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What to use as standard time: This is where I get fuzzy, and could use some help. I don’t know what’s available to who or whether one standard can be used for all of us. Do we each use our own standard, using the same one constantly as much as we can through out the 5+ years? There is the standard time used for IRC chats, but by the time you down load the page to read it, seconds have past. Do we down load one of the program utilities that keeps the PC in sync with this time? Not everyone will have the expertise or willingness to do this.

Time Standard used for IRC chats:
Utilities are available to assist

Do we set your time using the local time? For some areas in the US this is using the local area code then dialing 853 1212, gets a recording of the current time. Whatever, you decide to use as a reference use this through out the 6 years if possible. I have found a difference of 10-20 sec difference between the two times.

Offered by Mike.