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Issue 761, Sunday May 2, 2021
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Petrol Fires

Are the Petrol Masses likely to create fires in the skies, beyond the occasional glow seen to date? In Mansalay, Mindoro in the Philippines fire appeared above the clouds, in a crown that eventually disappeared into smoke. The Taal Volcano was having another eruption that day, with SO2 emissions recorded at elevated levels. The Zetas warned that the combination of volcanoes and Petrol could be deadly. But even without volcanoes, fire can descend, as happened in Washington DC just after midnight on April 15.

Taal Volcano (Luzon, Philiippines): SO2 Emissions Rapidly Increased
14 Apr 2021
The seismic activity of the volcano continues at elevated levels.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 14, 2021: What happens when a heavy Petrol load is descending through the clouds over a fomenting volcano? On this day – April 14 – the highly active Taal volcano in the Philippines was blowing emissions skyward, and these emissions are often hot. The Petrol drifting down through the lower atmosphere worldwide lately almost always dissipates or burns while descending. But when a heavy Petrol load meets hot volcanic emissions, the results are what is shown in this photo – a blaze in the sky. This blaze wafted upward, as hot air does rise.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 15, 2021: Visible even in the dead of night, this Petrol Monster burn and resulting cloud formation from the water vapor produced is undeniable. It was likely only caught on film because it was descending over the White House, but these types of Petrol Burns are happening elsewhere, apace. When a Petrol Burn happens close to the ground, it can start fires, and depending upon how much Petrol is in the Mass when it grounds, these fires are not easily extinguished.

Nibiru Clarity

Does the Moon ever occult elements of the Nibiru Complex, and if so, is this considered an eclipse of sorts? This situation arose on April 11 when a photo captured a crescent Moon casting a shadow toward a Moon Swirl cluster. This is not Venus in the photo, which is 25 million miles from Earth. Nor are the Moon Swirls close to Earth as they are always within 5 million miles of Nibiru, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 11, 2021: This unfiltered photo shows an odd grouping of 3 objects far to the right. The tiny sliver of crescent Moon visible can only be seen as a shadow on the shade side of the Moon. The Moon has at this phase virtually disappeared from view. The orbs visible near the Moon are Moon Swirl clusters clinging together, magnetically attracted to each other. They are at a distance from Earth and the Moon, in that the moons of Nibiru will never be more than 5 million miles from Nibiru. The orbit of Venus, where Nibiru currently rides is 25 million miles from Earth. The Moon is only occulting some of the activity beyond it.

The Sundog is as familiar as the rainbows that are caused by refracted or bent light. Sundogs result when light bounces off ice crystals that are found at an optimal angle along a halo that forms around the Sun. Now that Petrol Masses are in the mix, also reflecting light off their round surfaces, how has this changed the appearance of Sundogs?

ZetaTalk Explanation April 14, 2021: These are not sundogs but are caused by a similar mechanism. Light reflection will most often occur at optimum angles, and in these Swiss photos the side and top angles are presenting.  Because the entire swatch of space between the Sun and Earth is filled with Petrol, sundogs will be distorted. These long objects within the halo are the result of light bent at the halo line colliding with light from the Sun reflecting off the Petrol Masses. Thus what is shown are distorted Petrol Mass outlines.  Where the sundog would be positioned at side and top in the Swiss photos is a blank space in the center of this long line. The photo from Mexico shows a similar gap between the concentric circles below the Sun. These swirls are also distorted light from Petrol Masses.

Nibiru is close enough for the two dominant moons on either side to be discerned. This forms the double helix that trails behind Nibiru – Double Helix behind. But since Nibiru is swinging by the Sun in a Retrograde Orbit, the Southern Hemisphere sees a different view – Double Helix in front. The Zetas promised great clarity, and the photo from Argentina was captured without filters. As Nibiru draws closer, details such as the atmosphere of Nibiru and its Dominant Moon with an atmosphere can be discerned.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 16, 2021: The Sun rotates in a counterclockwise direction, and all the planets in the inner Solar System rotate and orbit in a counterclockwise direction, following the direction set by the Sun. Nibiru rotates in a retrograde (clockwise) direction and when it rounds the Sun for a passage assumes a retrograde orbit direction. This is one reason for the extreme clash with the Earth. They are clashing on many fronts. Just as the Earth’s Moon orbits the Earth in a counterclockwise manner, Nibiru’s close hugging moons and the debris swirling around Nibiru are orbiting Nibiru in a retrograde manner.

