus, there are those within China who have cooked up a scheme to in essence blackmail the US and UK into giving China a new face.  Do so or suffer the consequences.

This popped up in my news feed. Was this more methane gas escaping from the rock as a result of the North American bow stress? The plume in question was spotted back in May, but it's just making it into the news. I haven't been able to find other articles about this particular event. I know the Zetas have touched on the release of gas in this region, and the east coast generally, in the past. So maybe this is a redundant question. [and from another] No One Is Owning Up to Releasing Cloud of Methane in Florida It was 12 miles wide, invisible to the naked eye and traveled across six counties to Florida's largest city. And it's still unclear who — or what — was responsible. The mysterious plume of methane, estimated to total 300 metric tons, was released north of Gainesville between May 2 and May 3, when it reached Jacksonville, according to Bluefield Technologies Inc., which analyzed data from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5P satellite. The source of the Florida emission remains unknown. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, which tracks emissions and issues air permits, said it’s working to track down the source of the release.

This methane release is notable due to its size and the inability of the establishment to invent an excuse. Gainesville lies to the west of a strip of lakes running along Florida’s East Coast, thus does not have the normal absorption of methane during a stretch that land under water enjoys. During the bowing of the N American Plate, land on the periphery of the bow is pulled apart, but Florida has assaults from its proximity to the Caribbean too. Pulled in many directions, it is not surprising that a methane release would occur. What is surprising is that during the cover-up over Nibiru, this matter even hit the press.

Will this trend continue? [and from another] Violent Crime Explosion Forces Minneapolis Residents to Form Militias To say the Democrat-run city of Minneapolis is failing on this point would be an understatement. The city, which has not had a Republican mayor in nearly 50 years, slashed the police budget and turned its police department into eunuchs who are either unable to respond due to budget cuts and ridiculous policies that make it impossible to enforce the law. [and from another] In Minneapolis, Armed Residents Set Up Patrols Amid Calls to Defund the Police July 25, 2020 Minneapolis residents in some areas still recovering from rioting and unrest are forming community watch and security groups, some bearing firearms. At least one neighborhood has put up barricades to keep away outsiders. The moves come as the city council on Friday approved its first permanent cuts to the police budget, amid calls to defund the department. The council had initially backed the idea of supporting the community watch groups with money for things like T-shirts, walkie-talkies and training, but that didn't end up in the final budget.

Historically, militias arise when the common man finds the official leaders lacking or does not trust the official leaders. Many communities, finding themselves without funds for a fire department, have a volunteer fire department. In the old Wild West days in the US, a Sheriff needing help would deputize volunteers to form a posse. Neighborhood watch groups regularly patrol to keep the kids safe. So militias are a natural emergence in the US at a time when the cry to “Defund the Police” is encouraged by the mayors of Democrat controlled cities. What else are the citizens to do when crime explodes?

This trend will continue to emerge as the Earth changes tear the fabric of civilization apart. The citizens will find themselves without shelter, with a disrupted food distribution network, with foul drinking water and uncontrolled flooding, and with infectious disease on the rampage. In the midst of all this, crime will explode, with those who want to take advantage of the weakened state of the government by simply taking what they want. Natural leaders will emerge, and arm themselves with whatever is at hand to fight for their families and neighbors. The time of the militia has arrived!

Sure doesn’t look like the roly-poly Nadler we know and love! [and from another] Top Democrat Jerry Nadler: Violent Antifa Riots in Portland Are ‘a Myth’
July 26, 2020 Democrat House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler claimed without evidence that the violent Antifa riots in Portland were “a myth.” Nadler’s remarks directly contradict video evidence that is widely available on social media and contradict what the Department of Homeland (DHS) says is happening in Portland.

Jerry Nadler returned to the now-reopened House looking different. Being replaced by a Double requires some plastic surgery on the Double but primarily a very similar bone structure and facial features. After being absent from the cameras for a period of time, the public is assumed to have a fading memory of what the individual looked like, but during her analysis Nancy uses carefully dated photos to identify the differences. What was Nadler’s crime? He was arrested and is awaiting trial for treason, being fully aware of the crimes being committed during the Mueller investigation and complicit in the cover-up of these crimes.