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Damark (800-729-9000) sells air mattresses, chairs and ottomans. For pole shift furniture, all you have to do is blow them up and your ready to go. Prices are around $39 and store to less than 1 foot square when deflated.

Offered by Steve.

Could also be useful just before the pole shift. This air filled furniture bouncing around the room wouldn't hurt anyone. If for example a normal wood chair broke loose from its tied down position, it could fly around and injure one or more bodies during the strong jolts of the pole shift. These thin plastic air filled items may not last long after the pole shift due to possible punctures, but the plastic material could be quite useful in waterproofing items taken into the wet weather. Air mattresses could probably be kept in operation a bit longer with a small stock of patching materials, but these things have a limited lifetime. I think a normal mattress would last longer.

Offered by Mike.