The direction of rotation of objects that orbit a central body such as the Sun is controlled by what we have termed Sweeping Arms, particle emissions from this central body that reach out into space and are sweeping in the direction of rotation. This is what is shown in the photo of debris swirling around Nibiru. The Double Helix of the two dominant Moons will likewise swirl in a retrograde manner.  

ZetaTalk Explanation April 14, 2021: We have stated that Nibiru is 4 times the diameter of Earth, and that the moons of Nibiru equate in size to the Earth’s Moon. Are these recent photos from Florida showing this size difference? The Petrol and Red Dust clusters closely around Nibiru because it is the bully magnet and the Red Dust is charged. The two dominant moons that form the Double Helix are buried in the Petrol and Red Dust so their true size cannot be determined. But as Nibiru draws closer, this and other mysteries will be revealed.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 16, 2021: As is known, the view of Nibiru from the Southern Hemisphere differs from the view from the Northern Hemisphere. In that Nibiru is moving in a retrograde or clockwise direction as it swings around the Sun, in the view from the Northern Hemisphere Nibiru would lead, dragging its Double Helix of the two Dominant Moons behind it. The view from the Southern Hemisphere thus finds the Double Helix in the front, hiding Nibiru. All is reversed. 

ZetaTalk Explanation April 17, 2021: If the moons of Nibiru equate to the Earth’s Moon in size, and Nibiru is 4X the diameter of Earth, does this latest photo from Florida show this ratio? The Petrol burning in the atmosphere of Nibiru and the one Dominant Moon in the Double Helix that has an atmosphere form an outline along the horizon. It is the burn mark, where the burning Petrol is seen both before the horizon, at the horizon, and just after the horizon. This is surely the season of Nibiru visibility when such features are now easily discerned.

When does one of the Moons of Nibiru join a Moon Swirl, and when and why might it remain independent? There are many factors in the Dance of the Moons, and per the Zetas if a Moon is too large, the Repulsion Force between moons will eject a large moon from the swirl.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 16, 2021: The Nibiru entourage includes Moons that are attracted to each other and begin to swirl in a dance. They can never escape this dance because the attraction and repulsion of gravity is balanced and keeps them in close proximity to each other, which prevents external forces from snagging a Moon from this swirl. What would prevent an individual Nibiru Moon from joining such a Moon Swirl? Size is the primary factor. A large Moon will escape the swirl during a gravity repulsion force push. These Independent Moons will reflect light in the criss-cross manner that is common during light emission or reflection from a body.

Petrol Bubbles have surface tension but they also merge into Petrol Monsters. The Zetas explain this process often starts with a spec of Red Dust, which being magnetically attracted to other specs of Red Dust will pull the Petrol Bubbles together. Alberto shows us in a snap from Italy that light captured by a Petrol Monster will go in circles, unable to completely escape.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 14, 2021: This well illuminated photo of the Petrol Bubbles near the Sun shows detail not normally apparent. Each or most of the bubbles appear to have a black spec centered within them. The process of building a Petrol Monster starts with Petrol Particles bumping into each other out in space. This concept should be familiar to mankind as water or oil particles will merge to form a water puddle or oil spill, held together by surface tension. Just as the Petrol Masses are now consuming the Red Dust they encounter, early in the process Petrol Particles encounter debris out in space and incorporate this debris into the emerging Petrol Bubble.

Because the tail of Nibiru is composed of charged Red Dust, those Petrol Particles that contain a piece of charged iron oxide dust will actually be a step ahead in the merging process. These Red Dust particles have an electro-magnetic charge, and thus wish to align with each other into a magnetic field or space magnet. By pulling toward each other, they cause the Petrol Bubble that holds them to merge, starting the merging process. Thus we have Petrol Particles merging into a Petrol Bubble and eventually into a Petrol Mass or Petrol Monster. All wafting Earthward.

ZetaTalk Explanation April 17, 2021: This photo of overlapping Petrol Monsters shows how sunlight is captured within the Petrol Monsters. The entire Petrol Monster lights up, from the center to the periphery. The light rays so captured by the Petrol Monsters turn in circles, bent along the periphery. The shaft of light directed toward the lower left is ultra-bright because it has been bolstered by the light captured within the Petrol Monsters in a line - redundant, concentric, and cumulative.

Self-Sufficiency Steps

As Nibiru approaches for a passage (estimated in 2026), are you ready to be self-sufficient? Many skills, such as saving seeds, takes practice. Expect to have your home blown away by the hurricane force winds, and flooding from torrential rains or high tides. You should plan on the grid being down, so a stack of solar panels or a primitive windmill might be required. Shopping, in person or via the Internet, will be a thing of the past. Recycling clothing and mending by needle and thread will be required.

As a result of the Pole Shift, the oceans of the world will swell due to the ocean bottoms being heated by friction from the crustal shift. Heated water takes up more space than cold water, so when the oceans swell the sea level will rise by an estimated 675 feet. In addition, the high tides during the hour of the Pole Shift will swamp lowlands, creating flood conditions. The solution to all this is houseboat living, houseboat communities, and harvesting the wetlands and seas. Houseboats can be constructed from junk and plans are available.

ZetaTalk Advice 2001: Our suggestion is to plan for a floating community, as fishing will be abundant in the Aftertime. Build your boats now, in anticipation of this. You may be laughed at, as a modern day Noah, but you will be master of your own country so to speak, and able to travel where you wish.

After the Pole Shift the hurricane force winds that will have pounded every country on Earth during the hour of the Pole Shift will have left most of humanity homeless. Pulling a roof over a basement may be a solution for some. Establishing shelters with a tarp or tent is another option. But survivors will likely have to learn how to use the junk blown about. Collect clean rain water using gutter pieces. Tack screen in place to keep the mosquitoes out. Gather hand tools, which can be purchased off the Internet ahead of time, and secure some camping equipment too. 

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/31/2004: We have mentioned that the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, will fare better during the coming changes because they will not grieve for lost possessions, and already being at the bottom of life’s ladder, will find themselves suddenly counseling others on how to survive. We have mentioned that the coming changes, the pole shift, is a great leveler, putting the formerly wealthy on the streets and in desperation, and the formerly homeless in a larger junk yard from which to build a hovel.

Anticipate needing to start a fire. Flashlight batteries will burn out, and matches are a finite supply, but a little dry kindling and an old BIC lighter flint will last. No BIC lighter? Halcon shows how easy it is to use friction. Get his handbook online. Water will be polluted due to broken or overflowing sewer pipes and volcanic dust on surface water. Drinking and cooking water must be cleaned of heavy metals such as lead and mercury and parasites that would cause dysentery or cholera. Your supply of filters will run out, as will your supply of bleach. Distillation is the answer.

Those who have not taken steps to be self-sufficient may find themselves relying upon Nature’s Bounty. Hunting and fishing may be done so aggressively by survivors that the wildlife and fish stock is virtually wiped out, thus survivors may be forced to eat weeds and bugs. Earthworms are 82% protein and their essential oil is Omega 3, like fish. Start a green compost pile and harvest the earthworms regularly. They will also be attracted to manure piles but need to be purged in water to poop out the dirt and poop before supper.

Seaweed is eaten regularly in Japan, harvested from the beaches where it washes ashore. Where most algae are edible, be aware that some algae such as the Red Tide are poisonous, as is an anaerobic Cyanobacteria that can lurk in large green algae growths in stagnant water. Duckweed is a naturally occurring tiny plant that floats on tops of ponds, and is very high in protein.

ZetaTalk Advice 7/15/1995: Food stuffs that can be grown without artificial light and will do quite nicely on the gloomy light supplied by the Sun are mushrooms, earthworms, and various insects that feed on dead tissue. After the cataclysms bugs will be in abundance, as dead tissue from both plants and animals is everywhere. This trend can be taken advantage of, as distasteful as that concept might be to humans who have never eaten a bug. Larva, grown in humus, can be turned into pureed and creamed soups, puddings, or omelets by skilled cooks. Those eating the fare would never guess that the base was not cream, milk, and eggs. For those humans who do not prepare, they will find themselves eating bugs in any case, as meals from what they can catch or find growing will be few and far between.

All the vitamins man requires can be found in readily available weeds and bugs.  What to do when the Vitamin bottle is empty and scurvy has started gums bleeding? You are surrounded by vitamins and minerals in the edible weeds that grow everywhere. Get a good handbook. Plantain and Purslane are high in Vitamin A, Sheep Sorrel and pine branch tips high in Vitamin C, and plants such as Prickly Pear, Dandelion, Thistle, Moss, Lichen, and Cattails are entirely edible. Mushrooms too are edible but get a good handbook as many are poisonous.

A better approach is to get into gardening! Urban and suburban locations should be resourceful in finding gardening space, as this example of planting banana trees along the streets of LA shows. Back yards, container gardening on patios or porches or along steps, all can allow the urban or suburban gardener an opportunity to develop skills. Soil is grown from green compost with the help of red wriggler earthworms who digest the moldering compost and put free nitrogen into the soil as a result. The shells of their egg casts contain this nitrogen. Growing soil from earthworms is one technique used by Growing Power, a proven methodology for establishing gardens in inner city slums.

ZetaTalk Warning 7/15/1995: As we described earlier, going into the cataclysms the weather will become unpredictable, with torrential rainstorms where not expected, and droughts likewise where not expected. Backyard gardens, tendered carefully by watchful eyes, will survive. Those groups who have prepared, and are relying on themselves and their own carefully tended gardens, will not find themselves pinched between starvation and hostilities.

Certainly would-be survivors should start learning how to save seeds. Learning how to save seed is not an overnight process, as many mistakes will be made. Some seeds need to ferment before they will germinate. Most need to be dried and stored in a cool location. Cloning can also be done from a slice of tomato or a slice from a strawberry. Some of the easiest plants to propagate are beans and corn and potatoes. Beans and corn only need to be fully mature and well dried. Potatoes are traditionally grown from cuttings, from the spouts that appear on the sides of potatoes stored in a basement or root cellar.

Keeping chickens and goats has long been espoused in our newsletter. One can eat bugs or the chickens can eat bugs and provide eggs and meat. Chickens need a coop for safety at night, and will return to their coop at dusk. New chickens should be kept in a coop for 2 days so they think of this as home. Free ranging chickens will scratch for bugs and worms but being omnivores will eat garbage such as melon rinds too. They will cannibalize a sick member of the flock. Their poop needs to age before being used in the garden or it will burn the plants.

One can eat weeds or the goats can eat weeds and provide milk and cheese and meat. They are affectionate and will follow their herdsman and do not need to be herded, thus. They eat almost anything, browsing bushes as well as grass. Their poop is clean, like pellets, so easily transported to the garden for fertilizer. They are great jumpers so need a high fence when at home.

ZetaTalk Suggestion 12/2003: Chickens eat bugs, forage for themselves, and come home to lay their eggs if given a safe and private roost. Ducks likewise eat whatever grows in or around ponds, which will be numerous in the drizzle, and don't require a dry spot to roost. Goats, which eat anything, can likewise be kept within limits if the surrounding country can sustain them.

After mucking out the chicken coop survivors will surely miss their daily shower, but the more urgent issue is what to do about a lack of soap and diapers. Soap can be made from water drained through wood ash, which is caustic, and animal fat. This is cooked to boil it down and then poured into molds.